Sarah & Alex: Divorce & Regression

Part 4

Becca look and sounded shocked: ‘You forced him to use a potty! How did he handle it?

He did not handle it well. After I pushed him on the potty, he stopped talking to me. We did not exchange a word for a week. He still tried fighting me every day when I took his RT. While he was giving me the silent treatment, I found that it took less and less time to discipline him. I felt he will break soon.

My libido has improved as well. I surprised myself with a new vibrator, which I used every now and then. If you ever have issues like these, Becca, I can recommend some brands, haha!


He started using the potty regularly. I was feeding him every day. When I wasn’t giving him food or check-ups, he was spending his life in his room. The first sentence that left his dirty mouth was that he hates my guts and never wants to see me. This hurt a little, but I also found it amusing. You see: he might not want to see me, but his dad did not want to see him at all!

I didn’t care about his whining. After an intense argument, I grounded him forever. I made it clear he will spend the rest of his life in his room, getting checked, bathed and entertained there. I did not really mean this, but I think he took it seriously. I tried showing him his disdain by watching stupid action movies every day.

I always hated this toxic masculine stuff, so I cancelled our TV subscription the next day. When this did not seem to work, I took his PlayStation. This resulted in our biggest fight yet. I am sure he wanted to hurt me badly, but I was stronger. You have to be always prepared to fight back!

You would think he has learned from that time he threw the thermometer at me. I was wrong: one day he picked up his potty and took a swing. It still had his shit in it. Disgusting! I was so mad that I locked him in the room for a day. I knew this is the time to bring in the heavy artillery. The next day I came back and took his potty. I grabbed his favourite underwear and cleaned the shit stain from the floor with it, all in front of him! Then I gave him a nicely packed gift: diapers. He was so dumbfounded, he genuinely looked puzzled. Like, he could not even imagine what he was supposed to do with the diapers.

As I forced him into the diapers the first time, he broke his vow of silence. He was begging me to stop. He told me that he wants me to die just to tell me he loves me a second later. This was hard for me to handle. Men just want to manipulate you emotionally.

He couldn’t take the diapers off because of the security gloves. To be honest, he looked kind of cute in those pink diapers. For a whole week, I diapered him every morning and only changed him in the evening.

At one point, he begged me to use the potty instead of the diaper. He lost control completely, but I sensed that he did not break yet. I had to refuse his requests. I did not want to go back to what we had before. I did not want to see my ex-husband reborn as my son.

Instead, I decided to lean into suppositories. Around day 4 of diapering, he already soaked his diapers a few times. However, he hasn’t taken a dump yet. I entered his room in the afternoon, an hour or so before evening diapering time. He was reading some silly comic book. I bet that he had a terrible stomachache and just tried to ignore it by looking at stupid superheroes.

I did not even have to pretend that I was there for something else. Becca, once I showed him who the boss was, I could do anything! I knelt next to him, reached into his diaper and push a suppository inside him. I think he kind of wanted me to do it. He broke down crying – the usual – but did not show any physical resistance.

Of course, we, mothers need to show our soft side as well. We can’t be cruel and commanding only. That would make us no different than men. So, I stayed with him, hugged him and gently pressed on his tummy. The sound of him filling up his diaper was a symphony to my ears.

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