Sarah & Alex: Divorce & Regression

Part 2

Becca – a mother, who sought Sarah’s help – was super excited to hear what happened next. Sarah continued.

I knew health check-ups were not enough and I had to step up my game. I took Alex’s temperature rectally every day from that point. He fought back – a lot. However, I was always stronger and I put him in his place with spanking. As a woman, one shouldn’t be afraid of using their strength.

I introduced a food diary: I recorded everything he ate. I had to get him back into a healthy weight range. He was eating all this trash and toxins, which affected his mood. I realized quickly that I had to keep him home to achieve all this.

On the third day, he started complaining about school. He still had a few months left and wanted to go back. I bet he just wanted to get away from me. I talked to his school and got a sweet deal: they sent us the study material and he could finish the year from home. You can imagine how shocked he was when I told him this! He was so upset, I had to spank him again.

Here is some cautionary advice: you shouldn’t relax with any routine until you see results. He started studying from home and I saw some positive results. I become a bit laid back and I even skipped a day or two of spanking. Then, a few weeks later I walked in on him masturbating. He was supposed to be studying at that time and not touching himself. There I was, a sexually frustrated mother who was trying to do good in the world and failing.

While this was a bump, it also gave me some new perspectives. I had some protective gloves from the nursing home, which I forced on him. These gloves were a godsend: almost impossible to take off without help. Then – of course – I spanked him, making sure he understood what he has done wrong.

He was whining quite a bit afterwards. I did not care. I enjoyed taking away every bit of his privilege. He was becoming as helpless as I was several months before. Also, after a few spanking sessions, he finally stopped whining.

I also learned that I had to adapt a lot. For example, Alex started gaining weight. That’s a good thing, right? But I also noticed that he did not go to the toilet that much. He was getting constipated. Since diet has been a centerpiece in my routine, I saw an opportunity.

One morning, I slid a glycerin suppository inside him while taking his temperature. He noticed this and tried kicking me away. He was on his belly – a helpless position, so I easily held him down. I let him cry and scream a little. Once he stopped winging, I told him why I gave him a suppository. Of course, he did not like it, but I made sure he knew that I did not care about his opinion. I was in control both of his diet and digestion.

His complaining turned into begging as the suppository started giving him cramps. He was farting badly by the time I let him get up and run to the toilet. I promised him, that if next time he complains again, I will just force him to soil himself in front of me.

You can imagine how happy I was with how things were going. My body felt it too. So before I started my shift that day, I masturbated in the changing room. I had an orgasm I have experienced never before.

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