A land called ZITY

Chapter 35: Holly's Revenge

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

As Holly led me, blindfolded to our bedroom, I wondered what she had planned for me. My thoughts drifted to the large strap-on both she and Nicole had used on me. Then I thought about the dildo-pants I had ordered for the girls to use on one another. Would that be used on me? Would she free lil D or Nicole to participate? Now I was getting worried. That was probably her intentions. As we entered our bedroom, I heard her close and lock the door behind us. That removed potential partners from the picture; or did it? She had put lil D and Nicole to bed, not me. I now listened closely to see if I could hear another’s breathing. No luck.

''Tommy, kneel here on all fours!''

This command interrupted my thought process. As I knelt, I realized there was a thick quilt beneath my hands and knees. I could hear Holly moving around the room. Eventually she returned to my side.

''Now lets see just how cleaned out thee are.''

I felt something cold and greasy smeared around my anus. Then I was penetrated by first one, then a second finger. Those fingers twisted and turned, moved in and out of me. Leaning across my back, with her fingers moving within me, I felt her free hand begin to caress my shaft. Stroking me in time with her fingers.

''Ohh,'' I let a moan escape my lips as my shaft hardened in her hand. As she stroked me and fingered me, I could feel some parts relaxing as other parts of me hardened.

As I knelt on my hands and knees, I tried to focus and figure out what she would do next. It was damn near impossible. Her hands were totally distracting me. Suddenly there was a felling of emptiness. But it was short-lived as the fingers returned to poke and prod me. Not two fingers this time, for they had invited a third. Yes three fingers sliding in and out of me, twisting and turning as they moved in and out. Occasionally she brushed over my prostate, and my moaning increased.

''Not yet Sir Tommy, for I have much more planned this eve.''

She released her hold on my shaft and gave my balls a squeeze. Pleasantly painful, yet enjoyable. I felt a change in the pace of her thrusting fingers. For a moment they slowed, as if to rest, then they began to poke me again. But this time felt different. She had added a FOURTH finger. All four were now invading me. Twisting and turning. More and more often my prostate was being rubbed. I was in heaven. Fully under her spell. I lost track of time. With the blindfold still in place, it could have been thirty minutes of pleasure or three hours. This continued, I could feel my seed dripping from my shaft. The constant brushing of her fingers over my prostate was driving me mad. I was not focused completely on anything but the pleasure I was receiving.

''Now for the fun part,'' she whispered into my ear.

OH, MY, GOD!!!

She had done something I would have not thought possible. Her entire hand was within me. I was being fisted. My prostate loved the attention. I loved the attention. Her free hand returned to stroking my shaft. It loved the attention. Her entire hand was twisting and turning as it slid in and out of me. I felt bigger, thicker than I ever had before. Both hands worked in harmony. Not long after she had me drained. The well was dry, yet there had been no orgasm. I slowly collapsed. She removed her hands from me and guided me onto my back.

My mind was blown.

She climbed next to me and removed the blindfold. Using towels she had preplaced, she cleansed my shaft and my stretched ass. Removing the lube from her hand and forearm, she again gazed upon me.

As she leaned down to kiss me, she whispered, ''Sir Tommy, husband mine, thee sees what I can do to one as strong as thee. In our home thee are King, in our bedroom, we are equal. We can do this and other things as oft as thee wishes. I can even have Nicole wield my strap-on if thee wishes. But only in our bedroom will I challenge thee. Now sleep husband mine, for thee needeth time to regain thy strength.''

With that, she cuddled up with me and I knew no more.


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