A land called ZITY

Chapter 36: Merry Christmas

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

The sunlight streaming through the window woke me. As I lay there, I ran the events of the prior evening through my mind. While normally a dominant person, I do occassionally run submissive for a change of pace. And to remind me of the proper care due those in my control. How my wife, Holly, had picked up on this, and so soon into our relationship was beyond me. The actions she had taken, left me feeling both drained and wanting more. The teaser she had dropped about Nicole, at least thats what I thought I heard, had possibilities. The first thing for today was to ensure that Holly's promise of submissiion outside of the bedroom was fact. In the moments it took for these thoughts to pass through my head, I rolled over to find myself alone in bed. I dressed in a simple tunic and belt, and left our bedroon to seek out my family. As I passed the nursery, I noticed it was empty. That meant the ladies were up before me. Entering the main room, I noticed lil D in her crib, busy amusing herself. As she saw me approach she squealed and stood, arms out for me. I picked her up, put her on my hip and headed for a chair. Once seated, her arms still wrapped around my neck, I kissed her nose and forehead; then began bouncing her on my knee. About that time Nicole and my wife noticed that I had joined them.

Nicole came and greeted me, ''Good morn, Sir Tommy.''

''Good morn to thee Nicole,'' I replied.

Nicole took a seat and I handed her lil D. Lil d immediately latched onto a teat and began feeding.

My wife approached with a cup of coffee and a smile, ''Morning Tommy.''

''Good Morning Love.''

''I shalt have thy morning meal ready soon, my husband.''

''Thank thee Holly. For some reason I have a great hunger.''

There came that giggle from the kitchen and Nicole turned to stare first at Holly then at me.

Excuse me, and who am I thee asks? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her, burns the flames that fuel my passion. In addition to my Holly, we have taken under our wing a young lass, to raise in a loving environment. Dragonflies is her name. Whom I now refer to as lil d. She is a beautiful, young lass. In need of a firm hand to control her strong will. At 5' 7'' she is a big baby, with a big heart. And someday I may let her grow up. A natural blonde, with hair to her hips. Her blue eyes are something men will get lost in. That is if they can raise their eyes from her formitable breastworks.

As I observed my brood, I made a decision. At just under 5' 2'', Holly is quite shorter than my own 5' 10''. I decided to rectify that today with a little shopping. I know that she has an adversion to wearing heels of any type. This was not going to be a choice. As she had said, I was king of my house and we were equals in the bedroom.

Having finished breaking my fast, I turned to my wife, ''Holly, I am going in to town to make some purchases. I shall return shortly.''

''Does thee wish company, husband mine?''

I thought that over for a moment and decided, ''No honey, I wish not to ruin the surprise.'' That should keep her mind busy. Returning to our bedroom, I put on my sandals and buckled on my sword. Re-entering the main room, I kissed lil D and my wife good-bye; and was on my way.

As I strode towards town, I came across ZaBoots entertaining children. His sly-of-hand tricks had them entranced.

''Good morn to thee Sir Tommy,'' cried ZaBoots.

''Good morn to thee as well ZaBoots,'' I replied as I stopped to watch.

''Run along children and I will return on the morn,'' ZaBoots said to his audience.

Turning to me ZaBoots quieried, ''Heading to town, Sir Tommy?''


''Might I join thee.''

''Please do. In fact, thee may save me some time. I need the name of a shop for women's clothing.''

''Hmmm. I believe the best shop is 'Gabis Corsetry Purveyor of Fine Lingerie, Corsets and Shoes for the Discerning Woman.' ''

''That's a mouthful ZaBoots.''

''Aye, that it 'tis Sir Tommy. May I ask thee of what thee seeks?''

''Yes ZaBoots, Tis a long tale, best told over a flagon or two of ale. Have thee the time?''

''Yes Sir Tommy, to The Dew Droppe Inn it is then.''

We made our way to Zitys famous watering hole. After being served I launched into my story.

''Za, as thee knows, Zity is made up of peoples from far flung lands. I myself was once a stranger to this land and now feel a part of it. In the lands from whense I came, there is a tradition at this time of year. We call it 'The Feast of Saint Nicholas Klaus'. During this time, disagreements are put aside and all men live in harmony. Familys exchange gifts and give thanks for that which they have. Children over the years have refered to this gift giving and the persona behind it as Santa Claus, a play on Saint Klaus. I wish to introduce this tradition to my new family, and yes I am including Nicole in that. With what she went through, and what she put us through, she is family now. Now my reason for wanting to go to 'Gabis Corsetry Purveyor of Fine Lingerie, Corsets and Shoes for the Discerning Woman' is that I desire corsets for each of my ladies. Yes I include lil D in that statement. I also have an idea for a special gift for my bride. One that will her allow to see me eye-to-eye. Does thee think 'Gabis' will be able to help me?''

''Sir Tommy, I think that Ms Gabi will be able to take care of all your needs.''

''Then let us finish up and be on our way.''

We finished our drinks and ZaBoots led me to Gabis. Entering, I was astounded by the items of appareal displayed there. I knew not if some were clothing or instruments of feminine torture. As I stood speechless, we were approached by a fair skinned, buxom lass. With long blonde hair and blue eyes, this young lass must drive the men in town crazy with passion.

''Welcome Sirs, I am Gabi, propietress of this fine establishment, how may I be of service to thee today?''

''Ms. Gabi, I am ZaBoots, and my friend, Sir Tommy, has need of thy services.''

''My pleasure, ZaBoots, not many men enter here to purchase that which I have to offer.''

''Sir Tommy, I shall need thee to disrobe so that I ay take thy measurements.''

Sputtering, ''What??? I need items for my family, not for me!!!''

With that ZaBoots departed laughing, before I could warn him not to repeat this tale.

''I am sorry Sir Tommy, on occasion I service men who are making purchases for themselves. And on very rare occasions, one man buying for another. Again my apologies. How may I help thee?''

''I have recently wed, and there are three mature women in my household whom I wish to gift with items from thy shop.''

''Does thee have any idea of what the wishes? Of the sizes that these women wear?''

''I wish corsets for all three ladies. I have their measurements here. In addition, I wish to purchase some shoes for my wife as well.''

Gabi showed me several corsets. I chose one for each of the women in my life. For lil D, I chose a pink corset with lots of frills.

For Nicole it was an open-cup corset.

And for my wife, it was a special one.

Now that that task was complete Gabi showed me to the shoes. What I had in mind and what I saw were far apart. I finally ended up with two pairs as I could not make up my mind.

I then asked if each item could be wrapped seperately.

''Sir Tommy, would thee like these items delivered or take them with thee?''

''Ms. Gabi I would like to take them with me, if thee could wrap them as gifts, I can return later and pick them up.''

''Sir Tommy, I shall have them ready for thee when thee returns.''

Leaving Gabis, I noticed a pedaler selling childrens toys. Stopping to peruse his inventory, I engaged him in small talk. After a few minutes, I

made my purchases and strode over to a bench to do some thinking. I took some time to watch the people around me.

Zity is such an interesting place; a community of mainly faceless people who share different and varied interests. At any given time, one can most likely find someone with the same interests as thee to talk with. And thee can explore the interests of others to see how they appeal to thee.

Such a comunity to be a part of; the joy in my life because I found this palce is something that I cannot put into words. The people I have met. The conversations I have enjoyed. The new ideas that have been there to open my eyes. During this season, I say thank you to @webby for giving people a place to be the people they wish to be. Be it for an hour or on going, we can be who or what we desire.

After that deep thinking, and reminising of the friends I have found here, I returned to Gabis to pick up my packages. Thanking her, I began my short journey home.

Entering my home, I stopped for a moment to observe the woman who has brought so much joy to my life. My wife. Holly. The woman who has captured my heart, both here in Zity and in our life together. These chronicles tell the story of our life together, with some of our Zity friends added for flavoring. Holly, it is difficult to explain my love for her. That may be due to a difficulty I have in defining love. I knew I was in LOVE when I went thru an emotional beating, caused by the thought of losing her. There was an incident in real life that caused me to panic. I felt a hole in me, at that moment I knew I was in love with her.

Now being noticed, I was mobbed by three women wanting to know what I had bought.

''Ladies please. There is one gift for each of thee. Nicole thee are included as I consider thee family as well. These gifts shall remain unopened until the morrow. In the lands from whense I came, there is a tradition at this time of year. We call it 'The Feast of Saint Nicholas Klaus'. Gifts are given and a feast is prepared. This year we will celebrate tomorrow and I will explain this tradition to thee in further detail. For now the hour is late and I need my rest.''

''In the words of my people, 'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night.' ''


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