A land called ZITY

Chapter 34: Revelation

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

I awoke the next morning to sunlight streaming through the window. The sun cast a glow on my wife, and I gazed upon her. Wondering. How did I get so lucky? A stranger in a strange land. Blindsided by love. Something I never expected; yet now, something I can't live without. I thought about all the friends I had made, people I had met. Those who approved of our union, and those against. And those who were jealous of us, for we had found what they sought. And this beauty was mine.

''What are thee staring at my husband?''

Shaking those other thoughts from my head, I said, ''Thee.'' Ok so I'm not a great conversationalist in the mornings.

''How about a replay of last night Sir Tommy?''

And before I could answer she had pushed me on my back and climbed astride me. As she took advantage of my morning wood, she began to speak.

''What should I be feeding Nicole for this fortnight?''

''I suggest some milk this morn, then visit Megan and explain that thee needs milk for two. I believe she can arrange either other lasses to be available to feed both Nicole and lil D, or for milk to be bottled for them. Until Nicole is cured, I don't want her caring or feeding lil D.''

''This truly is not going to be easy is it?''

''No Holly, this will be the toughest thing that thee hast ever done. For if she is truly thy friend, thee will get her thru this.''

And the next few weeks took a toll on each of us. Nicole for what she suffered through. Hollie for what she witnessed from her best friend. Lil D who lost her nanny for a while, yet found out that her mommy and daddy were quite capable of loving her at the same time. And me, watching my family tramatized by what we did. By what Nicole did and said in an effort to get something alcoholic to drink. Finally the poisons had left Nicole and I knew she was on the road to recovery. I knew because she came to me and asked when she could begin to take care of lil D again. I knew then that we had turned the corner, and Nicole would recover. That evening at supper I addressed my family.

''I think Nicole is now headed in the right direction. Tonight will be her last night in diapers. Starting in the morning Nicole thee may return to feeding and caring for lil D full time. Remember, if any alcohol should pass thy lips, its over my knee followed by a trip to Auntie Ruth's. And Auntie Ruth has promised me that when she is done, she will escort thee to Master Dorson for a taste of his paddle.''

''Holly, thee has done a wonderful job caring for thy babies. Thee will make a fantastic mother for our children someday.''

Excuse me, and who am I thee asks? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her, burns the flames that fuel my passion. In addition to my Holly, we have taken under our wing a young lass, to raise in a loving environment. Dragonflies is her name. Whom I now refer to as lil d. She is a beautiful, young lass. In need of a firm hand to control her strong will. At 5' 7'' she is a big baby, with a big heart. And someday I may let her grow up. A natural blonde, with hair to her hips. Her blue eyes are something men will get lost in. That is if they can raise their eyes from her formitable breastworks.

As supper concluded Holly turned to Nicole, ''Tonight Nicole, thee and lil D will be locked in the nursery as soon as we have cleaned up. I have some special plans for Sir Tommy and desire no interruptions.''

''Yes Ms. Holly.'' Nicole replied.

''What plans hast thee Holly?'' I asked.

''A surprise Sir Tommy.''

I hate it when she goes all formal on me in my own home. Soon the dishes were done and Nicole and lil D said their 'Good Nights' and were locked into the nursery. Holly approached me and soon we were joined in a passionate embrace.

As our kissing paused for a moment, Holly spoke softly, ''Tommy, tonight I intent to take thee to a new level of erotic sensations. Thee must be willing to surrender control to me for the eve. If the does so, I promise thee a most satisfying evening. Will thee surrender to thy wife?''

This was a first for me, for us. I had seen her in a dominate role with other women, but never had she done so with a man. This thought alone intrigued me.

''Yes my wife, I surrender to thy will.''

"Then start Tommy, by removing all thy clothes.''

As I began to strip for my wife, still unsure of where this night was going, she just stood there and stared.

''Thee hast seen me without clothes ere Holly, why does thee stare?''

''That was when I was under thy control. Now thee are in my control and I chose to watch and admire thee.''

To this day I still do not understand what she enjoys about looking upon my nude body. All these years later and I still can not figure my wife out.

''Now what does my wife desire of me?''

''Empty yon pot into the enema can, I want thee completely cleaned out for this eves fun and games.'' Giggled Holly.

Oh how I hate that giggle. It is just pure evil. I retrieved the pot and filled the canister with the hot, soapy water.

''Now Tommy, once I place this blindfold on thee, thee shall speak only in response to my questions. In addition, thee are not to remove thy blindfold.''

I stood still as the blindfold was placed over my eyes.

''Now on thy hands and knees; arse in the air, and head down.''

I knew what was coming, the questions racing through my mind were, how much and which nozzle? I knew I would soon find out, the waiting was excitingly painful. I could feel her body next to mine, and after a few moments of fumbling with the equipment, she places a hand upon my back. Then I felt it, first one and a short time later, two fingers penetrating my rear passage. Twisting and turning within me, like a pair of small snakes.

''Nod thy head to answer my questions, does this feel good?,'' she asked.

I nodded my head up and down in concert with the pistoning of her fingers within me. Surely my moans told her I was enjoying this?

''Good, and how about now?''

As she said that, a third finger entered me. I nodded yes as her fingers stretched me even more.

What felt like several minutes passed before I felt her fingers leave me. There was a feeling of emptyness. That feeling did not last long; I felt the nozzle slowly enter me. Then it slid back out. She continued fucking my ass with the nozzle for several minutes. It was not our largest nozzle, but it still filled me fully. Finally she slid it home. After a moment I heard the click of the valve opening, followed by the rush of the fluid.

As I starting cramping, Holly's hands found their way to my dangling appendage and began distracting me. But only enough got the cramps to pass. The fluid flowed and flowed into me. Then I mercifully heard the click of the valve being closed. Then I felt Hollie astride my back; her hands on my arse. She slowly began to withdraw the nozzle.

''Hold tight and do not expell until told to do so.''

As I nodded my agreement a sudden pain assailed my ass.


The sound of Holly's hand upon my bare ass.


First one cheek, then the other. This assult continued for several minutes. Unbeknown to my wife, I had never been spanked in my life. Now my first one was as an adult!!! Finally she stopped and climbed off my back.

''Tommy, raise up into a squating position and I will place a chamber pot beneath thee. Then you may expell.''

Doing as I was told, I felt relief at the emptying of my bowels. I could hear her moving around and water being poured. Followed by more running water and then morewater being poured. I correctly guessed that she was refilling the enema tank. I hoped she was enjoying herself.

''Finished? Then back on thy hands and knees, for thee are not cleaned out enough yet.''

So back down I went for round two. This time it did not feel like the spanking lasted as long. But the voiding after sure did. Then once again, down to my hands and knees, a quick lubing, and in the nozzle went.

''This one should cleanse thee out to my satisifaction.''

She climbed again upon my back and took her hand to my reddened backside. Spanking me until finally I heard the valve click as she closed it. Holly then quided me over the chamber pot so I could expell.

Blindfolded, I had lost track of time. I thought we had spent about two hours here so far. As I finished, Holly took a towel and wiped my rear.

''Now Tommy our fun can begin.''

Taking me by the hand, she led me blindfolded to our bedroom.


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