A land called ZITY

Chapter 33: The Homecoming

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

As I watched the hot, soapy concoction flow into Nicole, I began to wonder if she had an alcohol issues long or if this was a recent development. Before I could pose the question to Hollie, she interrupted my train of thought.

''Sir Tommy, I thought that Nicole had put her alcohol issues behind her. She had confided to me that it was so. If I had thought otherwise, I would have never left our daughter in her care. I am soo very sorry Sir Tommy.''

Before I could phrase a response, I noticed lil D squirming and fidgeting. ''Lil D, thee had thy chance to speak. Do not say a word until I give thee permission!''

"Hollie, we will discuss this further later.''

Now I was even more irritated. My wife had known about Nicole's problem and did not let me know before we made a decision regarding lil D's care.

Turning again to my wife, ''Hollie, go prepare 2 gallons of hot soapy water. I think there needs to be some serious cleaning done this night.''

As she scampered to start the preparations, I wondered over to our collection of enema nozzles and chose a medium and a small retention nozzle.

Excuse me, and who am I thee asks? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her, burns the flames that fuel my passion. In addition to my Holly, we have taken under our wing a young lass, to raise in a loving environment. Dragonflies is her name. Whom I now refer to as lil d. She is a beautiful, young lass. In need of a firm hand to control her strong will. At 5' 7'' she is a big baby, with a big heart. And someday I may let her grow up. A natural blonde, with hair to her hips. Her blue eyes are something men will get lost in. That is if they can raise their eyes from her formitable breastworks.

Returning to my chair, I watched the final ounces pour into Nicole. Satisfied she was full, I clamped off the hose and disconnected her from the bucket. By now Nicole was wide awake and in severe discomfort. I removed the empty canister from the shelf.

''Nicole, just remain where thee are for now and do not attempt to move.''

After Hollie informed me the hot soapy water was ready, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the pot. Carrying it back into the front room, I proceeded to fill the canister and replace it upon the shelf. Walking over to the playpen, I picked lil D up and began to explain things.

''Lil D, I am going to place thee on thy hands and knees. Thee are not to move. If thee does, I will be forced to restrain thee.''

Having placed lil D in position, I turned to my wife and uttered one word.


Hollie's face turned white as she quickly removed her clothing.

As I watched her disrobe, I felt a stirring in my groin. That would have to wait.

''On thy hands and knees, wife.''

As Hollie complied, I attached the two nozzles to their hoses and grabbed the lube. Starting with lil D, I moved her diaper aside and slid a finger into her rectum. Slowly I slid it in and out until she was slippery enough for a second finger. After working both fingers inside her for a few minutes, I replaced them with the smaller of the two nozzles. Securing the nozzle in place, I now turned my attention to my wife.

''Does thee know why I am doing this?''

''Yes Sir Tommy, I failed to tell thee of Nicole's problem.''

''No Hollie, thee placed our daughter in danger.''

It did not take long before I had two greasy fingers in Hollie's rectum. Pausing for a moment I retrieved a diaper and dressed Hollie in it. I now had three lovely diapered ladies in front of me. Now it was time to work the nozzle into my wife. It was a pleasure to watch her squirm as she was stretched and filled.

''Hollie, lil D, I am now going to start the flow. Thee will not move. Nor will thee talk.''

With that I opened the clamps.

''Nicole, if I remove thy restraints, will thee behave and follow my commands?''

As I watched her shake her head yes, I went to her and released her.

''Stay on the floor with thy sisters for now.''

This got me sharp looks from all three.

''Yes thee are as sisters. Diapered triplets. And so shall thee remain u til I decide otherwise.''

''Now let me explain what is going to happen next. When I am satisfied that thee hast taken enough solution, I will stop the flow and disconnect the tubing. This will leave thee full and plugged. The three of the will then clean this entire house. At some point I will remove thy plugs and thee will continue working in thy dirty diapers. Only when this house is cleaned to my satisifaction will I allow thee to change thy diapers. And there had better be clean diapers available for thee then''

With those words I opened the valve once more, and this time Hollie and Lil D began to squirm and wiggle as the hot soapy solution began to fill them. I took my seat and watched, as sweat formed first on one then the others brow. Then the cramping began. I let them feel and work thru the pain of those cramps without slowing the flow. As the bucket became emptier and emptier, I decided enough was enough, Closing the valve, I secured the hose clamps, and disconnected the hoses from the nozzles. This left me with three women, diapered and plugged.

Facing the trio I commanded, ''Now get to work. The only voice I want to hear is Hollie giving directions. Now go to it!!!''

I watched as three diapered women waddled around and began cleaning the house. It appeared I had three pregnant, diapered women working as maids. Hollie quickly gave them their instructions and the three began to work as a team, cleaning.

After about an hour I approached lil D. Stopping her I reached inside her diaper and slowly removed her plug. Once it was loose, I quickly got it and my hand out of the way. There was a moment of confusion on her face and then she released. I wondered what she was thinking? This was her first enema. I playfully swatted her behind and she went back to work.

What a surprise, Daddy is letting me, lil D, speak for myself.

'What was I thinking? What was I feeling? This was my first enema. I was not allowed to speak during the whole process. The fullness of the nozzle stretching my ass. The fluid filling my belly. Having to walk and work with the nozzle still plugging me and the fluid sloshing around in me. Despite all that, I loved it. The feelings of Sir Tommy's fingers penetrating and stretching me are beyond description. Looking back upon those early days with Ms. Hollie and Sir Tommy, I fondly remember this first punishment. Much of it was a surprise and a series of firsts for me. It took me time at their hands to realize that I was loved by them, as the child I wanted to be.'

After another thirty minutes or so, I noticed that much progress had been made in getting our home cleaned up. Calling out, ''Nicole, Hollie, come here now!''

As they scampered up to me I began to talk to them, ''Hollie, turn around and put thy hands on thy knees.'' After she did so I reached into her diaper and removed her plug.

''The diaper stays on until I decide otherwise.''

Turning to Nicole, ''Hands on thy knees.'' I then proceeded to remove her plug.

''Until further notice, there are some changes being made around here. Later on when, I decide, Nicole thee will change lil D's diaper. When I have decided that thee are both done cleaning for the evening, Hollie thee will change Nicole into a fresh diaper. Nicole thee shall remain diapered until Hollie and I believe thee are grown up. Thee will continue to nurse and supervise lil D. If thee ever takes a drink again, I shall spank thee until I cannot lift my hand; then I shall take thee to Auntie Ruth with a complete list of thy transgressions. Is that understood?''

Nicole nodded her head yes.

''Now both of thee get back to cleaning our home, in the morning we shall discuss why today happened. Discuss why before thee are bent over my knees. Now go!!!''

As time passed, I grew tired of watching then clean. I called to Nicole, ''Stop what thee are doing and change and feed lil D. Then put her to bed.''

Turning to my wife, ''Hollie, thee and Nicole are to continue working until I return. I need a walk to clear my head.'' And with those instructions I left to stretch my legs and think.

Was Nicole the right nanny for lil D? Was Hollie strong enough to run the house in my absence? Was I doing right taking in lil D to raise with a brand new wife? While I walked I contemplated my decisions made and decisions to be made. Walking a little longer I made up my mind on life and turned for home.

As I entered my house I noticed the two women still cleaning and straightening things. ''Ladies, I shall address thee shortly, I wish to check on the baby first.''

Entering the nursery I found lil D in her crib, dry yet still awake. Removing her pacifier gag I spoke softly to her, ''Would thee like to tell me what happened when Hollie and I were gone?''

''Daddy, I was just myself.''

Laughing I asked, ''The one who bit the nipple of Mary? Or the sweet lil girl that I love?''

''The sweet lil girl that loves thee. I was just a lil baby, a big lil baby, but I think I followed all of my rules.''

''I will take thee at thy word. Until I hear otherwise then, this subject is closed. I will take thy gag with my so thy nanny and mommy know that I removed it and not thee.''

Lil D stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheeks saying, ''Thank thee daddy, thank thee.''

I put her back to bed and told her to go to sleep and I would see her in the morning. Returning to the main room I knew it was time to address those dirty diapers.

''Hollie, Nicole, come here!'' As they ran to comply, I looked around. The house was the cleanest I had seen it in a while.

''Hollie, change Nicole into a clean diaper.''

''I have reached some decisions, Nicole, since thee like drinking out of a bottle so much, for the next fortnight thee shall be on a liquid diet, served in a bottle.''

''Hollie, while Nicole is in charge of lil D's feedings, thee shall be in charge of hers. Both of thee be warned this will be a difficult time for both of thee; Nicole will be very sick once her body craves the alcohol. She will have fevers and chills, and in many ways, will be as helpless as an infant. So much so that thee may have two infants to care for.''

Now that Nicole was cleaned and changed, I turned to Hollie, ''Lock her in the nursery with lil D, I don't want her looking for alcohol tonight. Then return to me and we will talk some more.''

When Hollie returned I had her sit opposite me so we could have a talk. "Honey, thee has disappointed me by withholding a vital piece of information about Nicole. However, that is behind us. Thee will have a lot of work to do. I have seen people forced to give up alcohol, it is a difficult task. For them and for the persons helping them. If she becomes violent, I will help thee. Otherwise, I will merely give thee guidance. I will insist that for each day Nicole remains in diapers, that she is tobe spanked. By thee, reminding her why she is being spanked. In addition, after thee has finished spanking Nicole, I will be spanking thee for failing to tell me of her problem. The severity of thy spankings will depend on the severity of Nicole’s. Any questions?''

''Yes Sir, several if I may?''

''Go ahead.''

''How long am I to remain in diapers? In this messy diaper?''

''Once I remove thy diaper tonight thee are out of them, for now.''

''If I give Nicole a soft spanking, does that mean I get a soft one in return?''

''That remains to be seen, but I would counsel against that approach.''

''How bad is this going to be for Nicole, her withdrawal from alcohol?''

''The desire of alcohol will be harder on her than the need of water for a man dying of thirst. She will do anything for a drink. Any more questions?''

''No Sir Tommy.''

''Good. Thy final task is to move any alcohol in the house to our room where I will lock it away in a chest. Beer, wine, hard spirits, mouthwash, cough syrup and cooking wine must all be hidden from her. When that is done, wife, join me in our bedroom and I will remove thy diaper and clean thee. Then, thy husband desires to make love to his wife in their own bed for the first time as man and wife.''

Hollie gathered all the alcohol and we locked it away. I then cleaned her up and we made love as man and wife, in our own home.


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