A land called ZITY

Chapter 26: We Add To Our Family

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

As we approached the village, I paused to address the ladies, ''Holly, thee shall take Dragonflies to our home. She may have water to drink, but nothing to eat. If she needs changed, do so and use some of the diapers we have on hand. If she needs bathed do so also. She is not to speak, AT ALL!!! If she does, let me know on my return. I shant be long as I know what I need and where to purchase it.''

'Yes Sir Tommy,'' Holly replied.

I released Dragonflies hand and left her under the control of Holly. I knew where to go; first stop Master Dorson's shop. Entering the shop I was approached by a young man offering assistance.

''I am Sir Tommy, and I wish to speak with thy Master.''

'Sir Tommy, my pardon, my Master has gone for a period and left me in charge.'

''Are thee familiar with the order I placed with thy Master in the days past?''

'Yes Sir Tommy, I have personally been working on it. A small and a large paddle. Each with holes in them and each to have a name carved clearly in the handle. Two sets of nipple clamps and one set of clamps for her vaginal lips. Two floggers, a light weight one for her sensitive areas and a heavy one for her arse. And finally a set of restraints.'

''Exactly, I shall now need one further order exactly like that, except the name Dragonflies is to be in the handle of each paddle.''

'Sir Tommy we shall be happy to meet thy needs. Aught more for thee Sir?'

''No that should do for now, when might thee have the first paddle finished?''

'I will have one finished shortly and then can put Dragonflies in the handle for thee.'

''That will be fine, If thee can have it delivered, I would be in thy debt.''

'Yes Sir Tommy, It shall be done.'

After paying for my order I proceeded to my next stop.

And who am I you ask? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her burns the flames that fuel my passion.

As it was only a few doors down, it was not long before I entered Anne4joys Bejeweled Shop. I was immediately greeted by Anne herself, with a warm smile and an erotic hug, 'Welcome Sir Tommy, are thee plugged, and how may I assist thee?'

Anne was a delightful sight to behold, fair of hair and skin. Plentiful curves from stem to stern; with a smile bright enough to light the darkest of rooms. ''Anne I am in need of thy services once again. Holly and I have taken a lass under our wing. To assist her in finding who she is, we shall need some of thy tools. I shall need another double plug harness, and a double plug harness with an external dildo attached to the front. I have a drawing for thee. Also a full set of plugs as before. Finally a large hollow plug, if thee can.''


'No problem Sir Tommy. The hollow plug is so for a reason?'

''Yes Anne, I feel that this lass will need some encouragement returning to and using diapers fulltime.''

'I understand now. So the plug is to keep her open and unwilling in this endeavor.'

''Exactly. She is to be without control. Will there be any issues?''

'No Sir Tommy, I was just thinking that Megan and Mary ought to find a good use for such an item. Thank you for the opportunity to grow the business some more.'

''My pleasure Anne. If we can settle up, I have lassies awaiting my attentions at home.''

After paying Anne, I headed for the exit.

'Stay plugged Sir Tommy.'

''Always Anne, always.''

Stepping outside I paused for a moment of decision making. Do I head home, or take a quick break at The Dew Droppe Inne? Realizing I had left the two ladies without much direction, I headed home before the two wildcats could destroy the house or scar one another. As I approached home I met Mary coming from the nursery with a cart full of supplies.

''Hello Mary, I see thee hast brought the supplies for the lass.''

'Yes Sir Tommy. I have diapers and plastic panties, bottles and bibs, plus a collection of infant attire all in Dragonflies size.'

''I thank thee for delivering this.''

'That is not the only reason I am here. I am to be a wet-nurse for her as well. Thee shall see me here four times a day to feed her. I also came by to relate her compliance at the nursery to thee. If I may?'

''Please Mary, I wish to know all that occurred, so that Holly and I may better help her adapt and find her true self.''

'Fine Sir Tommy. Thee dropped Dragonflies off with Megan, the understanding being that she wished to be treated as an Adult Baby. Things started well. She allowed us to remove her clothes with no complaint. While we were doing this, the basic rules were explained to her:

1. She would be treated as a new born baby

2. She would be expected to use her diapers for everything

3. No talking until told she was allowed

4. Only allowed to crawl

5. Meals would be our choice in what, when and how she was fed.

She was then asked if she agreed to these conditions. She agreed and with that, she was told that was to be her final word until told otherwise; or until she chose to use her safe word. Now having her nude the first problem began. She wiggled and squirmed as we shaved her body hair. Once we finished that chore, and having had to restrain her to do so, she was diapered. I honestly think that she is drawn to the attention she gets during her diaper changes. Now that we had her diapered, she was released from her restraints and told it was time for her first meal. I honestly do not think she expected what happened next. Unlike you Sir Tommy, who instantly took to the nipple, she fought me at every chance. Finally getting a teat in her mouth, the vixen bit me. Not by accident, but with purpose. She was offered a chance to use her safe word, but remained silent. Megan took her over her knee, removed her diaper and gave her a very through spanking. I have been witness and recipient of some of Auntie R's sessions and Megan out did Auntie R. When Megan finished, she diapered Dragonflies with out putting any cream on her. That had to hurt for quite a while. In addition Sit Tommy, she did not try to play with the others. It was as if she did not understand what she wanted. I hope this helps thee and more importantly, I hope that thee can help her.'

''Thank thee Mary, thou art most kind.''

'Thank me not Sir Tommy, it is well known by all, the calming effect you have on Ms Holly. If thee can help this lass as well, all shall benefit.'

''Well Mary, it is a two-way-street. If she choses not to participate and take advantage of this opportunity, then it is her loss. And Zity's as well. Shall we go check on them now?''

As so I walked with Mary, the wet nurse, to see what had transpired in my absence.


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