A land called ZITY

Chapter 25: A Decision is Made

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

'Sir Tommy, send me back to the nursery. Have me re-raised. I do not wish to lose thee. I can not lose thee. I shall do whatever thee desires; put me in the stocks if I fail thee, but do not leave me!!!'

Holly was in tears, crying harder than from any punishment I had seen bestowed upon her.

I mulled her comments over for a moment and then replied, ''Thy choices did not include a return to the nursery, Thy choices were: Say the word 'stay' and I will do so and thee will get a lass to guide; Say 'go' and I shall leave thee and Zity, forever. What shall thee choose?''

'I, uh, I say...

Now you may ask who am I? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, that she keeps me on my toes. In her burns the flames that fuel my passion.

...ststay please Sir Tommy. Do not leave me...' cried Holly, tears running unashamedly down her face.

I rose to my feet in front of her. Lifting her chin so her eyes could meet mine, I proceeded to say, ''Thee hast made thy choice. I shall stay. Does thee wish to go and get the lass now or on the morrow?''

'Now Sir Tommy. What will be expected of me regarding her responsibilities?'

''It will be easier for me to have to explain things only once, so after we return I shalt tell thee both of the rules for my household. Clear?''

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''Now get thee dressed so we can be on our way.''

Holly scurried to comply as I breathed a mental sigh of relief, she did not call my bluff. This might just work, I hoped so. Taking a moment to straighten out my appearance, she soon reappeared and we were on way out the door. Leaving the village behind we strode down what was now a familiar path for me. Soon the sound of children at play assailed our ears.

Arriving at the Nursery, I looked around for Megan.

'Sir Tommy and Holly, are thee back to join us again?' Cried Mary.

Turning to face her I replied, ''Sorry Mary, as much as I enjoyed myself the last time, we are here for other reasons.''

'Is Holly joining us for some special care then?'

''No I need to talk to Megan and leave with a 'little'.''

'I will go find her for thee Sir Tommy, the 'little' thou hast come for, is it the same one thou recently brought us?'

''Aye Mary, it is the same lass.''

'I shall happily return shortly then Sir Tommy.'

With that Mary left us to find Megan, and I hoped, Dragonflies. Looking over the AB's that were out, I noticed a few familiar faces. One whom I have had several conversations with, boy-in-nappies, appeared to be enjoying himself. And many I knew naught. Following a brief wait, Mary reappeared with Megan and Dragonflies in tow. Dragonflies looked a little worse for wear, with tears streaming down her face and clad in only a very thick diaper.

'Sir Tommy, welcome back. I hear thou hast returned to pick up a lost soul?'

''Good day to thee Megan, yes Holly and I wish to take Dragonflies home with us. How has her education progressed?''

'Initially she was conducive, until Mary fed her for the first time. She bit Mary and fought like a wild animal. We had to restrain her and discipline her severely; she is truly a handful.'

''Well, it seems my lot in life is to be the taming of wild women. Has thee extra supplies for Ms Holly, as she will be taking care of Dragonflies?''

'Sir Tommy, I shall have Mary deliver them to thee shortly. Are thee prepared to take her now?'

''With one question to ask I am.''

Turning to Dragonflies I asked, ''When I brought thee here, thee said that this was what thee wanted; Is that still true?''

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

Turning back to Megan I continued, ''Then we shall take her with us now Megan, and our thanks to thee and thy staff. Megan has thee a pacifier to quiet the lass so I have a pleasant journey home?''

'Yes Sir Tommy, I shall fetch thee one.'

Megan returned with a pacifier and handed it to me saying, 'Good day to thee and to thee Ms Holly. And good luck.'

At that point I looked at the two women the were to become major parts of my life; Holly my wife, and Dragonflies her little. ''Ladies, when we return home I will inform thee both of the rules by which you will live. I do not wish any conversation once on the road home. Any questions and do thee understand?''

'Yes Sir Tommy.' They both replied.

Dragonflies added, 'Do I get something else to wear?'

''Thee will always include Sir Tommy when addressing me; and you are but a child and modesty is of no concern. Thee should be focusing on the future that thee desires, and the discipline that thou hast earned for not following my directions when I brought you here.''

Handing the pacifier to Hollie, I told her, ''She is thy responsibility, if I hear a word out of her on the journey home, thee both shall regret it.''

Holly and I each took one of Dragonflies hands and began the trek home.


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