A land called ZITY

Chapter 27: House Rules

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

Opening the door for Mary we strode into our house. What greeted my eyes what quite unexpected, Dragonflies playing on the floor while Holly was tidying up our home.

''I'm home and I have company,'' I called.

Dragonflies crawled over to me and wrapped herself around my leg.

Holly looked up from the pot she was scrubbing, ''I will join thee in a minute love.''

I stepped inside, carefully allowing room for Mary to enter with her load. ''Just put everything on the table Mary.''

''Holly, I need thee to set up a cot in the baby's room for Mary, She will be staying with us until Dragonflies is weaned.''

''How long will that be Sir Tommy,'' Holly asked?

''Until we think she is ready to grow up some.'' I replied. I was impressed with Dragonflies behavior so far, not a word. Either she didn't understand what we meant, or she understood her fate.

Excuse me, and who am I you ask? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her burns the flames that fuel my passion. In addition to my Holly, we have taken under our wing a young lass, to raise in a loving environment.

Dragonflies is her name. She is a beautiful, young lass. In need of a firm hand to control her strong will. At 5' 7'' she is a big baby, with a big heart.

A natural blond, with hair to her hips. Her blue eyes are something men will get lost in. That is if they can raise their eyes from her formitable breastworks.

''Ladies, once Mary is moved in and little d fed, I want all of thee to join me as I wish to lay out come clear rules for this household. Is that clear?''

I received to yes Sir Tommy's and a nod from little d. It didn't tale long before Mary and Holly returned.

I turned to lil d and said, ''Mary will feed thee, thou shalt nor fight, balk or bite. Is that understood?''

I received a nod in reply. Once everyone was seated and lil d was being nursed, I began, '' The rules for this household are very simple. There will be no deviation from them, unless I decide to change or modify them.

Rule #1 Sir Tommy is the head of household and will always be treated with respect.

Rule #2 Holly is in charge when Sir Tommy is absent.

Rule #3 Any guests will be subordinate to Holly.

Rule #4 lil d is a baby and will be treated as such.

Rule #5 Discipline will be administered immediately upon rule breaking.

Rule #6 Discipline will be readministered once weekly.

Rule #7 Maintenance spankings will be administered weekly.

Rule #8 The HoH will engage in sex with no one but his bride.

Rule #9 It is my job as HoH to take care of all of your needs.

Each of you, with the exception of guests, will have their own personal disciplinary devices. These rules may be added to at Sir Tommy's discretion.''

''Now lil d we have some unfinished business regarding your behavior at the nursery. You have permission to speak only when spoken to. Do you understand?''

''Yes Sir Tommy, I understand.''

''Good, Did you know there are four elements to a good spanking? Or a bad spanking, if you're the one getting it that is."

Dragonflies’ eyes got big, "No Sir Tommy."

"One, the spankee should not want to get the spanking and should do anything and everything possible to avoid getting the spanking."

Getting nervous, she swallowed hard, "Okay Sir Tommy."

"Two, the spanking should be highly embarrassing if not downright humiliating for the spankee."

Dragonflies’ heart beats a little faster, "Yes Sir Tommy."

"Three, the spankee loses all control to the spanker. That is, the spanker determines the length and the severity of the spanking."

Lil D swallowed again, "I see Sir Tommy."

"Care to hazard a guess at what the fourth element of a good spanking is?"

Lil D shook her head.

I smiled, "A good spanking has to hurt. Ideally, it should hurt to the point where the spankee should want the spanking to stop as soon as it starts."

"So lil d, what do thee think is going to happen now?''

''I am going to be spanked,'' she replied.

''And why are thee being spanked?''

''Because I disobeyed thee and misbehaved while at the nursery.''

''That is correct. Thee are now not to speak. Thee may and will be crying soon.''

With that I got up and moved my high-backed chair to the center of the main room. Taking my seat, I turned to Holly, ''remove her diapers.''

''Mary, bring me several dry diapers to protect my lap from her.''

In only moments I had several thick diapers across my lap and lil d was as naked as the day as she was born.

''Lil d come here. Thee will be across my lap for this spanking. Thee can place thy hands on the floor, or grab the legs of the chair. If thy hands try to interfere with thy spanking, I shall restrain thee and begin anew.''

At that I stretched her across my lap.


My hand rained down blows, first one cheek then the other. Soon I had both cheeks a nice pink. Now I focused my attention to her upper thighs.


Soon I had them matching the blush on her bottom. Lil d was bawling her eyes out, but still had a firm grip in the chair legs.

I looked over at Holly, ''the paddle please. And prepare a bar of soap.''

''Now lil d that was the preparation, now comes the real punishment.''

''Holly, set the five minute timer please.''

''Yes Sir Tommy.''

With the paddle firmly in hand I began.


My hand was a blur, the paddle striking her thighs and arse cheeks, fast and hard. Lil d was squirming, but she took her punishment well. As the sand ran down in the timer I stopped. I looked up and Holly brought me a pail with a bar of soap in it.

''Lil d, you may stand, DO NOT rub your bottom.''

Taking the lathered bar of soap in hand I said, ''Open wide, if thee doeth not we shall start anew.''

Placing the bar in her mouth, I proceeded to move it in and out roughly over her teeth.

''This is to wash thy mouth for the foul deeds that thee has committed. Thee shall hold this in thy mouth until told to remove it. See that line on the floor?''

Lil d nods yes.

''After thee are diapered thee shall stand behind the line and place thy head against the wall until told otherwise. Thy hands are to be clasped in the small of thy back. Understood?''

Lil d nodded yes again.

''Holly, you and Mary may diaper her, no powder, no lotion. She is to remain against the wall until I say she may move. Her diaper will remain on until after she has wet and messed.''

''Lil d, thee has done well. But listen, for there are far more prolonged and painful punishments I can deliver, thou whilst learn to obey. Thee art but a child, and will be treated as such.''

With that I stood and moved aside so that Holly and Mary could diaper and position lil d.

I watched as they finished and got her into position.

Turning to Mary, ''If thee shall watch lil d, I wish some time with Holly.''

Taking Holly by the hand I led her to our bedroom. Looking squarely into her eyes, I then passionately kissed her.

''Thee found that arousing Sir Tommy?'' Holly asked.

''Very much so dear Holly. There shall be times when I shall need thy guidance, my dear.''

''How so Sir Tommy?''

''Thou shall need to ensure that my desires are sated in a way that meets with thy approval. Especially when there are others whom wish my attentions. Is that acceptable to thee?''

''Thee must be clearer Sir Tommy, what is the issue of which thee speaks?''

''Holly, someday lil d or another female under my protection and care, will need her biological needs sated. Some will enjoy thy strap-on, others will desire the attentions of a man. Thee must decide if and how I am to pleasure these lasses, or if we must find another home for them to grow up in. Or do we send them back to the nursery? Either way they are out of our lives forever. Think about how thee wishes to answer this question. Now I have one other thing that needs our immediate attention.''

And for the next hour we were frantic in our love making. Finally sating my lust, and Holly's as well, we cleaned up and returned to check up on Mary and lil d. Entering the big room we were assailed by a smell we would become used to for years to come.

''I wanted to change her, but thee wanted her in position until thee returned, Sir Tommy, so I waited,'' Mary announced.

''Thank you Mary.''

''Lil d stand up.''

''Holly remove the bar of soap.''

''Lil d, Sit on the floor.''

She looked at me with wonder in her eyes and a mouth full of soap.

"NOW, or its over my lap.''

Lil d sat and the mess in her diaper spread around.

''Holly and Mary, thee may give her a cup of water to rinse her mouth with, but no more than one cup. Then she is to be nursed and can play, but she is to remain in that diaper for one hour. Then thee may change her and put her down for a nap. If there are any issues thou must tell me when I return. I shall be back shortly.''

Having had my say, I left to investigate an idea I had.


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