College Days OR How I Became an ABDL

Chapter 5: Returning Home

Off to class I went. The drive to school was different. I had to become used to sitting on the extra padding. The bulk between my legs made my walking feel funny. I made it through my first two hour lecture with some difficulty. The main problem exploded when I stood to leave the lecture hall for my next class. In no time flat the enema poured from me filling my diapers. And then came the urge to pee. Reluctantly I did so. This was an entirely new feeling for me. I was warm and wet, front and back. I was glad for the thick diapers; until they began to swell. I felt the moisture draining from me as I began my walk of shame to my final class of the day.

I waddled, have no doubt about it. There is no other word to describe it. Waddle. I am sure there were eyes on me, but I was looking down the whole trip. Arriving I found a seat away from the other students and began taking notes. It was difficult as I felt things moving in my diapers. Then mid-way through class the urge to urinate became overwhelming again. Faced with the option of holding it or letting loose; I chose to release. Now I am sitting in a vert wet and messy diaper, hoping for class to end. Thankfully there was no smell, just me sliding around on my seat. Finally class ended and I headed for my car.

'Hey Tom is that you?'

I turned at the sound of my name to see Marguerite. Another student like me, whom I had several classes with this year. ''Hi Marguerite, how are you?'' Small talk was not something I wanted right now.

'I fine, some of us are heading out for coffee. Care to join us?'

Any other time I would have jumped at the opportunity. But with my developing lusty relationship with Hollie, and the load in my pants...

''Thanks Marge, but I have some things to take care of at home. Maybe another time?''

'Sure Tom, stay dry.' And with a giggle she was gone.

Shit was I leaking? I ran my hands over my pants and felt dry. So I hurried out to my car and drove home. Carefully. That was the most careful drive I have ever made. The last thing I wanted was a ticket or worse be in an accident. Finally I make it home, parked and headed into the house.

There I was greeted by Tonya. I still had no clue as to where she fit in to Hollie's life and mine as well.

'Hi Tom or should I say tommy?' Tonya began, 'You look a bit confused, so allow me to clear your mind. I am a Clinical Psychologist and I use hypnotism to treat my patients whom usually have chronic addiction issues. Hollie is a friend that tends toward submission, but likes the Dominant role at times. In many ways she's a switch. I know this terminology is new to you, but you will learn it''

''So here's the good and bad news for you; Joyce is working in her office so it's just us and Hollie. After our talk, Hollie will change your diaper, then continue your enema education. Afterwards you will be changed and rediapered as needed. Once diapered you will be expected to use them, just like a little baby. If you don't, I will be forced to hypnotize you. If I do that, you can expect me to make other changes as well. That's on the mental side. Physically if you fail to meet our expectations, in addition to corporal punishment, I will lock away you penis in a cage. Yes a chastity devise. And your sexual pleasure will be non-existent as you will orally please the three of us. Finally if you really displease Joyce or I, we will catheterize you, and send Hollie away.'

I looked at Tonya stunned. That was the last thing I wanted. ''I will do my best to do anything you or Joyce demand.''

'Good, we have an understanding then. Run along upstairs Hollie is waiting for you there. Follow her instructions exactly.'

''I will, Ms. Tonya, I will.'' And with that I headed to my room; that is the room I shared with Hollie.

I strode down the hall and called to Hollie, not hearing her I checked our room. Nothing. I looked in the bathroom, there I saw a door that had not been opened to me before. As I approached it, she came thru and closed it behind her. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She passionately returned my embrace.

''Thank you, I needed that.''

'You're welcome, hard day?'

''Yes and a wet, messy one''

'I bet, ready for this afternoons lesson?'

''I guess so.'' I muttered.

'Let's start by cleaning you up, baby.'

As she led me back into our room, I wondered, was that baby a term of endearment or a reflection of my attire? Hollie stood close to me and as she unbuttoned my shirt whispered, 'do not say a word, just listen and learn, I will explain things more as we go along.'

Removing my shirt and t-shirt, she began to unbuckle my pants. Stopping to untie my shoes, she opened by jeans and removed my pants. Now I saw, for the first time, how much my diapers had swollen. Removing my plastic panties, she took a large disposable changing pad from the dresser and spread it on the floor.

'Lie down tommy.' Hollie said as she joined me on the floor.

Doing as requested, she removed her blouse to reveal a nursing bra. Opening a cup Hollie soon had me nursing away. After fifteen minutes on each breast she took my diapers off and wiped me down with some wet-wipes. In no time I was clean and as stiff as a rod.

'Not now tommy, we have much to do. And you have much to learn.'

Thus began my second lesson on enemas. It was too much to learn. From volumes to solutions of various types. From nozzle types to sizes. From colonic irrigation to double inflatable retention. We even covered different positions for different results. By 5 pm we had been at it for a good two and a half hours. I had been given 4 enemas, the largest being a 3 qt. one with ten minutes of retention. As I was expelling the fourth one, Joyce joined us with a bowl of something. Seeing the look pass between her and Hollie, I knew it would not bode well for me.

''Tommy, what is in the bowl will not hurt you,'' Joyce began, ''It will most likely bring you some discomfort. When you are done voiding, you will assume the knee-chest position on the floor. There you will remain until Hollie tells you what to do next. You will listen to her as if it was me. If I have to take over I will not be as gentle.''

''Hollie, he is all yours. Neither one of you had better disappoint me.'' And like that Joyce was gone.

I finished and assumed the position once again. Hollie stepped behind me and after putting on another glove(how I was beginning to hate that sound), began to lube my ass again. It was different this time; after the first finger I felt a second. Not an unpleasant feeling. Then came the third finger. Now I was wondering what was going to happen. I felt her remove her fingers, only to be replaced by something else that was greasy and soft.

But not just one. I felt a second, third and fourth something slide in. I was starting to feel a bit full.

Hollie bend down and whispered, 'only two more tommy.'

I felt her again pushing something into me. Then she had numbers five and six in.

'Wait just a moment, I have one more thing to do.' She said softly as she did something else behind me. Finally finished I was told to stand and follow her into our bedroom.

As Hollie laid out a changing pad and diapering supplies she explained, 'Joyce gave me three bananas cut in half. She then coated them in glycerin and told me to use a tampon to hold it all in you. Once you are diapered, I will remove the tampon by pulling the string; and later on you will have a messy diaper for me to change. The glycerin will give you cramps and make you want to void yourself. I know this is new to you. Just remember what you are getting out of this.'

I thought about that as I was diapered. Free room and board. Spending cash due to this special seminar. Credit towards my degree. And Hollie. While she was not part of the deal, a fringe benefit then. I nodded my head as she finished. Next she slid a pair of plastic panties up my legs and over my diaper.

With me now diapered, she began to quiz me on all the information covered today. I even thought there were questions on items not covered.

After a long thirty minutes of Q&A, Joyce called. ''Dinner.''

We walked(I waddled) out to the dining area for dinner.


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