College Days OR How I Became an ABDL

chapter 6: Revelation

This was to be a memorable meal. Not in what we ate, but in the pain and discomfort I felt.

Looking at me, Joyce said, ''Go ahead tommy, let it all out. You will sooner or later. Get used to using the diapers. They are going to be part of your life for a while.''

Turning to Hollie, she asked, ''How did tommy do on his enema tests?''

'He missed three questions ma'am.' Hollie replied.

''Did he receive his reinforcement training?''

'No ma'am, you called us to dinner.'

''Will you be able to do it later or will I need to?'' Joyce asked.

'I will be able to do it ma'am.'


''Tommy here is the plan for the next week. I know its only Tuesday, but the sooner you start, the easier this will be. Later on tonight, Hollie will change your messy diaper. At that time she will administer your punishment for missing three questions about enemas. You will receive five spanks from her hand, five by hairbrush and then five from the paddle. You will receive the same at every diaper change from now until 8 pm tomorrow.''

At about this time I felt something warm and slippery slide into the seat of my diaper. There was a grumbling and more mess filled my pants.

''At that point a new series of spankings will be announced, based on that days failures. There will also be rewards included, for example, messing your diaper before class and wearing it to class will grant you 24hrs without diapers and full access to Hollie. There will be other rewards you may earn, but we will not tell you of them until you have done so. If you go two days without a bowel movement, you will be given a large enema and sent to class while retaining it as long as you can. If its a non-school day, you will be taken shopping instead. Finally, if I think you are cheating in any way, you will be catheterized and will receive a tunnel plug. Then fed large doses of laxatives and permitted only one change a day. Remember, you are not to touch or try to change your diapers. Beginning now, diapers are to be kepi uncovered in the house when being worn; How else will we know if they need changed. In addition we will be introducing other props into your life. Just enjoy, you will not be hurt in any way, well let me qualify that, your ass and your pride will suffer for sure. If you have questions, I am sure Hollie can answer them.''

''Hollie, I will allow you one hour of unsupervised play time with him. It is entirely up to you on how to use it or not to use it.''

'Yes ma'am.'

''Tommy, Hollie is still in charge. You have no classes tomorrow, so you will be expected to study, nurse and be a baby. That's all. No worries. Just enjoy the pampering.''

'Yes ma'am.'

''Hollie, go do something with him, but he stays in that diaper for 2 hours before a change. Now git you two.''

'Yes ma'am.' we replied.

Scampering upstairs, Hollie took immediate charge when we got to our room.

''Tommy listen carefully, Joyce said we were entitled to one hour of unsupervised play time. That means if we do things right, we can split that into 4-fifteen minute periods. So focus on the ends, not the means.'' Saying that, Hollie removed her blouse and guided me to another nursing session. All the while I nursed she continued to speak to me.

''The diapers will be easy to get used to if you think of them as alternative underwear. Wetting will be a little more difficult, but I know you can do it. The hardest thing will be messing. With the goal of 24 hours without diapers in mind as a reward, think about it. The next thing that you will have to get accustomed to are the spankings. Realize they are a punishment and supposed to hurt, so you will not repeat your errors. Also realize that if I am caught going easy on you, we would both regret it.''

As I was switching from one nipple to the other I asked, 'What is the purpose behind this?'

''The seminar that Joyce has contracted is more of a get together of Adult Babies and their partners. Each year a group of three couples sets it up with the three couples as hosts and 8-10 couples as guests. The guests have expressed desired that they are interested in this lifestyle and are invited. It is invitation only. Joyce will be showing her two new babies off that evening. Tonya will be available for couples to meet with and discuss the opportunities of hypnosis, both to further their play, or to help with weight loss or to quit smoking. As to what will be expected of the babies, they will have the easiest jobs there. Wet. Mess. Play. Wet some more and endure multiple diaper changes at the hands of the guests. One final thought for you, Joyce has a success record with her babies. They are always boy and girl, and end up married within 3 years.''

At that I turned and looked at her quizzically.

''Yes tommy, she plays matchmaker and is quite good at it. Don't worry, I am to be the girl baby to your boy baby.''

I continued my nursing knowing that if history was a guide, then the woman of my dreams would become my Adult Baby Wife.


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