College Days OR How I Became an ABDL

chapter 4: Morning surprise

The next morning found me wakening with a breast still in my mouth and my head resting on Hollie's rib cage. I think it was her stroking my hair that woke me up. As I looked up at her I realized that I had started to suckle again.

As I attempted to break away, Hollie told me, 'remember ten to fifteen minutes on each breast, multiple times each day. So stay still and we will get started as we will do every morning. Now when you finish we will go and prepare enemas to take. Then we will remove the plugs, take a series of enemas to clean us out, followed by new plugs being inserted. We will also have to clean and sanitize the plugs in us right now. I have your schedule and I have already taken both courses that you are registered for. That means I will also be your tutor. After class we will review class work, followed by a review of the mornings enema training, followed by additional enemas if necessary. I will tell you right now, as of now, every question I ask that you answer wrong will earn you 5 spanks at bedtime. I will start with my hand, and progress to hairbrush and paddle. I hope by Thursday that you will have a clear understanding of the pain/pleasure dynamic. Ok now switch to the other breast.'

Doing as I was told, I moved and latched onto the other breast. Suckling and thinking what had I gotten myself into? So far all the time I had spent with Hollie was positive. Now the real training was to begin. When I finished nursing, Hollie told me to wait in bed and she would be right back, I heard her in a muffled conversation that lasted a minute or two, then she returned.

'Ok follow me,' Hollie commanded. 'I have talked with Tonya and Joyce and here are the plans for today. Enema class, school classes, enema class. Followed by discipline session. After that we are free to do as we please.'

I just nodded my head. I was so entranced by Hollie, I would do anything to please her.

'We will start with a 2qt enema, using a standard red bag that you can buy at most pharmacies or medical supply stores. It comes with two nozzles, an enema and a douche nozzle. We will use the douche nozzle, as it gives for deeper penetration. The purpose of an enema is multi-fold. It can be for bowel cleansing, to assist in bowel movements, for pleasure, and to administer pain/discomfort. We will focus on bowel movement assistance for this session. A series of enemas usually define a session. This can vary from 1 enema to 4 or more. This morning we will go with three. Another aspect will include retention. Your body will need to hold the enemas in order to loosen/soften stool. Retention times can vary from 5 minutes to as long as the giver decides. Since we are time constrained I am going to do things differently than I will this afternoon. your first will be a 2 qt enema with 4 oz of liquid dish soap. Retention time 10 minutes.''

As she had been talking, Hollie filled a red bag with soap and tap water. She then screwed the hose connector in and hung the bag from the shower curtain rod. Next I was instructed to het on my hands and knees and put my chest to the floor. I felt her remove my plug and slide a greasy finger into me. I instantly became erect as she played with my prostate.

'We don't have time for that Tom,' she said as she removed her finger and slid the nozzle home.

Not a bad feeling, then the water flow started. Still not too bad, then a burning sensation hit me. Followed by intense cramps.

''Stop!!!'' I begged, ''Take it out, Hollie.'' I cried.

'I will stop the flow for a minute, but you will take and hold it for 10 minutes, with 1 additional minute for each time I stop.'

I agreed and she stopped the flow. She reached around me and rubbed my stomach, I thought she was reaching lower. After a few minutes she resumed the flow.

'This is a very soapy enema. Between the soap and the cramping, and feces will be loosened and made to evacuate when that time comes. Okay, all in, now we wait for twelve minutes.'

''Twelve, you said ten.''

'You owe me for the two minutes I paused. Don't argue with me, unless you want Tonya or Joyce to join us?'

That was something I definitely did not want. After 12 very painful and long minutes I was allowed to stand and rid myself of that enema. As I sat and evacuated my bowels, I watched Hollie rinse the bag and hose, clean and sanitize the nozzle. I tried to make mental notes of exactly what she did. Once she was done, she refilled the bag, reattached the tubing and hung the bag once again.

Turning to me Holly said, 'When ever you are ready Tom. You want the rinse out. Otherwise the soap will burn all day.'

Reluctantly I cleaned up and took my position on the floor once again.

As Hollie approached with the nozzle, Joyce entered the bathroom. Taking a whiff of the air she said, ''First rinse Hollie?''

'Yes ma'am.'

''Good, I will take over from here as there a few modifications I wish to make. Hollie, there are some items on the bed for Tom, which you will need to help him with.''

'Yes ma'am.'

''Tom, I have been approached by a group of students and faculty whom wish me to teach a private seminar. You will be participating as well. There will be a cash incentive that will be based on how convincing your performance is. Now no questions. And I expect full cooperation from you. What I am going to do now is insert 3 glycerin suppositories in you followed by your enema.''

And that is exactly what she did. Thankfully Hollie had lubricated me well before hand. When the bag was half empty, Joyce closed the clamp.

''Now Tom hold it in while I remove the nozzle.'' After removing the nozzle and with me squeezing my cheeks together as hard as I could, Joyce resumed. ''Now I am going to slide a plug in, do not let any fluid out.''

With that I felt something enter my ass. I would later find out exactly what it was.

Now taking me by the hand, Joyce placed a blindfold over my eyes and led me to the bedroom. I could hear both Hollie and Tonya in the room as well. ''Tom, we will begin dressing you and Hollie will help you finish. Then its breakfast and off to class. When you get home we will have a snack for you and then Hollie will continue with your education.''

As this was said, I was guided to the bed and placed upon my back on some strange material. At the smell of baby powder, I realized it must be a disposable diaper. Knowing this I began to come erect.

Seeing this Joyce remarked, ''Hollie, either take care of this or go get ice cubes to reduce the swelling.''

Hollie's 'Yes ma'am,' was followed by the exquisite feeling of her lips closing around the head of my cock, while her hands worked up and down on my shaft. In no time at all I shot my load into her warm mouth.

''Don't swallow Hollie, share it.''

The next thing I knew, Hollie was sharing, with me. Twice in 24 hours I have been eating my own ejaculate.

Swiftly Joyce and Tonya finished diapering me. Joyce explained, 'Tom, here is what is going to happen between now and when you return home after class. And you will not miss any class time. You have three suppositories that will start to cause some cramping. The plug in your ass is a tampon partially inserted, and coated in vaseline. Later on it will either slide or be forced out. Shortly after, your enema will release. You are in double diapers and Hollie has plastic pants as well for you. The diapers have been marked so I will know if they have been removed. You will wear them, you will use them. Now finish dressing and come down to breakfast.'

Joyce and Tonya left me with Hollie to finish dressing. Hollie had me stand so that she could slide the plastic panties up my legs. Hollie explained, '' If asked you will call these plastic panties not pants. Pants have a fly in them, panties do not. Understood?''

'Yes dear.' That response just seemed right.

She helped me with my jeans, saying, ''I knew Joyce would do this eventually, I managed to get your pants size from her, so these jeans should fit without showing too much of a diaper bulge.''

So now with me dressed for school, it down for breakfast we went. The noise from the diaper and plastic panties was quite noticeable to me. I ate in silence. Finishing my coffee, I grabbed my backpack with my laptop and books abd headed for the door.

Hollie stopped me long enough for a hug, kiss, and a whispered, 'Have fun.'


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