A land called ZITY

Intermission: The Ballad of Holly

I have decided to include the Ballad of Holly for posterity:

The Ballad of Holly

as Recorded by Sir Tommy

This is the story

about the maiden Holly

In all of Zity

None was as jolly.

Suitors came from near

Some came from afar

Most suitors left

With nary a scar.

Then came a Knight

From where naught knew

He stole Hollys heart

from out of the blue.

Their first visit

To Auntie Ruth

Betrayed much arrogance

for such a youth

Such a spanking

Did she recieve

From Sir Tommy

With no reprieve

And much to our chagrin

and much to our surprise

Sir Tommy she did wed

Right under all our eyes.

The story of maid Holly

Is one that shall never end

For those of us who knew her

Have hearts that shall never mend.


Firegirl911 3 years ago