A land called ZITY

chapter 17: Flushed and Pegged

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

So there we were, Holly and I, side by side. On our knees, holding hands. Taking our enemas from a large bucket, placed high on a shelf on the wall. Sharing said bucket, as we would come to share many things together, in the years to come. Our asses filled with special retention nozzles, inserted by out friend Bridgette, after a playful preparation period.

And who am I you ask? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her burns the flames that fuel my passion.

As the can drained I thought back upon some of the people we had met, and that I now considered friends. ZaBoots, the anal erotic bard; Anne4joy, the first lady of plugs; Bridgette, the purveyor of fine enema equipment. These were the first to come to mind given our current situation. And lets not forget those helpful lass at the church of the red bag. All in all, quite the collection od friends and acquaintances in such a short time. At about this time I heard a gurgle as the bucket emptied. Holly reacted first and closed the clamps to prevent any backflow. She then disconnected the hoses from the 'T' and began to rub my stomach and abdomen. I motioned her to lay upon her side so I could massage her as well. with the cramping under control, we began to feel a little frisky. Ok not a little frisky, a lot of frisky. Down right horny even. It had been over twelve hours since we made love.

Holly pushed me on my back and climbed atop me. Her legs across my shoulders, her distended belly resting on my chest. Looking at the sight before me, I leaned forward and began to lick. Running my tongue from nub to plug, tracing and teasing her lips. Meanwhile Hollie's lips and tongue were playing their own game upon my engorged shaft. We each continued to tease the other, bring one another to the edge, and then backing off. This continued for fifteen, then twenty minutes. And that stretched to thirty minutes, when Holly stopped, turned around and announced, ''Get this out of my arse, and let me empty out, and ye can claim my arse."

Who was I to argue? Getting to my feet, belly full and arse stuffed, I helped her to her feet. As she waddled to the chamber pot she remarked, 'Thou can keepest thine in for now. Once thee hast filled my arse with thy seed, I will permit thee to drain thy other end.'' Squatting over the bowl I reached behind and slowly and gently tugged at her plug. Slowly it began to come free. Then, with the pressure from within pushing on, out it came, followed by a torrent of water. As I arose to get Holly some towels to clean herself up with, she grabbed my arm, ''That is what Bridgette used on me?'' She asked.

''Yes, and I am afraid to see what she used on me.'' Was my reply.

'I shall have a talk with her about this, as she hath pushed thine limits and there will be a price to pay.' Holly stated indignantly, releasing my arm.

Continuing with my chore, I retrieved some clean towels for her and assisted her with her clean-up. Grasping my penis, she led me to our bed.

Getting on her hands and knees, she looked at me and said, "Now Sir Tommy, bury thy shaft deep in my arse.''

Even with out any lubricate, I slid easily into her warn, tight arse. Her muscles clenching me. My hands on her hips as I thrust in and out of her. Each of us at a near peak of excitement due to the earlier edging. As I felt myself getting closer and closer, I reached around her and began rubbing her nub, faster and faster, in a circular motion. Knowing my orgasm was moments away, I leaned forward ans ordered, ''NOW!''

And as she climaxed, so did I. As she collapsedin front of me, I struggled to stay upon my own feet. Knowing with my flooded belly I may never rise again. As I headed for the chamber pot and my own relief, Holly arose to assist me. Once in position she reached between the cheeks of my arse and began to withdraw that which plugged me. With a twist and a frim tug, it began its journey out. Once freed, there flowed a river that would rival a cesspool in odor. Thankfully and mercifully it ended after several minutes during which I thought I had passed my stomach as well. I was so weakened by this, combined with our love making, that Holly took charge in cleaning me and assisting me to bed.

'Take a nap my love, while I clean up our present and empty the chamber pots.' She requested.

Not having enough energy to do naught but nod my agreement, I was soon fast asleep. After what felt like only a few minutes, I later found out over two hours had elapsed, I was awaken by the sensation of fingers probing my arse. Half asleep I turned my head to see Holly, as she penetrated me with a third greasy digit. Now fully awake, I raised myself upon my hands and knees.

Now climbing to her knees, Holly displayed her favorite implement for my anal penetration. Extending from her clean shaven mound was 10 inches of bone-colored ivory. Polished smooth and bound to her loins by a series of bands of leather. I stared in awe. Holding this ivory tool with one hand as she coated it with more grease, I awaited my destiny. Having been flushed and the stretched by her fingers, I was ready, I hoped. Behind me Holly placed the head of this beast against me and began to enter me. Slowly and gently she eased it into me until I felt her body against mine.

WOW there was that feeling of fullness. That pleasure coming from the pain. I could feel her wiggle a bit to get more action upon her nub. A wiggle that was sent through me to my erection. Now comfortable she began her assault with long steady strokes, in and out. Knowing this was her time, I surrendered and let her control the ride. And ride she did, first at a trot, then a canter, then the gallop. Her hands never left my hips as she went through orgasm after orgasm, plowing my arse like a new field for seeding. Finally I could sense her tiring. She reached around and began stroking me in concert with her thrusts into me. In and out, up and down, faster and faster she went until we reached our final climaxes together.

Totally spent, I collapsed on the bed taking Holly and her toy with me. Neither of us could move, I just fell back asleep with her toy still filling me. Some time later, Holly must had awaken, for when I awoke later, she was asleep beside me. But my arse felt full, in a different way.

That minx had removed her toy and replaced it with a plug!!! I reached around her to find that she was plugged as well. I rolled her on her back and gently began to play with her nipples. As I continued she awoke and looked at me.

'You wish to play some more Sir Tommy?' Holly asked.

''No darling, there is still daylight left. I thought we could sup and discuss plans for the next few days.'' I replied.

'Can't we just sleep?' She whined.

''Whining and complaining is it to be then?''

'No Sir Tommy, ' She replied, hurrying to her feet, knowing that this was a mistake she would pay for later on.

As I watched that cute, plugged ass scurry into the kitchen, I couldn't help but realize how lucky I am...


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