A land called ZITY

chapter 16: Wedding Gifts

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

As I was awoken to sounds coming from the kitchen, I arose and gazed upon that beauty that was to be my wife. Holly was busy cooking, I draped a tunic over my head and wandered in to greet her. And to see where things would go from there.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. And within her burns a flame that fires the passions in that girl.

Placing my hands upon her waist, and nibbling on her neck. Inhaling the essence of flowers in her hair, she turned to me and said, 'Not now, we both overslept and the midday meal is almost ready.'

Spinning her to face me and after kissing her fully upon her rose red lips,

I said, ''I have just awaken from a mid-morn nap, for I was up and shopping while thee slept.'' Looking at me in disbelief, I pointed to the storage bins and said, ''go look.''

Recognizing my tone of voice she did so and stated, 'Thank you my fiancee, I shalt not fail in my household duties again.' Knowing that my shopping for today was for much more than food, I kept my mouth shut and let her contemplate her assumed error. As I turned to pour a cup of mead, Holly asked, 'Would thee like me to remove thy tail now Sir Tommy?'

I filled my cup and took a seat saying, ''After we sup will be fine my dear."

Now I knew she was confused, I did some shopping, with the tail-plug in, and did not seem to be in a hurry to remove it. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten about it. As we sat and began our meal, I decided to turn up the heat for Holly. Closely watching her face. "Darling, I met a mutual friend today whom thanked me for her visit yesterday. Wouldst thou like to tell me exactly what you did?'' Her face turned bright red as I continued, '' and please leave out naught in details for Tonya was quite detailed.'' I knew I had her now, and as we ate she recounted every moment of her punishment of the lass yesterday. When she finished I remarked, ''I have but a few questions for thee, and think carefully before you answer. Did you leave anything out?''

'No Sir Tommy.'

''Did you enjoy yourself?'' This one brought forth an even darker blush.

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''And would you enjoy it if someone treated you as such, on ocassion?''

As her eye drifted to her plate she whispered, 'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''And finally, would you like to do this again?'' By now her face was as red as a rose in full bloom.

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

With that our conversation drifted to other mundane things as we finished our meals. Helping Holly clean up,(yes I am domesticated)we were surprised by a knock at our door. I watched as Holly opened the door and greeted Bridgette with a curtsy. This was a shock to me as she had deferred to no one since I had met her.

Holly turned and said, 'Sir Tommy, this is my friend Bridgette, her father is a prince of the realm.'

Well that explained the curtsy. And it looked like Holly did know everyone in Zity. As this ran thru my mind I strode over and bowed, brushing my lips over her hand and said, ''My pleasure my lady.''

At this Bridgette busted out giggling, then full blown laughter, unable to maintain a straight face any longer I turned to Holly and said, ''We met while shopping this morn.'' That will teach Holly to sleep so late.

Bridgette, with her laughter now under control, turned to me and said, '''I have your purchases with me. Might I assist thee in the setup and aide the in the initial use?'''

Since I did not know if Holly knew what Bridgette did for a living, (she didn't), I agreed.

Holly looked at the two of us not knowing what we had cooked up. Trying to pry some information from Bridgette, she asked her, 'What are thee doing these days?'

'''Oh, you know me, a little of this, a little of that.''' Then turning to me Bridgette said, '''Sir Tommy, thee mentioned naught of your betrothed being the lovely Holly. You are a lucky man.'''

''I am very lucky, for it was she who found me.''

With that she began giving Holly orders to prepare things for her demonstration.

'''Holly, fill your largest pot with water and bring it to a hot temperature. While that heats I shall need soap, towels and some butter or grease.'''

It must have been that regal tone for Holly jumped to comply. Bridgette then placed the package she had been carrying on the table and began unwrapping it. Placing a smaller package to the side she began assembling the bucket, hoses and connectors.

Watching her I asked. ''What is the bucket for?''

'''Sir Tommy, when you gave me the address to deliver, I remembered it was that of my friend Holly. Knowing her love of enemas, especially the bigger the better, I knew the two of you would need a system with the maximum capacity. This bucket will hold up to 4 gallons if need be. I also included enough hoses, connectors and standard nozzles to allow up to four persons to be hooked up at one time. Consider it an early wedding gift.'''

''My Lady, I am stunned by your generosity, and we thank you.''

Bridgette then continued her assembly of the system.

About this time Holly returned and joined us. 'The water will be heated shortly. Is this what I think it is?' Holly asked, placing soap, towels and grease upon the table.

'''Yes Mistress Holly, your betrothed came by the shop where I work and purchased all this for thy pleasure. ''' Looking around the room Bridgette eyed a sturdy shelf attached to the wall. '''Sir Tommy if thee shall remove everything from yon shelf, I believe the bucket, once filled, shall go there. Holly please close the drapes and make sure the door is secured.'''

As we scampered to complete out tasks, Bridgette picked up the bar of soap and strode into the kitchen. Producing a small knife, she began to shave the bar of soap into the steaming water. Grabbing a wooden spoon she used it to stir the soapy concoction. The scent of lavender began to fill our home.

'''Sir Tommy, if you will pour this into the bucket, we can then begin.'''

I picked up a cloth in each hand to protect them from the heat. Lifting it, I carried it to the table and carefully poured it into the bucket. The essence of lavender was everywhere.

Bridgette then continued in her regal tone, '''Sir Tommy, place the bucket on the shelf, then return here. Mistress Holly, place the towels on the floor below the bucket.''' We each raced to comply. Returning Bridgette the informed us, '''STRIP, and on thy hands and knees upon yon towels!!!'''

As we did as we were told, she continued, '''Elbows on the towels, rest thy heads upon thy arms, facing one another.''' Then looking us over she remarked, '''This will not do. These plugs are cute, but must go.''' Stepping behind Holly she grasped the base of the plug and slowly removed it from her. Stepping over to me she observed, '''Cute tail Sir Tommy.''' (I still wonder what exactly she meant by that). And proceeded to remove mine as well.

She then picked up the earthen ware pot of grease and approached up. '''As these are special nozzles for special friends, I will assist in thy preparation and insertion. These nozzles, Holly, are designed to assist in retention.''' And with that she began to rub some grease slowly around my rosebud. I could feel the tip of her finger circling around and around, then the tip of her finger slowly entered me. Just to the first knuckle. Then the finger was removed. I waited a moment then I felt the greasy finger reenter me. '''Push back,''' she said, '''Try to expel my finger.''' As I did so, her finger slid all the way in me. She then began working it in and out. Twisting and rotating her finger as it thrust in and out of my ass. She stopped for a moment and removed her finger. Then it was back with even more grease. Now relaxed, and loosened up, she slid a second greasy finger into me. Again she worked her fingers in and out, twisting and stretching me wider and wider. After several minutes of this, out came her fingers to be replaced by the nozzle. Wow what a sensation, the head was as big as her fingers had been. At least that's how it felt. She slowly slid it further and further into me. I felt some relief as the head slid deeper and my anus shrunk around the shaft. That was a short-lived feeling as the shaft got larger rather quickly. Stretching me further than I had evey been stretched before. Just when I thought I could stretch no further, it was in.

Holly, who had been watching my face and what she could see of what was happening asked, 'Are thee okay honey?'

I looked into her eyes thru my watering eyes, this was the first time she had called me anything aught Sir Tommy; ''Yes my dear, I am fine now.''

With a slap on my ass, Bridgette turned to Holly, '''Your turn my dear.'''

I couldn't see her face, but something in her voice told me she was going to enjoy preparing Holly.

I could see naught of what was happening behind Holly. All I could see were the emotions upon her face. Surprise. Pain. Pleasure. Pain again. Then more Pleasure. So much Pleasure that I thought she was about to climax.

It was naught until later that Holly recounted the events: 'At first I felt the cold grease and the tip of her finger. It swirled around and around my anus. Then sh slowly entered me. Sliding that finger tip in and out, adding more and more grease until penetrating me fully. As she loosened me she sat the container of grease down to free her other hand. Withdrawing her greasy finger it was replaced by not by one greasy finger but by two. Those two fingers were stretching me, filling me as they twisted and danced within me. Then her free hand joined in, rubbing my nub. Bringing me closer and closer then stopping. She had me so frustrated, so horny. She continued to tease me as she removed her violating fingers and replaced them with the head of the nozzle. Where she found such a large to I know naught. It was painful as it stretched me going in, and very filling once in. I thought that was it, then the base arrived to stretch me even further. The pain from this combined with the pleasure from her hand on my nub almost put me over the edge. She played me like a fiddle.'

With both nozzles firmly seated, Bridgette announced, '''I shalt now begin the flow. There is only about a gallon and a half in the bucket. You are not to stop until the bucket is empty. I shall now bid you a good day.'''

With that Bridgette opened the valve and the warm soapy began its journey into us. Hearing the door close as Bridgette left, I reached and took Holly's hand into mine.


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