A land called ZITY

Chapter 10: That Same Evening

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

As I sat soaking in the claw footed tub, while Holly continued to fill it, I looked back on the events of the last few days. While spanking Holly and requiring her to submit was something I enjoyed, that which we saw the following day was still too much to absorb. And the events that were just concluded, contained aspects I found enjoyable, as well as some that were quite painful.

Oh, excuse me. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betroathed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And those hips...but I digress.

Holly hath finished filling the tub and joined me. Having never bathed with another person in such an intimate setting, I leaned back and rested my neck in a cutout in the edge of the tub that seemed designed for my neck. The warm water and oils were both soothing and the scent of lavender was relaxing. I felt Holly pull my legs towards her as she placed her legs over mine. Stretching us both out horizontally, necks resting on the edge, she reached between us until we were joined as one.

After what I had been through, I thought I was spent. But under her guidance and manipulation I rose to the occasion. As we lie there, gently sliding together and apart, I gazed upon her and realized how blessed I truly am. There were no words spoken between us, each knew what the other needed or wanted. After many minutes I reached for her hands and pulled us into a mutual seated position, with her straddling me. I placed my hands upon her waist as she wrapped hers around my neck. Grasping my head she pulled me into a toe-curling kiss. With that kiss, she began to increase the pace of our coupling. I slid my hands up and cupped her breasts. My thumbs and forefingers seeking those sensitive nipples. Finding their goal they began to pinch, pull and twist her nipples. As Holly's breathing became faster, she broke our kiss and throwing her head back, screamed in orgasmic joy. As she did , my hands again slid to her waist to both support her, and to give me purchase so I too could join her. Which I did.

As we separated I looked upon her grinning face, ''What?'' I asked.

'Didst thou have a good time with Nicole?' She queried.

Laughing I responded, ''There were some things I enjoyed, others I did not. And how much of this did you plan out with her?''

'Sir Tommy, The enemas, I knew were coming as that is a regular part of the punishment. The 'figging' with the ginger was something new. Something I shall remember for her next trip Auntie R. The retention time, we were doomed for there was no way I could hold for an hour. As for her final idea, that was pure Nicole. And something I believe she has wished to try for a long time. I also wish to thank you, my beloved, for being such a good sport.'

''We survived and no harm was done, even though I may walk with a strange gait for a few days. It hast given me ideas for thou in the weeks and months to come. As for Nicole, I may have to talk with Aunt R and take over her punishment sessions as well. If that meets with your approval my love?''

'You mean you would punish both Nicole and I? Together? Separately?'

''That would depend on you, my love, and would need Aunt R's approval. But yes, I would punish you both.''

'I would like that. And if it was just Nicole to be punished, could I help?'

''Easy girl, let me talk to Aunt R and see what she says. Are you seeking a submissive of your own?''

'I don't think of carrying it that far, yet. But the idea has merit. Hummm.'

''You naughty vixen, come here!!!'' And so I pulled her into my arms, her back against my chest. I was able to run my fingers all over her body. Caressing. Seeking. Petting. While nibbling on her ear lobes. As her hands reached for my shaft yet again, I pulled her tighter against me. My arm around her under her breasts, my legs wrapped over hers. I used my free hand to slide down her tummy to find that nub at the joining of her nether lips. I slowly began to trace my fingers round and around that special place.

'Ohh please Sir, faster, faster,' Holly begged, in vain.

For I was in total control and had no plans to end this soon.

"No my love, for once I have you in my total control and will draw your pleasure from you when I so choose.''

Flustered, she again tried to reach for my shaft. Failing in that, she then began using the muscles of her bottom to stroke and excite me. I adjusted my hold around her so I could grasp her right nipple. Already proudly erect, it was an easy target. I used my thumb and forefinger to roll the nipple between them. Then tugging, then rolling back and forth. Thankfully I have learned that Holly's nipples are a trigger to her orgasms and attention to them can be used to distract her. I now had her full attention as I played with her nipples with one hand, and gently rubbed her nub with the other. As I increased the pressure and speed upon her clitoris, she grabbed the sides of the tub with both hands. Seeing and felling her begin to tense up, I stop my pleasuring of her and hold her tight.

'Why did you stop? I was getting so close.'

''I know, and I intend to make this last.'' Now that she had calmed down, I resumed my nipple play and massaging her nub. In slow circles I massaged her nub until once again her breathing changed and her body began to tense. I stopped.

'DAMN IT Tommy, quit teasing me.'

''What didst thou say Holly? Didst thou DAMN me?''

'I am sooo sorry Sir Tommy, I was so close and forgot myself. Please forgive me.'

''We will discuss this later.'' Ok so I was having fun. I resumed my massaging and nipple play. This time I changed this up by playing just long enough for Holly to perk up and then I stopped. As soon as she began to complain, I was back at it. Only now I had a plan. I was rubbing and massaging her nub with my finger tips in a circular motion. Faster and harder I went. Holly tensing in my arms. I slowed enough for her to be aware and then I began rubbing again. This time with the palm of my hand as I slid first one then a second finger into her wet slit. As she approached her climax I pinched her nipplt, bit her ear lobe and slid a third finger into her simultaneously.


Her ear shattering scream was music to my ears. I held her tight as she went limp in my arms. Like a kitten she purred. Finally, had I tamed her? Or was it just for now? After several minutes she began to stir. Twisting to face me, we kissed passionately.

Breaking the kiss she stared into my eyes, reached for the soap and a rag, and began bathing me. At first like a mother to a baby, but really more as one lover to another. We stood to give each other better access to our bodies. She washed every nook and cranny, each part of me was given loving attention.

As she finished, I took the cloth and began to return the attention. As I soaped her breasts I ignored the nipples and began to soap and wash further down. Once I felt her response to my hands on her waist and hips, I took a nipple in my mouth and began to lick and sucked upon it. First one then the other, all the while my hands were soaping and caressing her belly and thighs. Feeling her responding to my licks, I pulled my face away and focused on cleaning her hips, buttocks and legs. Once finished we helped one another sit again in the tub to rinse the soap off. Then reaching for her left let I placed it against my chest and began soaping it. I took my time and eventually moved to her other leg. Now finished we soaked a few moments longer, rose and grabbed towels to begin drying ourselves. Stepping from the tub, I assisted Holly out as well. I took her towel and began to pat her down, alternating between pats and kisses, I worked my way down her body. pausing only for a few seconds to pay additional attention to her breasts and nipples. I worked my way down her body, kissing and patting my way to her feet.

Standing I took her into my arms and carried her to our bed. As I laid her down and moved between her legs, she looked at me and asked, 'What are you doing now Sir Tommy?'

I looked up at her and responded, ''There is one place I forgot to wash, and now I am going to do so.'' And with that I burried my tongue deep into her cleft. As my tongue slid in and out of her, I placed first one leg then the other upon my shoulders. Accomplishing this, I reached around her to begin rubbing her nub. Wanting to make her reach her orgasm quickly, I worked my tongue up and down her lips, alternating with thrusts into her center. Feeling her approaching rapture I slid a finger into her arse. The shock and pleasure too her over the edge. I continued to lick up her juices and place soft kisses about her inner thighs. This continued for several minutes until she once again spoke.

'Enough Sir Tommy, I have one final request of thee ere we sleep.'

Removing her legs from my shoulders I asked, ''What is thy desire my love?''

Coming to her feet, saying, 'one moment'. She left our sleeping area. Returning shortly she presented me with a plug and holding a tin of grease she asked, 'Wouldst thou fill me for the eve Sir Knight?'

Looking into her eyes, I agreed taking the plug and grease and instructed her to bend over for me. Lubing the plug, and then sliding one greased finger followed by as second, she opened easily at my touch. Feeling she was sufficiently lubed and opened I slid the plug home.

Turning she bent down to kiss me, asking, 'Wouldst thou like one as well Sir Tommy?'

I looked at her and feeling the love flowing from her I agreed. She returned with a second plug, had me get on my hands and knees and began preparing my arse. First one greasy finger entered me. Moving in and out, twisting and wiggling as it did so. Then came the second finger. Moving together and then apart; like snakes with minds of there own. Then to my surprise, entered a third finger. WOW, I felt full, stretched and excited at the same time. In and out worked her fingers, playing their game within me. And then a moment of emptiness, replaced almost immediately by a feeling of unbelievable fullness. Combined with a stretching pain as the plug slid home. And then she was done. We wiped the lube from our fingers and snuggled close as sleep overcame us both.


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