A land called ZITY

Chapter 11: Surprise

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

I awoke to the smells and sounds of bacon frying, potatoes sizzling and eggs being cracked. Arising, I dressed in a tunic and approached my fiancee from behind. She was dressed in naught but an apron, which left her assets in plain view. Placing my hands around her waist and nibbling on an earlobe, I was told, 'Keep it up and breakfast will burn.' I'm dense at times, but not stupid.

Oh, excuse me. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betroathed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes.

So with that warning from Holly, I sat and awaited my breakfast. As I sat and waited, I was easily distracted by the sight in front of me. My wife to be, with her buttocks in clear view. Each time she bent for something, the end of her plug came into view, a reminder that mine was also firmly lodged in my arse. She served up our food and we sat to eat. We had a light-hearted discussion about the pleasure of communal bathing, and decided that would become a common ritual for us. Just as we finished eating there was a firm knock at the door. A quick look at Holly told me that she was not expecting anyone. I rose and opened the door to see a furiously looking Auntie R. As I bade for her to enter she did so dragging another person by the arm. It took me a moment to realize that I knew this person as well, it was My L... friend. She had tears running down her cheeks and obviously had been and still was crying.

Aunt R then began to explain, 'I know thee are a friend of this lady. Like thy betrothed, this one needs occasional corrective discipline. The person whom normally adjusts her attitude has been unable to do so and that task has fallen unto me. After seeing how thee handled Holly, I believe thee can handle her as well. Her name is Tonya, thee may call her as thy wish. If thee handles her as well as thee did Holly, then Tonya will report to thee each week for her correction and attitude adjustment, until such time as her regular Dom is available.'

Stunned, I looked at these two woman and spoke, "Holly, Strip Tonya, I want her in the corner, hands on her head now!!" Turning to Aunt R. I offered her a seat and continued, "Aunt R has thou broken thy fast?''

'Yes, Sir Tommy, I am fine, Thank you.'

"Then how many is she due, with what implement and what limits?' I asked.

'She is due fifty with the implements of thy choice, in any manner thou chooseth. If she fails to follow thy instructions, thee may adjust that number accordingly. As to her limits, no permanent damage or marks; no branding, no scarring. Her safe word is unicorn.'

''And as to the second day of punishment?''

'That Sir Tommy, I leavest that to thy imagination. As I have heard, Nicole had some fun with thee.' As I blushed Auntie R continued, 'Ask Holly and then Nicole for help if thou needest it.'

I now turned to Tanya and spoke to her for the first time, 'Tanya, approach me and look into my eyes. Tonya, thou are due 50 more by my hand. This will be the first time I hast struck thee, these 50 will not be the last for they are being given out of love and to correct you. The first 30 will be in groups of ten, followed by a short break. Each stroke will be announced with the number followed by: Thank You Sir for correcting me. Failure to do so and we start that group over again. Does thee understand?"

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''Any refusal of thy punishment will result in a visit with Master D's paddle. Is that understood?''

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''Once positioned, I wish to hear nothing from thee but thy counting and thanks.'' I took my seat upon a tall stool. Holly placing a step stool for my feet. ''Across my lap, finger tips to touch the floor.'' With Tonya draped across my lap, I admired the work that Aunt R had already done. As I got a feeling for Tonya's breathing pattern, I waited until she had taken a breath and then:

'''SMACK''' Directly on the top of her right thigh.

'ONE Thank You Sir for correcting me.' No sooner did she finish than;

'''SMACK''' Directly on the top of her left thigh.

'TWO Thank You Sir for correcting me.' I could feel her tense in anticipation of my next stroke, so I paused, she relaxed and.

'''SMACK''' Back on the left thigh again.

'THREE Thank you Sir for correcting me.'

This continued for the total of ten swats, five on each thigh. At the end of the tenth stroke I instructed Tonya, ''Stand with thy hands upon thy head and compose thyself. We shall continue in a moment.''

Tonya was helped to her feet by Holly and stood with her hands on her head. A fine, proud figure of a woman she was. I stood to stretch my legs for a moment and Aunt R approached me.

'It appears thou hast the situation well in hand Sir Tommy. I shall now take leave of thee. Some day thee shall have to visit me, for I wouldst enjoy spanking thee. ' With a smile Aunt R added, 'A good day unto thee.'

''And a good day unto thee as well Aunt R, but do not plan on my visit anytime soon.''

And so she left, leaving me to finish dealing with Tonya. As I returned to my seat, I turned all my attention to Tonya. ''Tonya, since thou are being spanked as a child, I shall strip thee of thy name and call thee 'lass'. Assume the position!''

With Holly's help, she was once again draped across my lap. I gazed upon her derrière, thighs red, buttocks rosy, and chose where to work next.

'''SMACK''' Directly on the crease where the left leg meets the bottom.

'ONE Thank You Sir for correcting me.' Immediately I swung again.

'''SMACK''' On the exact same spot.

'TWO Thank You Sir for correcting me.'

I continued this until I had hit both sides five times each. Her tears were freely flowing now as Holly once again helped her to her feet. Again stretching my legs, and resting my hand, I got a drink of water. Returning to my seat again, I looked into Tonya's eyes and knew she held no ill will towards me. I knew that these next thirty would scar my heart. And I could be no more lenient towards her than I had been with Holly. ''Assume the position, this will be the third set of ten.'' Again observing the colors presented unto me, I chose to darken the fleshiest part of her bottom.

'''SMACK''' 'ONE Thank You Sir for correcting me.'

And thus it continued until once more a set of ten was completed.

As Tonya once again was helped to her feet, I noticed the moisture flowing freely down the inside of her thighs. Was she excited? Did she wet herself? I looked to Holly and said, ''Get a towel and wipe her thighs.''

'Yes Sir.' Holly replied grabbing a coarse rag and quickly cleaned the lass up. By now her face was red from crying and from the embarrassment.

Regaining my seat, I looked at Tonya, ''Lass, if thee cannot hold thy water, I may need to send thee home in diapers on the morrow.'' Her eyes got wide, and for a moment I thought she would argue or use her safe word. But surprisingly she just awaited further instruction. ''We are now down to the final twenty. For which I will give thee a choice: Two more sets of ten, done exactly as we have done thus far; or the final twenty delivered as I choose, with all thee hast to do is count the number struck. Lose count and the twenty starts again. Your choice lass.''

'I chose the single group of twenty Sir Tommy.'

''Holly, bring me that rag.'' Taking the rag I folded it into quarters, it was quite damp. ''Lass, thee hast chosen the group of twenty, thee wilst take this clothe between thy teeth. Thou shalt still be required to count the strokes. Drop the clothe and it shall be replaced, the count will start over, and five additional strokes will be added. Are thee ready lass?''

Nodding yes, I instructed her to open her mouth and placed the rag between her teeth. I next instructed her to assume the position. As she did so I added one final instruction, ''Hands behind thy back.'' With her balanced thus, draped across my lap, I began my assault. Knowing Holly would let me know if Tonya lost countI focused on delivering twenty additional to her thighs.





Working left and right, I drove home the first ten blindingly fast. Looking at Holly I asked, ''Have we any ginger root left?''

Holly replied, 'Yes, Sir....' Only to be interrupted by Tonya; '''No, Please not that.'''

I lifted Tonya from my lap and stared into her face, ''Art thou refusing thy punishment?''

'''No Sir Tommy, just anything, but no ginger.'''

''Since this is thy first visit with me lass I will be lenient. No ginger today, but thee has dropped thy rag and owe me those ten again, plus five additional. Understood?''

'''Yes Sir Tommy.'''

''Holly place towels upon the table and put the lass upon them on her stomach. Then I shall continue.''

Once in position I then told Holly, ''Blindfold her.'' From the look I got from Holly, I knew the neither one had any idea of what I was going to do.

Now with those preparations completed, I walked to the closet where I had previously placed a birch branch. This was for Holly if the need arose, but I had a use for it now.

''Lass, thou may scream and cry, you will need not count. However, any attempt to move from the table and I will drag you to Master D as thou art. Is this understood?''

She only nodded in agreement. I began with five strong strokes across her bottom. Her cries were deafening. Leaving a criss-cross of red lines. Three from upper left to bottom right, and two from bottom left to upper right. Stopping to admire my work, I counted in my head, planning. The next six did the same to her left thigh, six additional did the same to her right thigh. Now I added one additional to her bottom, from lower left to upper right. Now I had symmetry on both her thighs and bottom. Seven to go.

I now instructed Holly to place the lass upon her back. This took time for it was quite painful for the lass. Once done I placed two strokes across her breasts above the nipple and a further two below.

With three strokes remaining I now told Holly to spread the lasses legs, one on each side of the table. Holly did as instructed and I could see the fear on the faces of both women.

Reaching into my pocket, I removed the flogger that Aunt R had slipped me. Seeing this, Holly believed she knew what was coming. Poor Tonya had no idea. Taking a firm grip and careful aim, I snapped the flogger forward. Rapidly hitting Tonya directly on her nub and nether lips. She screamed, sat upright and climaxed all at once from the pain and pleasure.

My task completed I took her into my arms and held her until she calmed.

I told Holly to get the cold cream and tend to the lass. Then diaper her, feed her, give her 30 minutes of corner time and then put her to bed.

As Holly went to gather her supplies, Tonya recovered enough to stand and approach me. Tonya dropped to her knees and called to Holly, ''Mistress Holly, may I properly thank Sir Tommy?''

Holly looked at her, then at me. Then paused for a moment. 'Yes Tonya this once only.'

Lifting my tunic, she took my shaft into her mouth. Licking and sucking upon it until I had climaxed and grown soft. As I helped her to her feet she spoke, 'Thank yee Sir Tommy, If I had known this about thee when we first met, I might have kept thee for myself. Mistress Holly, He will make thee fine husband.'

At that I went to finish dressing, while Holly took care of Tonya. Dressed, I decided i needed some time to clear my mind and informed Holly that the lass was in her charge and I would return later. What happened in my absence, well that's another story...


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