A land called ZITY

Chapter 9: Home at Last???

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

Arriving home, Holly told me to go inside and wait while she went to fetch Nicole. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betroathed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. Her nipples...ahhhh I digress. So here I sit waiting for Holly's return and knowing not of things to come.

Hello again, Sir Tommy, my husband is allowing me to add portions to his chronicle. My entries are being added years after the events and are as close to actual as I can recall. This part I recall quite easily as I received such attention from Nicole each week after my visits to Auntie R, and Nicole's help waned once my husband took charge of all aspects of my discipline. However there were still occasions when Nicole helped me when Sir Tommy was not around.

I walked up to the hut where Nicole lived, knocking, the door was opened by a buxom red head with the most sparkling emerald green eyes, narrow waist and full hips. Her freckled face smiled as she greeted me, "Hello Holly, been anywhere special?"

'Yes, I have been to Auntie R's with Sir Tommy; and I need you to finish my punishment.'

"And what of Sir Tommy?"

'I wish him to participate fully. With me.'

"Does he know what that entails?"

Holly giggles, 'No, but he will shortly.'

"Let me grab my things and I will with thee shortly."

And so I walked home to my husband-to-be to await Nicole's arrival.

A short time passed and the door opened, revealing Holly, bathed in sunlight. She came and sat beside me, saying, 'Nicole shall be with us shortly. I wish you to endure this part of my punishment as well as learn to administer it in the future.'

"If it is important to thee, then thy request is my command."

As we finished talking, there was a knock at the door and Holly rose and admitted Nicole. Wow, what a breath taking beauty.

Before I could speak, Nicole took control of the conversation with, 'Sir Tommy, I am Nicole and I am here to complete Holly's punishment. It is my understanding that you are to receive the same punishment so that you will be able to do it thyself in the future; Is that correct?'

"Yes Ms Nicole that is correct, that which Holly is to receive, I am to receive the same."

'Then lets begin, Please remove all thy clothing while I set things up.'

Holly and I did as asked, and after a few minutes Nicole returned and began giving us instructions, 'Take these towels and get on thy hands and knees, then lower thy head to rest upon thy arms with thy rears skyward.'

Doing as requested Holly and I were soon in position.

Nicole continued, 'Sir Tommy these are punishment enemas. Each is only two quarts, yet they are very, very soapy and will be difficult to retain. You will be both given them at the same time. Sir Tommy you will be expected to hold it for twenty minutes. Holly since you missed two sessions, you will hold for one hour. If either fails to hold the allotted time, then both shall be punished further. I have two hour-glasses, one for each of you. The time start once I remove your nozzles. There is to be no talking. Do you understand?'

We both replied yes and Nicole approached us nozzles in hand. Going to Holly first she took either butter or grease and lubricated her ass then slid the nozzle home. Then it was my turn. I felt her fingers penetrate me, one at first followed by a second. Holly and I looked at each other, Nicole kept playing with my arse. Then I felt the nozzle slide home, Nicole checked to make sure it was in place then spoke fot the first time in a few minutes.

'I shall now remove the clamps and let the flow begin, remember there is to be no talking except in response to any questions I ask.'

And the water began to flow. I was to later learn that these nozzles had large openings and the tubing was large as well; allowing for a rapid flow. It was so soapy, I could tell by Hollys tears that this was bad. In just over a minute the bags were empty and Nicole approached us from behind.

'Now comes my favorite part. Holly I am changing things today, to assist you both in holding your water, I have prepared ginger plugs for each of you.'

Not understanding, I looked at Holly, she was shaking her head. In moments I felt Nicole slide the plug into me and then Holly and then she started the timers.

Ohhhh, the pain and burning, all my insides were aflame and my arse burned even hotter. I had to squeeze the plug to make sure I held out and that was very painful. I could not imagine what it was like for Holly, and she had to retain for 3 times the amount of time I did. Nicole, with what I thought was an evil grin had placed the hourglasses directly in front of us to watch each grain of sand slowly move from top to bottom. Then cramping and the burning had sweat pouring from both our faces. I stared at the hourglass wondering if I could complete my allotted time. I held on for as long as I thought I could and then the pain, burning and cramps became too much and I launched the ginger plug like a cork across the room. Knowing we were beaten, Holly likewise released hers. Twin jets of soapy dirty water poured forth. We rose up and raced to chamber pots to relieve any that remained.

As we sat I whispered to Holly, ''What will Nicole do now?''

'With both of us I know not.'

Having completed our emissions and with asses burning inside and out we returned and were told to clean up our mess. It took a little while as we sprayed quite a bit and we were still quite sore from the enemas. Completing this task we again approached Nicole to find out what she had instore for us next.

'You failed to complete you task of holding your enemas, so there is one final punishment. When I heard of you betrothal Holly, I knew my days of punishing you were drawing to a close. I hoped you would get Sir Tommy to join you today, for I have a truly devilish surprise for thee. Holly get on you hands and knees. That's a good girl. Now Sir Tommy, Holly, here is what is going to happen. Sir Tommy is going to bugger you Holly, and I am going to use you ivory toy to bugger him. You will both feel the ginger burn a little more as I have rubbed the ivory with ginger so Tommy feels it in his arse as well as upon his shaft in your arse.'

''You are truly an evil person Nicole, ''I said.

'This will continue until Sir Tommy has deposited his seed, and I will control the pace. So enjoy the ride you two.''

With that I felt Nicole enter me as Holly had done not so many days ago, and I entered Holly. There was the initial warmth followed by a stinging sensation on my shaft, this quickly built to a burning sensation. It forced me in and out as if I was trying to rub something off of me. I could not use long strokes as I was crowded from behind by Nicole. She was feeding the ginger coated ivory phallus into my anus, forcing me deeper into Holly. Sandwiched between these two lovely ladies, I was being painfully taken as I sodomized my lover.

It suddenly came upon me, my solution to this situation. I began to force myself back onto Nicole's tool, gaining room for longer strokes into Holly. In doing so I gained the leverage to control the action. I could feel Holly squeezing my shaft with her sphincter muscle. I reached around her and began massaging her nub. I could feel the excitement building in her. I began to thrust harder and faster. My arse filled with pain and pleasure. My shaft tingling and burning. With one more thrust I exploded, sending my seed into Holly's back passage.

As I fell onto Holly, spent, Nicole commented, 'It looks like I am done here. If you need any assistance with Holly in the days to come, just ask. I am sure that I can come up with some ideas for one or both of you.' And with that Nicole removed the ivory phallus, adjusted her skirt and left us.

As I withdrew from Holly, the cool air that greeted me revived the tingling of the ginger, but only mildly. I stood and helped my lover to her feet, asking, "How do you feel?"

'I feel absolved of my misdeeds, yet need one final act to complete things. I need to have my misdeeds washed away as well.'

"What meanest thou?''

Holly took me by the hand and giggled, 'Come bathe with me and cleanse my body as thou hast cleansed my soul.' She then led me to a large claw footed tub and began filling it with hot water and oils. The scent of lavender filled the air. She bade me to sit and soak as the tub filled. Shortly the tub was full and she joined me. What we did then, Well that's for the next chapter.


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