A land called ZITY

Chapter 8: The Following Day

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

The new morning broke over the hamlet where we were staying. I awoke to the sunlight streaming through the window. Beside me lay my betrothed, Holly. She who is the love of my life, and my guide thru this strange and mysterious land of Zity. As for me, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty, a knight travelling and searching for I know not. As I have stated, I have seen and experienced many things. I know not what lies in my future, so I live each day to its fullest.

Rising to my feet, I gazed down upon Holly. The sun reflecting off her jet-black hair. There was a glow about her. Thinking back of how we met, and how quickly we knew we were right for one another. I still blush at the thought of when and where I proposed. Taking my time dressing, as I had no plans for the day, I wandered thru the hut. I was amazed at the strops, straps, belts, switches and paddles Aunt R had on hand. Hearing sounds from the bed I turned to see Holly stirring. As I approached the bed I could see tears streaming from her eyes. Reaching her I queried, "Why the tears?"

Sobbing she replied, 'Take it out, it hurts me so.' Holly then turned and bent over. Thrusting her bottom at me, 'Please remove it, I shalt be in thy debt.'

Being a Knight, I could not refuse a damsel in distress, even a distress of her own making. Sliding my hands down her back to her pinkish ass, I told Holly, "Grab your cheeks and pull them apart."

She looked over her shoulder at me and complied. Despite the look she gave me, I reached between her cheeks and grasp the base of the plug. "This will be painful and difficult to remove. I will have to go slow. Are you ready?"

'Yes my love, please take it out.'

Pulling at the plug, there was very little initial movement. I told Holly to push. Between the two of us the plug began it return journey, stretching her rosebud wider and wider. Then suddenly the widest part was out and the plug now slid easily from her. I took it as placed it aside while gazing at her rosebud, so open. Holly stood and began to dress.

'Thank You Sir Tommy, I shalt reward thou later.'

Now that was a reward I planned on collecting.

With both of us dressed we exited the hut and headed to a common kitchen/dinning area for our breakfast. I noticed Holly moving a little gingerly, but said naught. We sat and were brought food and beverage, as we ate we began to discuss our plans for today. I asked, "Holly, what hast thou planned for us today?"

'I thought we would travel to the next hamlet and observe some of the activities there.'

"And what type of activities are these, and will either of us be required to participate?"

'Remember Sir Tommy, in Zity, all participation is voluntary. So there is no requirement, that will be a choice either or both of us will make at the time.'

"And after that?"

'Sir Tommy, time permitting this afternoon or this evening, I would like for thou to givest me an enema. I will teachest thou how to do so, so that the benefit I recieve from it is maximized. Normally I get one either before or after my session with Auntie R.'

"I believest that I can accomodate thou."

As I attempted to get more information about today from her, with a twinkle in her eye she said, 'Wait and see.'

I hate surprises. We finished eating and looked for Aunt R to pay our respects and to bit her farewell. She was no where to be found, so we collected our things and began our travels to the next hamlet.

it was not a long journey, about a half-hour by foot. We made idle conversation, talking about things as married couples do. We could hear the sounds from the next hamlet before it came into view. And as it came into sight it was a typical hamlet of 6-8 huts, a common kitchen/dining area, and an open space surrounded by the buildings. But this was not the sight that challenged my eyes. For at the center of the hamlet, wrists bound overhead to a ring attached to a post; was a tall, stunningly beautiful woman. She stood 5 ft 10 or so, full of bust and hips with a narrow waist. Her feet were attached to a bar, spreading them wide. She was completely nude. A short distance a burly man drew back his arm to strike her with the whip he held.

Watching me closely, Holly grabbed my arm and whispered, 'Do not interfere, this is their scene. While thou may not like that which thou see, it is their lifestyle.'

Restraining myself, I thanked my beloved, and began to look around at other activities. What greeted my eyes, belonged in my worse nightmares; there were women and men hung in suspended cages. Others were in cages on the ground. I saw a man on a rack being stretched. Men and women were in stocks receiving punishment by cane, strap and paddle.

A woman was tied spread-eagled and her woman parts were being flogged. Other men and women had their nipples clamped and their genitals caged or clamped. One woman was restrained and was having clothes pins attached to her breasts. Then I saw two attractive blondes on their hands and knees, hooves attached to their knees and hands. Bridles around their heads, pulling a cart with a female amazon wielding a crop. I was totally overwhelmed. There were other things I saw that appeared to me to be even more barbaric in practice; I will save your sensibilities by saying naught of these other things. I took Holly by the arm and asked, "Doeth this excite thee? Doest thou wish to join in?"

Looking deeply into my eyes she replied, 'No Sir Tommy, I desire none of this and brought thee here so that thou wouldst be aware of the more extreme aspects of BDSM that some practice.'

"And they sll do so of their own free will?"

'Yes, and there are observers to step in if it gets out of hand as well as there are words that when uttered bring things to a stop.'

"I have seen more than I thought I would see. Unless you have other plans lets return home."

With that Holly took my hand and we began our walk home. As we neared our home Holly stopped and looked at my feet, I knew she had something on her mind. "What is it my love? What troubles you?''

I took her chin in my hand an raised it until our eyes met.

'I have something to confess Sir Tommy, there is another ritual part to my punishment sessions which needs to be completed.'

"Go on''

'When we return home, I will tell my neighbor that I have been to see Auntie R, and Nicole will complete my punishment. '

''And what is it that you are afraid to tell me?''

'I desire that you participate in my punishment.'

"Holly thou hast said naught. I shall agree to participate with the stipulation that if I feel the need, I shall redden thy arse another time. Is this understood?"

'Yes Sir, I agree. Now can we hurry home please?'

And so we scurried home to a future Holly knew of and I was to be an active participant thereof. I HATE surprises!!!


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