A land called ZITY

Chapter 7: That Evening

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

A time later I awoke. Hollys head rest upon my arm. Laying upon her stomach with her pillow under her, her bare, pink bottom was thrust upward. This was the sight that greeted me upon awakening.

Me? Why I am S ir Tommy of Qwerty, a Knight travelling the lands seeking fame and fortune. I came upon this strange land of Zity, where I was struck by the beauty of its women and was enchanted by the maiden Holly. She who has become my betrothed. We have gone may places and met many people in our journey and I am attempting to chronicle it all here.

I gently lifted her head and replaced my arm with my pillow. Quickly dressing I felt the pangs of hunger and I took a look about the hut for food. Finding naught, I did find various items of which I put aside a few for future use and found a note from Aunt R. Putting my finds away, I then exited our hut in search of food.

Emerging into the open area outside the huts, I was approached by another lovely lass. Short and rubenesque, with the face of an angel, she inquired of my needs. I asked her for food and drink for two, and told her we were in Aunt R's hut. Her eyes lit up, she curtsied, said "yes my lord, immediately" and ran off.

That task now complete I wandered to stretch and waken myself fully. As I strolled, with the door to Aunt R's hut always in sight, I tried to figure what else happened in this enclave of BDSM. A topic of which I knew so little and was being exposed to quite rapidly. I also thought about the events of earlier that day. Watching Holly be spanked by Aunt R. A regular event prior to my arrival in Zity. Aunt R commanding me to complete her punishment or lose the right to Hollys hand in wedlock. Something about Holly across my lap felt right for me and I hope for her as well. Her reaction to my instruction and to my hand leads me to believe she enjoyed it as well. I know it would be something that would happen again, for she is a wild lass and that may be the only way to rein her in. Time will tell. As I noticed the lass hurring to the hut with food, I ended my stroll and returned as well.

(This was relayed to me at a time after we were wed and I was reviewing this manuscript. Holly felt that her perspective was needed.)

I awoke as the door to the hut closed. Sir Tommy was gone, my heart ached as I had become accustomed to awakening to his presence. My bare bottom stuck into the air. The pain was now a dull ache and it was still pink in color. I quickly found the jars of cream that Auntie R keeps on hand and liberally coated my bottom and the tops of my thighs. While I was doing so and as I dressed, without my drawers, I thought back to the events that had just occurred. Auntie R had surprised me and my beloved by directing Sir Tommy to complete my punishment as a condition of marriage. It was not only quick thinking on her part, but it made sense. If he is to be my husband, then he needs to be able to take care of all my needs as I take care of his. And I was not sure if he would be up to the task. He is, and has been for all the years we have been together. At this point I heard someone opening the hut door. And now back to Sir Tommy.

As I opened the hut's door, I saw that Holly was awake and dressed. I allowed the serving girl to place food and drink on the table, then bid her thanks. Closing the door behind her, I walked to Holly, eyes searching hers for some answers, and asked," Good Evening my love, how art thou feeling?"

'I am quite sore, Sir Tommy. I knew I was due many from Auntie R, but hoped she would relent because I brought my betrothed. I never expected her to have you finish my spanking.'

"Oh, Holly, how short ist thy memory. We still have the punishment for your misbehavior with me. Those were only for missing your sessions with her."

'Oooh noo, Tommy, please let me recover first.'

"I shall consider things as we eat and discuss other aspects of BDSM and you tell me of your desires with regards to those aspects and what will be required of me. I don't like surprises."

'Yes Sir, might I be allowed to stand? Tis a bit painful to sit.'

"You may, did you find the cream?"

'Yes Sir, I used it when I woke.'

'There are various other aspects of BDSM which I am aware of, yet have no desire to partake of. There is discipline with various whips, floggers, straps, belts, canes, tree branches of birch; and paddles like Master D uses. As well as where on one person the implement is applied, and the setting. Remember the couple in the stocks? That is an area of BDSM as well. In fact, everything we have seen and done can fit under that terms meaning.'

"I see, Continue Holly."

'There is bondage which can be as simple as arm restraints, to being held immobile while punishment is inflicted. There is mental bondage, where the submissive does as told to please their Dominant without having to be physically restrained. A mild form of this we did earlier, where I took my punishment without fighting you.'

As we supped I thought about this and looked at Holly inquisitively.

'Then there are the areas of which I am scared to discuss for they terrify me greatly. But as I feel safe with you so I will try to explain. There are those people who enjoy inflicting or receiving extreme pain, including branding, cutting of flesh, disfigurement. Others practice cock and ball torture, breast torture, pussy torture. Then there is sexual roleplay, as well as those who dress as members of the opposite sex and some who dress as animals. And this barely touches the list.'

"So Holly, what would thou sayest to one reading this in the future?"

'Well Sir Tommy, I would suggest that those interested in more information either ask questions of those here in Zity, or read that tome known as Wikipedia.'

"Holly, thou art truly amazing, and that is why I love thee." With that I stood, approached Holly and took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. Taking her by the hand I sat and pulled her across my lap. Lifting her skirt and petticoats, her rosy buttocks came into view.

'Please Sir Tommy, please save my punishment for later.'

"What makes you think I wouldst punish you now? Mayhaps I wished to see the results from yesterday. "

Unsure of what to say, Holly remained silent.

"My plans for this evening are part punishment, but mainly pleasure for us both." Saying this I reached for the tub of butter and balancing it upon her back. I took a dollop upon my finger and spreading those rosy red cheeks, I slowly slid that finger into her arse. As I slowly penetrated her, Holly pressed back and drew my finger into her back passage. Massaging her anus I worked a second finger as well. It was not long until I had her moaning and sufficiently relaxed for what I had planned. Reaching into my pocket I removed the plug I had found earlier. This was different from the ones we used before, it was cone shaped about 5 inches long; with about a half inch between the cone and its retention base. At its widest point I judged it to be about two inches. As I slowly inserted this beast, Hollys moans increased. Slowly, I slid the plug in and out, going deeper with each stroke, stretching her wider and wider. Her moans and her breathing increased as she opened fully accepted the plug into her. She moaned once more and with a shudder collapsed upon me. I held her, stroking her hair as she recovered from her anal orgasm. I lightly traced my fingers over her moist lips, brushing up against her nub as well.

As Holly recovered I helped her to her feet and explained, "Your Aunt R left that plug with a note, knowing that I had most likely only given you the spanks mentioned. Aunt R said that a night with the plug would complete her interest in your current correction." Looking at me with her big blue eyes I continued, "Yes it remains in all night, but we can find other ways to occupy our time." And with that I took Holly in my arms and carried her back to bed for a night of passionate love-making and perhaps a little sleep!?!


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