A land called ZITY

Chapter 6: A Visit to Auntie R

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity;

It has been a dark few days for Holly and I as she was attacked and I was unable to retaliate against her attacker. However intervention from the powers that be, restored her rights and honor. During those days I was amazed by the number of Holly's friends who tried to come to her aide. Holly and I wish to thank them publicly this way. We shall keep your names silent, but you were with us when we needed you, thank you.

So, after this new test on our relationship, which stressed Holly unduly, we took to continuing our travels thru zity. At her direction we went to an area which Holly described as, "This will be a multiday visit, as there is too much to see at one time, and it can and will be emotionally overwhelming for us both."

Attempting to pry more information for my maiden was useless, reminding me again of how stubborn she is and of something I needed too find a way to change. As we walked I took her hand in mine, like the teenager we once were. Eventually we came upon an enclave set up like the nursery, with an open area surrounded by several huts.

Holly now explained, "This is the first of several areas where Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism are practiced. This particular area is for novices and those needing or desiring to administer or receive mild levels of punishment. " With that she took me to the second hut from the right.

Knocking upon the door it was opened by a strikingly beautiful woman in what I judged to be her late 40's. She was of average heighth and full figured. Her long blonde hair high-lited her sparkling blue eyes. As I made this quick observation, Holly introduced me," Sir Tommy, this is my Auntie R, Aunt R this is Sir Tommy of Qwerty a visitor from a far land come to Zity to learn what he can."

Aunt R replied," Welcome Sir Tommy, How have you found Zity thus far?"

I responded, "It has been both educational and eye opening; yet most important I have found my true love in yon fair maiden Holly."

At Holly's blush Auntie R continued, "Holly is this why I have seen you not for the last fortnight?" Holly sheepishly nodded her agreement. "Does Sir Tommy know why you came here?" This time Holly shook her head no. Auntie R went on, "Holly, whilst I prepare, you will explain why you are here and tell Sir Tommy what to expect. DO IT NOW!!!"

Auntie R moved to another part of the hut and Holly turned to me and began to speak, "My beloved, to curb my wild nature, to be reminded of my position in regards to a future husband and for my general well being, I am supposed to report to Auntie R each week for my attitude adjustment. I am spanked with her hand on my bare bottom. The number of spanks start with twice my age, and additional spanks are added for things that I have done or failed to do since our last session."

I looked at Holly and asked, "Is that all?"

"No," Holly added, "If I have been very, very bad, I may be sent to Master D, whom will apply a paddle firmly to my bottom. I try very hard to avoid him; for a session with him keeps me on my feet for days."

As she finished Auntie R approached with a stool an looked at Holly, "Come here girl!" Holly walked over to her seated aunt. "You have missed two sessions. Do you wish to continue here or visit Master D?"

"Here with you Auntie R," Whispered Holly.

"Then across my lap with yee, palms on the floor, toes pointed."

As Holly assumed the position, Auntie R lifted Holly's skirt and petticoats and tucked them under her hand in the middle of Hollys back. She then loosened her drawers and they fell in a tangle about her ankles. Holly's bar bottom was bared for all to see. "For missing a session those spanks are carried forward with penalty spanks added, you missed two such sessions. Speak only if you disagree Holly, I will now administer your spankings as follows: the first set twice you age delivered thrice, the second set will be penalty spanks, if you rise up, its off to the Masters for thee." With that began a spanking of which I had never seen the likes of. Up and sown flew Aunt R's hand upon Hollys bare bum. Within moments Hollys bottom was a nice shade of pink. After several minutes of this, with Hollys bottom a deep pink, Auntie R stopped spanking, had her stand with her hands on her head and turned to me, "Sir Tommy, I thou truely love Holly and are to be her husband, then YOU must complete her punishment. Unless you do so I shall forbid her marriage to you. What say you?"

I turned and looked at Holly, tears streaming from her eyes, and asked, "Is this what you desire my love? That I discipline you to keep you in line?" Holly slowly nodded her head up and down, then stopped and looked at the floor. "Auntie R, I shall do as thou wish, how many more doest she hast comming?"

"I believe an additional 50 will suffice Sir Tommy." Said Auntie R.

Turning I sat upon the stool and told my bride to be to approach me and look into my eyes, "Holly, thou are due 50 more from my hand. This will be the first time I hast struck you, these 50 will not be the last for they are being given out of love and to correct you. The first 40 will be in groups of ten, followed by a short break. Each stroke will be announced with the number followed by: Thank You for correcting me. Failure to do so and we start that group over again. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Raise your skirt and petticoats and assume the position, palms on the floor, toes pointed." And so under Auntie R's watchful eye I began.


'One Sir, thank you for correcting me'


'Two sir, thank you for correcting me'

And on this continued, the tears flowing freely across her face. As we completed the first set I said to Holly, "Stand, hold your skirt up, we shall continue in a moment." By now her bottom was as red as her face. A short time later I said, "Resume the position!" As she did so I took notice of where she was still white and changed my focus. The first blow landed upon her upper thigh, Holly screamed in pain, but maintained her position and thru her tears and sobs emited:

"One Sir, thank you for correcting me."


"Two Sir, thank you for correcting me."

This continued alternating left and right until each upper thigh had received 5 swats. Again I allowed Holly to stand and compose herself.

Auntie R signaled me to follow her to a corner away from Holly.

"Sir Tommy, I thinkest thou hast this well in hand, I shall leave and lock the door behind me. Whenst thou art finished there is a cream in yon cabinet which will help take the pain away. None shall bother you, when you wish to sup open the door and someone will bring your meals. This hut is yours for however you need it. I see you as a fine man for her and ask that you do allow me to visit her on occasion, especially if she needs a reminder of the feeling of my hand."

"Auntie R, I thank you for the opportunity you have given me. I was at wits end and knew not how to control her."

"You will do just fine," and with that she left us alone.

Returning to the stool, I sat and looked at Holly, tears running down her face. "Let us continue dear, assume the position." She draped herself over my lap and waited for me to begin. "For the next twenty you have a choice, two groups of ten as before, or a single group of twenty given fast, yet you only have to count the numbers?"

"Twenty fast please Sir Tommy." And so with my left hand resting on her back I began a rapid series of spanks working from buttocks to upper thigh. First ten on her left side, then ten on her right. Somehow she managed to keep count.

As she again stood I reminded her there were still ten to go. The tears flowed freely, but the cries were reduced to sniffles. "Are you ready?"

She nodded and approached me. Preparing to assume the position I said, "Stop, bring over yon stepstools. Place them two feet apart, step up, spread your legs apart," she did so with fear in her eyes, "further, thats fine. Now bend over and grasp the rungs of the stool." I knew she was worried, but did as she was told. With my left hand I reached down her stomach, past her abdomen and began to stroke her lips. They were hot with her lust and dripping with her juices. As my fingers played I explained how the final ten would occur. "This time all you have to do is count the stroke, with the following changes, lose count and we start all fifty over again. You are to climax after you say ten, any sooner and we start over. Do you understand?"

'Yes my love, count each one, and upon saying ten I may orgasm."

And so. 'slap'

Startled by the sting she managed, "one".

Another 'slap', and "two".

These were blows administered with the fingertips only. While these are being administered, I slide two fingers into her moist tunnel, while my palm rubbed her nub. The next two shots were to the tops of her thighs. "Three" and "four" she blurted with a deeper voice. I could feel her breathing speeding up as my fingers and palm worked on her. The next two also were on the tops of those once milky white thighs.

"Five" then "Six" rang out. I looked closely at her red ass and thighs. My fingers were being squeezed tighter. Realizing how close she was I gave her two fast spanks on each cheek.

"Seven/eight/nine/ten, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh," she cried out as she collapsed in orgasmic bliss on my lap." I removed my fingers from her and held her tight, as the crying and orgasm overwhelmed her. As she lay across my lap, her flaming bottom on display, I leaned over and whispered, "I Love You," and gently stroked her hair. Totally spent, Holly slowly regained her senses, meanwhile I began loosening the strings of her bodice.

Finally back with us, I assisted Holly to her feet; steadying her, I helped her pull her dress over her head. I stood up, and we embraced, kissing passionately. As we broke our kiss, Holly softly whispered, "Thank You My Love, for I neededth that from you. I know now that your firm hand is the one I have needed, nay been waiting for. With you my life is now complete." She then wrapped her arms around me and smothered me in kisses, our lips meet, tongues intertwined in a battle I will let her win.

I carefully picked her up and carried her to the rear of the hut. Laying her face down upon the bed, I began to gently apply the cream to her bottom and upper thighs. As I softly spread the cream, I began to kiss the back of her neck, working my way down to those bright red orbs. Very gently I kissed each one then worked my way back up her spine, as I reached her neck, she twisted her body and our lips met yet again.

Comming to her feet, Holly began to undress me, breaking our kiss to do so momentarily. She now bade me to lie upon my back so she could properly thank me. Kneeling over me, she took me into her mouth, running her tongue around the head of my manhood. Then she traced her tongue up and down my shaft, pausing only to lick my balls.

While I was enjoying myself, and the view was spectacular as well, I raised my head, and began to lick her lips and work my tongue into her tunnel. She responded by taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I could feel the head of my manhood enter her throat as she continued to take me deep. Feeling my urge building, Holly lifted her mouth from my shaft, turned upon me and sank my shft into her tunnel. Slowly she moved her body up and down, her inner muscles gripping me. Kissing me passionately I began to thrust in unison with her movements. After several minutes, Holly rose off me and breaking our kiss, she held my head, staring into my eyes, she declared, "finish in my ass which thou hast warmest this day." Crawling off me, she took some cream, rubbed it up and down my shaft, and said, "Thou art ready now, take me now."

I did as requested and spreading her enflamed cheeks slowly entered her ass. As she felt the contact as the head of my manhood entered the brown puckered hole she pressed back onto me. Taking me deep until my stomach was against her warmed ass. Placing my hands around her waist I began thrusting in and out, hard long strokes. Passion growing, I leaned forwards to reach and grasp her nipples with my fingers. Know we were close, I sped up my thrusts as I rolled her nipples between my thumb and index finger. Pinching and tugging upon her nipples, I thrust deeply into her spilling my seed as she climaxed as well. Collapsing upon the bed we fell into a deep sleep.


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