A land called ZITY

Chapter 5: Rest? At Last

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty:

After the frenzy of our love-making, Holly and I fell into each others arms, spent and emotionally exhausted from the events of the last eight hours. Falling asleep I was awaken by the sounds of Holly moving about. Raising myself on one arm, I silently admired her grace and beauty. Finally noticing her suitor, my fair maiden asked if I was hungry. I merely gave her a look which earned a, "Not for that now, a little later perhaps." Damn woman could now read minds also. So I begrudgingly arose from our bed, placed a tunic over my head and wandered over to see what she hast prepared. With a smile she asked, " Wouldst thou likest me to remove thy plug my dashing knight?"

I had forgotten about that thing until she reminded me. "Please my love, and doest thou need thine own removed?" I quired.

"Alas Sir Tommy, I hast removed mine, now grab the table and hold firmly as thou hast worn it for a while and it may be difficult to remove." Having assumed that position, I felt her hands upon my rear. Spreading my cheeks she took a firm grip and slowly began to withdraw the intruder. With a steady hand and quick tug, I felt the monster break free. Soon I was empty again and missed that filling feeling. Tossing it aside, Holly bade me sit, and we ate a small meal. As we dined she asked me about all I had seen, participated in and what would I like to try again and how often. Wow, I was still digesting what I had seen and done, but went ahead and began to answer.

"Holly my darling, as of this moment, this is how I feel about what I have done; This enema thing, I enjoyed and would do again, as well as making love while us goth holding the enemas. The same with making love to your arse. You making love to my arse, I would agree to as well. The baby treatment, in that I enjoy breastfeeding and the diapers were ok, I believe the terms as you explained them make me a Diaper Lover and a Adult Nursing Relationship Participant. As to how oft I wish to make these things part of our lives, I know not. The only breasts at which I truly desire to suckle are yours. And all this may change as we grow together. I am trying to keep an open mind. I do know one thing though, I wish to make conventional love to the woman I am betrothed to as well. As oft and in as many ways as we can think of."

Saying so I grabbed her, lifted and carried her giggling back to our bed. Laying her down I removed her blouse as she removed her skirt. Pulling me down, we passionately kissed. Our tongues meeting, touching, searching. As I broke our kiss, I began to place kisses lightly upon her neck and throat. The lite kisses becoming more intense, leaving a mark upon her throat. Continuing downward I began to nibble and lick her breasts. Lingering to tease her erect nipples with my tongue, my fingers traced a path to her abdomen. Leaving her bosom, I kissed my way down to her belly, arriving at the junction of her legs. As I crawled between her legs and ran my tongue slowly from the top of her cleft to the base of it, then back up again, I could feel her shudder. As my tongue worked her neather lips spreading them apart, opening her like the petals of a flower, She cried, "ohh!!!,Tommy, what art thou doing, oooh, DON'T STOP!!!"

With her opened up I slid a finger into her womanhood as my tongue now sought that nub that makes a woman cry for joy. Finding it, as it came out of hiding, I placed it between my lips gently suckling upon it, like a child at its mothers teat. Then taking it between my teeth I gently nibbled upon it. Feeling the lubrication running from her. I moistened a second finger and gently inserted it to her. The fingers searching within Holly, moving in and out, twisting to and fro, until I could sense that I had found that internal spot which drives women mad with lust and passion. My tongue was now moving up and down, left and right, was tapping on that external nub, faster and harder. My two fingers, tapping and stroking, rubbing that internal spot; I had Holly twisting and bucking and crying out and whimpering, all at the same time. My combined efforts upon her, in addition to the sounds she was making, warned me that she was close to the edge. Suddenly she wrapped her fingers in my hair, pulling my face into her; her ankles crossed behind my neck as she sought to hold me and pull me closer. I redoubled my efforts and was thus doubly rewarded with a long drawn out scream, and a face full of her sweet juices. I continued my play with my fingers for a few moments more.

As I felt her begin to calm down and relax, I released my hold on her with my teeth and began to gently clean up her juices with my tongue. Withdrawing my fingers, I worked my tongue from anus to firm nub, I licked her lips and inner thighs; lapping up her essence. Sensing Holly was back in control of herself, my tongue slid between her moist nether lips, pressing deeply with my tongue caused my nose to bump into her sensitive nub. Thus I continued thrusting my tongue in and out, wiggling it as I did so. Hearing Hollys moans and feeling the pace of her breath speed up, I intensified my efforts rubbing her nub with my nose as my tongue sought to go deeper into that moist tunnel. Her thighs upon my shoulders, my hands reached for her breasts. Fingers finding and stroking her nipples. Pinching, pulling, rolling them between thumb and forefinger I could sense Holly about to orgasm yet again. Continuing my efforts with both tongue and fingers I was soon rewarded with not a big, but a series of endless orgasms. I slowed my pace and released her nipples. As her breathing returned to normal, my tongue working its way gently around her lips, she grasped my hair and pulled my face to hers and kissed me with tenderness and passion.

After several moments Holly spoke clearly for the first time since our meal, " Sir Tommy, no man hast ever treated me so; never hast I lost control thus. What you did with your tongue and fingers drove me to a heighth of love I knewest not. A peak of passion you brought unto me to not once but several times with an intensity I still cannot describe clearly."

Reaching for my manhood she guided me into position between her hips. "Now that you have lit a fire, now must you quench that fire. Mount me, fill me with your shaft. Ride me, fill me with your seed Sir Tommy"

Being a knight, how could I refuse a request from such a maiden as she?

As I inched my way into her tight tunnel, I thought to my self, this shall be a long ride, a trot not a gallop. Gently and with much restraint I eased into her, Holly wrapping her legs around my waist, ankles crossed locking me to her, my sword deep into her sheath. I began to move slowly and steadily within her, gliding in and out, in and out at a relaxed pace.

Staring into her eyes, my heart filled with my love for her, I leaned down and kissed her lightly. Having none of that, she pulled my head tighter to hers and began to thrust her hips forcefully against mine. In as much as I wished to speed up this ride, will power won out and I stopped all movement less hers. Feeling my lack of motion, Holly broke our kiss and asked, "Why?"

"For this ride is at MY pace and for your pleasure, and whenst we are done you shalt know that thou hast been ridden hard and long." With that I kissed her again and began sliding in and out of her with long deep strokes. Not willing to concede defeat, she continued to raise her pelvis in a rhythm matching mine. Her legs around me, trying to pull me deeper as well. Matching one another's pace, filly and rider continued their journey. Stroke by stroke, I was setting the pace and taming my filly as we rode to a mutual climatic explosion. I filled her with my seed as she again was swept away in orgasmic bliss.

Collapsing atop of her, I held her gently and rolled us over, placing her atop me. Whispering into her ear, I softly said, "relax my love, and rest a while." She answered me not, yet only moments later I could tell she was asleep upon me. As she drempt of what, I know not, I stroked her hair and bathed in the warmth of her body against mine. Thus entwined, I too soon fell asleep.

And so a time later I was awoken to the pleasurable feeling of my manhood being licked and suckled upon by Holly. I raised my head to watch her as she looked up at me and asked, "Did I wake thee?" Not waiting for an answer she returned to licking my shaft, swirling her tongue around its head, then licking down to and sucking my eggs into her mouth. As I continued to awaken, I became aware of a finger sliding in and out of my arse. Quite the pleasurable sensation it was, yet it still lacked the fullness of either a plug or her artificial phallus. By now my sword had regained its strength and stood proudly. As Holly continued to tease me with her fingers and tongue, I reached for her and pulled her atop of me.

"It is now your turn my betrothed, ride this steed!!!"

And with that I watched as Holly grasp my member and guided herself onto me; her breasts swaying with her every movement. She lowered herself onto the tip of my sword, and then dropped rapidly and engulfed me in her moist passage. Settling herself she began to bounce up and down upon me, I reached up and caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She leaned forward to kiss me, never breaking stride. Our tongues danced about, seeking, exploring. She broke our kiss and placed a nipple in my mouth. I began to lick, then suckle upon her teat. Her nipple growing hard under my onslaught. As I moved my attention from first one nipple then the other, I focused my thoughts elsewhere, lest I reach my orgasm to quickly. This was not an easy task. A beautiful maiden atop me, two full breasts to distract me. It was not long before I felt that urge building within my loins. Now it was I raising up to meet her, faster, harder and as I lost it, I heard Holly cry out as she squeezed my sword and drained me of my seed once again.

With that Holly collapsed upon me, head upon my chest and we slept. Drained, sated, spent, I awoke to total darkness. With Holly curled up with me, I smiled and returned to a deep sleep.


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