A land called ZITY

Chapter 2: My Deflowering

These are the chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty, as he travels thru the land of Zity.

As we strode, hand in hand, myself and Holly the maiden whose flame lite a fire in my heart, she explained that enemas also had other purposes that would be clearer later this evening. Returning to her home she prepared a simple meal for us: cheese, some sausage, fresh-baked bread and wine. It was a lite fair to replenish us after what we had just experienced together. Holly was quite liberal when pouring the mead, not enough to knock me out , but enough that I was definitely relaxed.

Moving the remaining food out of our way Holly began," As I said there are other benefits to enemas. "

With that she began to grasp my sword until it showed the vigor it had had only hours before. Stroking me with one hand and grabbing a handful of butter with the other and she proceeded to coat my sword in butter. This task completed she then presented her rump to me and used additional butter on her rear. Anticipating what was to happen next, I cried, " Oh maiden fair, this is an act of sodomy, only practiced by stable hands and squires amongst themselves."

Holly turned and smiled," Have not you tried this with a woman Sir knight?" I mumbled a no. "Then Sir Knight, mount up and ride this filly."

And with that she took my sword and slid it into a whole new sheath. What a wonderfully tight, warm feeling it was. Guided by her, I took it slow and easy, amazed at how well I fit into that tight little passage. The feeling was beyond description, beyond warm and tight. As I reached full depth, I was instructed to place my hands upon her hips and ride her like the filly she is. Not wanting to deny her her request I began my ride. If not for the alcohol slowing my ardor, the ride would have ended quickly. As we remained coupled my fingers found that special spot that pleases women, high-born and wenches both. After bringing her to the edge and backing off several times; I knew my time was upon us. Working my fingers faster and faster in a circular motion, I quickened my pace until we both were spent.

We both collapsed as I withdrew, utterly drained. Holly quickly recovered and poured more mead. As I drank to slack a great thirst, I reflected on how blessed I am to have found Holly, the flame that keeps my fire burning. After 2 or 3 additional mugs of mead, Holly asked how I felt and if I enjoyed the experience so far. How could I reply other than yes, I had not only enjoyed myself, but would look upon this practice differently henceforth. I also asked how she felt and did I satisfy her need?

At that she said," Sir knight, thou hast filled me twice and ridden me well, wilst thou accepteth a small challenge?"

As a knight, challenges are part of my life. "Yes, what do you propose?"

"Before the moon rises , I can bring forth your seed one more time" she stated.

Having consumed much mead and serviced her twice this day, I knew there was no way she could win this challenge; so I accepted. And with that she led me to the table and stretched my arms across it. My arms we then bound to the legs of the table with ropes. Thus secured I heard her mutter, What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

After a few moments she returned and I felt something greasy being worked into my rear passage. Holly explained, "now my Knight, you shall learn to enjoy that which you have given today. For inside each man there is a small bump, which women have learned to massage to bring heightened pleasure to their man." As she worked first one then a second finger into me I began to wonder what other things there were to explore here in the land of Zity? The feeling of fullness I felt due to her fingers. the tingling in my groin as she rubbed that special bump. Reaching around me she placed a rag beneath me to capture my seed. I maybe a Knight, but even I have performance limits. With two fingers moving easily my flame added a third, stretching me beyond belief. I gasped as I felt her fingers filling me, jumping as her fingers rubbed something that excited me. Then as quickly as this had started, she removed her fingers, strode around the table and presented me with the object of my soon to be deflowering. Extending from her clean shaven mound was 10 inches of bone-colored ivory. Polished smooth and bound to her loins by a series of bands of leather. I stared in awe. Holding this ivory tool with one hand as she coated it with more butter, I awaited my destiny. She strode behind me I tested the ropes again to no avail. I felt first one then two fingers reenter me, stretching me open, then I felt her sword begin to penetrate me. " Press back" she urged me, "try to expel my sword." As I did so, I gasped at the feeling, the further stretching, as she slowly worked it into me. The entirety of my body being filled. I was at her mercy, yet she was patient and loving in her actions.

Slowly she worked it further in, then out a ways, then further in and back out. Until, after what seemed like no time at all I felt her hips against mine!!! She had the entire monster within me!!! By now I was feeling a swelling in my own loins, betrayal by my own body was in my future.

Leaning over me Holly whispered, "As I thrust in and out my sword shall pleasure you, as you hast pleasured me, until you spill your seed again Sir knight." And with that she grasped my hips and began thrusting in and out. A pace not frantic, more like a canter than a gallop. As I was trapped there I realized that this was neither a race, nor was I the jockey.

In and out she rode me. A pleasant sensation arose within me. The return strokes more forceful than the withdrawal. Firm in the assault, gentle in the retreat. I could twist my head to see the sweat upon her brow as she worked her sword in and out. Firmer and more forceful became her thrusts. Several times I heard her call out in ecstasy as her body received pleasure as well. I felt her hand wrap around my sword, stroking me as hers continued to fill and stretch me. Then it happened, not in a convulsion, but in drips and drabs, my seed began to express itself upon the rag beneath me. But this was unlike any other time, my seed continued to flow, and the feelings I felt were not those that I felt with a successful coupling. Nay they we much more that that. Regardless, what energy I had left was gone and I collapsed.

Sensing victory, Holly remained buried deep within me, her body draped over my back. After a few moments to regain her strength, she slowly removed her sword from me. I immediately felt an emptiness within my body as well as my soul. Holly had touched me in a way no other ever had. She took a washrag and cleaned my rear, then cleaned her sword and released my arms. Removing her sword, the two of us staggered,(I would walk oddly for days) to her bed for a night of well earned sleep. As we lay falling asleep in each others arms she whispered" where would you like to visit next?"


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