A land called ZITY

Chapter 1: Church of the Red Bag?

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

I have been spending more and more time with my fair maiden, we shall call her Holly, like the flowers in yon meadow. She has been letting me look round and get comfortable with the people I meet. Finally I had to ask Holly about this strange red bag religion which I had been observing from a distance. Holly noticed me watching and asked me if I had any questions.

What style of religion is this, this religion of the red bag? I see both men and women on their knees taking communion in a way unfamiliar to me!

Laughing Holly replied, "this is not a religion as you think Sir Tommy of Qwerty, it is something that some people practice. Some for pain, others for pleasure and others for their health...Its called an ENEMA"

Such a strange word this enema, the likes of which I have not seen practiced in any realm.

Holly continued, " Would you care to try one Sir Knight?, If you do I will join you."

How could I refuse? I asked what we had to do, and Holly said follow me.

So i followed her to the enema room where we joined others. We were asked to disrobe and Holly told those in charge what we needed and that I was a visitor and a virgin. Following Holly, she had me kneel and place my head and knees on a pillow; after doing so she began to explain what would happen and what to expect. A pretty lass, all the women in Zity are beautiful, approached to assist and handed Holly some grease, which she proceeded to spread in a place and manner both unusual and erotic. The next thing I knew, a finger penetrated me, startled Holly said to relax and enjoy as it only gets better. Not wanting to embarrass her I remained still as first one, then a second finger slowly stretched and massaged my back door. After a few minutes, she removed her fingers, I could not believe that I missed that feeling so quickly. Her fingers were replaced by a tube and Holly whispered, "now the fun begins" and with that I felt fluid filling me. While Holly was preparing me, she was prepared by the lass working there. Side-by-side we took our bags, Holly had ordered only a single quart for me while she was taking four. As I finished she told the attendant, "plug him" and with that the nozzle was removed and a solid conical item with a base was inserted. Not knowing about enemas(oh how I was to learn much over my time in this land) I just stayed head down and waited for Holy to finish, when she did she asded to be plugged as well.

Standing she took my hand and lead me to her home, where she grabbed me and kissed me with the flames of passion that burn within us both. Breaking the kiss she pushed me down upon her bed and mounted me as a knight upon his steed. With my sword sheathed within her she rode me to a rapid finish, slowing to a trot she kissed me and continued the ride. I was feeling full and excited, she was so warm and wet, I placed my hands on her waist and rolled her onto her back and showed her the horsemanship skill that are prized in my land. This time we reached the finish line together, both exploding together, trying to douse the flames of passion that burned within. Rolling off of Holly she said, "we are not done yet"

Panic filled my eyes, another performance I was not yet up to.

"Now come with me" she said and I followed her outside to a building I thought was part of the church. It had a crescent shaped moon cut into the door. Leading me in Holly said, "I shall remove your plug Sir Knight if you would remove mine." Not wanting to offend the practices of this land I did as asked while again being kissed and thus, nay verily it came to pass...there exploded from me waste and water, and then a stench to curdle milk. I looked at Holly, the relief in her eyes as she emptied. With a twinkle in her eye she said, "normally I never try 4 quarts, but I wanted a good cleaning as I have plans for us later. What did you think? Did you enjoy the experience?"

I replied, "yes it was enjoyable for me and I would doest it again."

As we gathered our clothes, returned the plugs and walked toward her home; she explained that enemas can be delivered in different sizes, different temperatures and different fluidic compositions. Enemas are also delivered in groups of up to four or more in a session. I was truly amazed and promised to try this again. Upon reaching her home I was now to discover her plan....

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