A land called ZITY

Chapter 3: A Day to Remember

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty:

I awoke the next morning to several different and some new feelings. I opened my eyes to see the face of my beloved Holly staring down upon me. Allow me to introduce myself I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty, a Knight travelling the lands searching for what, I know not. I had recently arrived in a strange and wonderous land of Zity; where I met and fell in love with the beautiful maiden Holly. Our love has stirred the flames of passion within us. Holly is guiding me thru the different parts of Zity, sampling and partaking of the splendors here as I am initiated about things of which I knew naught.

As I gazed into her eyes I could feel some soreness from the events two days prior, and I could feel my morning stiff sword engulfed by Hollys' warm, moist sheath. I remembered her final words to me the night before, "where wouldst thou like to visit next?" Placing my hands upon her waist, I held her tightly as I began to thrust upward, meeting her on her downward bounce upon me. Faster and faster we coupled, Holly bouncing harder and harder as she rode me. Her pendulant breasts at my lips. No longer a shy maiden, she rode like the best of horsemen, a jockey of vast experience. Soon we were both spent and as she fell forward, our lips met in an embrace of lustfulness. After a time indeterminate we broke our kiss and Holly lain upon my chest as we both started the day with a short nap.

Awakening for a second time this day, I shifted my weight from under her so I could arise. As I looked upon her, dark of hair, narrow of waist; broad-hipped and full breasts. She stirred, not fully asleep, yet not awake. I leaned over her and kissed her lightly upon the forehead, then dressed to begin the day. Upon exiting Hollys house I decided to stretch my legs and walk a bit.

As I strode down paths and lanes, I was soon joined by My Lady, the one worn I thought to serve, but instead found a friend. "My Lady, how goeth things?" I asked.

She replied with a sigh, Please, Sir Knight, I am not your lady and do not call me so."

As I beheld the beauty of this woman, I replied, 'yes My La...' stopping short of enraging her. As she laughed at my error, a sound like the harps of angels, I knew while smitten by her, my heart belonged to another.

"And how goeth your introduction to our land? Are you treated well, or not?" She asked with a smile.

I replied that I had found a friendly maiden who hast taken me under her wing and is showing me around zity; while teaching me new things. And that I have fallen in love with this Flame which ignites a fire within me. Happy for me we bade each other farewell and I returned to Hollys home to see what she hast planned for this day.

Returning home, I guess it is becoming my home as well, I arrived to a simple fare of porridge and watered mead for breakfast. As we ate we discussed the last few days events, and I enquired about todays plans.

" I think we shall stroll and take a lunch with us, and stopping to observe anything interesting we see. You can ask questions, make more discoveries and participate if you so choseth. However I have made some plans for later."

I agreed that this would not be an overly taxing way to spend a day.

A short time later, lunch packed we began our further exploration of this land. As we walked we came across a set of T's mounted in the ground. Upon closer examination I recognized them as stocks. Two were currently occupied, one by a man the other by a woman. Holly pointed out place cards with crimes and punishments mounted in front of each person. The male was found guilty of failing to maintain a proper household and allowing his wife to stray with another man. He was sentenced to twenty-four hours in the stocks and twenty-five strikes with the cane. Holly explained," The caning will be administered when there are two hours left in his sentence, thus all will be able to see his further humiliation."

And what of the woman I queried?

"She is his wife, any who wish may mount her, she will be released after her twelve hours have passed. Then she will apply the cane to him, knowing failure to do so will result in added strokes for him and for each deemed to soft, she will receive two." As I pondered this, I came to the realization that a happy household is an important thing here. I was then asked," Would you care to mount her?"

I looked at Holly in disbelief, "I love only one woman, she is enough for me."

She smiled and said," correct answer; this couple are in the stocks regularly" I looked at her in disbelief. "They enjoy the exhibition and the humiliation. She enjoys the random sexual partner and caning him, He likes the pain." Shocked at this I could only stare. "When they are released and have recovered, their lovemaking will be heard all throughout the countryside." I just shook my head and continued walking. We reached a small glen by a creek and set down to eat lunch.

As we ate I asked, "What do you wish me to see next?"

"What I have planned next, you will be a participant in, I shall tell you naught until such time arises." With that we packed up and continued on our way. As we moved through a glade of trees, i could faintly hear the sounds of children at play. We continued our trek and the sounds grew louder. Exiting the glade we came upon a small group of huts. "This is the nursery" Holly explained. I looked closer and there were adults running around as children, playing and carrying on. And wearing and using diapers. Others were at the breast of some very well endowed women nursing!?! I was stunned beyond belief. With that Holly took my hand and led us toward the huts stating, " I know what you have seen and done these last few days Sir Tommy, today and tonight you will learn to relax and be a child again. Argue not for I know that this what you need, I have felt you at my breast suckling in your sleep. Tonight I, with the help of my friends, will show you how to shed your inhibitions and be a child again." Then with a big grin she added, "If you enjoy yourself tonight, we can repeat this in the privacy of our home if ye wish."

I was speechless, how could she know my deepest desires; my wish to return to a time when I had no responsibilities, no cares or worries.

As we reached the huts she explained. " There are actually four groups of persons with different needs and desires the short explanations are:

1. Adult Babies (AB)these wish to be treated as infants in all ways

2. Diaper Lovers (DL)these like their diapers, some use them others do not

3. Age Players these chose to act an age other than their current age

4. Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) This group is included because they desire to nurse at the breast of a lactating woman, yet do not include diapers in their play."

"Here is what is planned for you, I will be diapering you and treating you as an infant until bedtime tonight. You will be expected to use the diapers as would any infant; I will change you, bathe you and feed you. As I have no milk of my own, one of the milk maids will assist with your feedings. If you have done as I have stated then I will have a surprise for you at bedtime, if you do not do as I have asked then no surprise and you will be punished as a toddler would. On the morrow, I shall change you one final time and we will return home."

With that she took me by the ear and drug me over to a hut where she was greeted and asked 'what have we here?'

"I have a naughty boy that needs some down time."

'Do you need any help?'

"Yes as this is his first visit he may not wish to cooperate." With that, the two women took me into the hut, placed a dummy in my mouth, instructed me to hold it there and proceeded to disrobe me. Laying me down on a low table I was swiftly diapered and taken outside. The other woman, who I learned was Megan, asked if I had been fed, Holly replied that as she had no milk I was probably hungry. Megan called out to a very busty redhead named Mary-Can you come feed this one?

Mary came over, sat down. had me lay with my head in her lap; she then lowered the bodice of her dress, exposing a pale engorged breast. The nipple was erect and expressing milk.

"Here honey, drink up mamas milk," she said softly as she placed her warm nipple between my lips. I began to gently draw the offered teat into my mouth, suckling and releasing as I was filled with a warm sweet nectar. And as quick as that I was nursing. Holly came into view behind Mary and just looked at me and nodded her head. I hoped the message was that she was happy, not that I was in any position to complain. I continued to suckle. after 15 minutes on the first breast Mary looked at Holly who told her to go ahead and give me the other one. She did and I was in heaven. A long unfulfilled fantasy was being played out. I continued to nurse upon the second breast and after another 15 minutes on the second breast, I was burped and taken to an outside enclosure to nap with the other babies. As I was fidgety, Holly came and lay beside me, placing my head on her lap, stroking my face and hair while singing a lullaby, I was soon fast asleep.

Awakening a time later, as I felt the urge to empty my bowels and to make water, I looked into Hollys eyes and realized the true test of my love was about to happen. I just lie there in my diaper, soother in my mouth, Holly stroking my head and hair; Verily I had no worries and no responsibilities. and thus I ended up with a very wet, messy diaper. Noticing, Holly looked at me and smiled, "Good boy, just relax and I will change you shortly." I had done what was expected and closing my eyes I began to contemplate what had just happened. I had filled my britches, ok my diaper, I had been breastfed, I was being treated as an infant; and I did not care. This was not something I was used to. As I lay there, fidgeting, Holly got the hint and led me inside to be cleaned and changed. This was a loving experience as she gently wiped away the mess, ensured I was clean and dry, she rediapered me. Returning outside, I noticed dusk upon us and was led to another lass, Karin to be fed my dinner. As I was being breastfed yet again, my head in this young lasses lap, Holly sitting next to us stroking my hair, my love for Holly grew even more. For she had sensed an emptiness within me that even I knew not existed, and she had made arrangements to fill that hole with love.

After my dinner, I was asked if I was ready for my surprise? of course I was and said so. Holly asked Karin to assist in changing my wet diaper. So into the hut we went with Holly explaining this would be a heavier night time diaper. So up onto the changing table I went, to be diapered for the night. These diapers were several times thicker. After I was pinned in and stood up Holly announced my surprise as she climbed upon the changing table. "Sir Tommy, I am a lover of diapers, a DL, so we shall spend this night both diapered." Once Karin had Holly diapered and helped to her feet, she left; leaving Holly and I alone together in diapers for the eve. I took Holly in my arms and kissed her soft lips with passion. As her lips parted. our tongues met, explored and further expressed our mutual love. Leading me to bedding on one side of the hut, I had lustful thoughts of Holly brought on by the view of her in just her diaper. Sensing my mood, she turned and asked," like what you see?" I just nodded yes as my mind was still on overload and unable to get my voice to work.

As we laid upon our bedding, Holly explained, "in the morn, we will both be changed into day diapers for our trip home. I suggest you be wet when they come to change us, unless you wish to wet on the way home. We will also have breakfast before we leave. You may have porridge, or be breastfed again. Then we shall return home to rest and relax for a few days before we explore further. Any Questions Sir Tommy?"

I looked into her eyes and responded, "porridge for me as there are only one set of teats upon which i desire to suckle." And with that I pulled her to the bedding and began to do so.


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