A land called ZITY

Introduction: Arriving in ZITY

There once was a knight traveling in search of himself. He travelled lands far and wide, until reaching the land of ZITY. What follows is his tale:

As some may know, I am known as Tommyqwerty. As I searched lands far and wide I came upon a strange new land called Zity. As a Knight, I entered this land searching for myself and being on the lookout for damisels in distress. What I have found is opportunities and things beyond my comprehension. As I entered this strange new land I saw many avatars and messages on parchment which were asking questions and requesting friendships.

Out of this sensory overload I began exchanging notes, and was being drawn in the service of one whom I seeth as "My Lady", my Leige. Alas this was not to be, for she had Knight aplenty and was on a search of her own. Yet as time was to teach me, in this strange land I had gained something more important-a friend and a mentor.

My Lady introduced me to this wonderous place called the chatroom. Where many a person, servant and nobleman, master and mistress, slave and wonderer were welcome and made to feel equal. The exchanges of ideas, the playful banter and an occasional rude comment did nothing to dispel the feelings of a bunch of friends together, for but a short while.

As I continued my travels, I learned much of this land and of myself. This land where some worship a big red bag; where others seek the giving and/or the receiving of pain as their source of pleasure. Where playing doctor and patient is an interest of many.

Thus is this land of ZITY, one day I came across a true damsel in distress;

In my eyes there is no other such fair maiden in all the land, and upon my trusty steed I rode to her aid. As our words flew from one to another there was a fire, a flame that suddenly burned within me, I knew we were meant to be, as one. Suddenly one day instead of an avatar I saw her, a vision of loveliness that this knight could only dream to curry the favor of. And shortly thereafter the sound of her voice overwhelmed my ears. A voice like of an angel, a beauty too great for this knight to hope to capture. But alas this fair maiden was consumed by the same flames of passion as I and was not shy in expressing herself.

So now with a search completed and a journey started; I will regale you with the stories and tales of those I meet in this wonderous land of ZITY.


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