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Extended Stay With Her Domme

Chapter 4 - A Very Thorough Pelvic

Lindsey stood gingerly and stepped toward the gynecological chair. It was black leather with arms protruding and corresponding straps. The seat of the chair was divided in half width-wise with long black leg supports with straps to go around her calves. She sat down as Ciara busied herself with tightening the straps.

“Deep breath, then exhale.”

As Lindsey exhaled, Ciara tightened a strap, lifting each of Lindsey’s breasts so the strap sat just underneath where they met her chest. She folded down a curved pad over and in front of each shoulder, then stood over Lindsey’s head.

Ciara sweetly kissed Lindsey’s forehead and caressed her cheek. She brushed her hand over Lindsey’s ear then abruptly jerked her head forward, facing the ceiling, strapping it down. Lindsey was met with her own naked reflection, angled such that she could see own vulva, slightly glistening with anticipation. Metal clinked against metal as Ciara moved each of the various trays over to the cart, settling in. She snapped each of her gloves on taking her sweet time, watching Lindsey twitch ever so slightly before her. She pulled each of Lindsey’s supple thighs apart fulling revealing her.

“Well, that won’t do will it”

The quick click of a button on the chair spread the stirrups wider and wider, the angle formed by her legs growing more flat with each second. Lindsey could feel the slight tug of latex on her slight pubic hair and a gentle tug at each of her lips. Ciara took her middle and index fingers and spread Lindsey’s outer labia, pressing gently down at the entrance to her vagina. She swept her finger around just the outside, going up and dancing around her clit, pausing then giving it a teasing tap that cause Lindsey to jump ever so slightly in her restraints.

Ciara grabbed a pair of forceps off of the cart. They appeared normal save for the clips attached to the handle. Lindsey’s felt the cool air followed by a light then steadily growing pressure on each of her lips, growing to a dull ache as she stretched. The forceps were then clipped to the leg restraints to keep her open wide.

“So you may notice that you haven’t been allowed to relieve yourself yet. We need to take a few samples to get started, I trust your bladder is full?” She didn’t wait for a response, she would find out soon enough. She picked up the first of a series of speculums off of the tray, coating it gratuitously in lube that was entirely unnecessary. She pushed the cool metal in slowly, pulling it out to reposition, slowly putting it back in a few times over before announcing she would need a larger speculum and repeating the process. Once it was adjusted to her satisfaction she slowly opened the blades pushing out until she could clearly see the urethra. She inserted a betadine covered q-tip in and out watching Lindsey’s failed attempts at hiding her true discomfort. Pulling the cover off the second tray, she grabbed the first sound, repeating essentially the same process as the speculum, albeit in a much tighter place. Moving mechanically she grabbed each of the sounds in succession, repeated the procedure with a gentle but firm hand, Lindsey’s soft moans growing ever so slightly louder with each step up. Ciara paused. Lindsey then felt and excessively large catheter forcing it’s way in followed by a weird inverse flow of saline into her bladder. Waiting for it to stop she felt the speculum slip out only to be replaced by a larger graves. She finally cracked a grimace as the bill pushed up and towards her bladder. Lindsey tried to take a few deep breaths as Ciara quickly clipped a tool on her cervix. Sending a jolt of pain through her she felt no relief as, to her slight horror, Ciara repeated the sounding process on her cervix. Whereas the urethral sounds had been a dull sting that grew sharper and more pronounced each time, this was a dull cramp growing bigger and bigger, it was so much worse.

Ciara tutted to herself cracking a grin as she worked, her pet squirming around at her touch as she finally was able to learn every inch of Lindsey’s beautiful body. She had anticipated this for so long that she wanted to drag out each and every second as long as possible.

Ciara finished with the sounds, gently dabbing away at the now bleeding cervix.

“One last little bite”

Lindsey wondered what this meant as she felt a tool scrape past the one holding her cervix, up inside then a sharp pain as Ciara clipped away a small piece of flesh.

“A sample for later” Ciara smiled as a slight tear rolled down Lindsey’s cheek.

She pulled the speculum out and pushed another button lifting Lindsey up higher as she stood, anchoring herself against Lindsey’s thigh. She slowly worked her first and second fingers into the slight gape in Lindsey’s vagina. She pushed up and to the left and right, feeling around for Lindsey’s ovaries, gently pushing on them, enjoying the change in expression It brought. Once she had completed the exam to her satisfaction, she added a third finger, again repeating the process. Lindsey sensed this would be a theme. An exam drawn out exponentially in length, pain turning to pleasure turning back to pain as fingers grow into a fist. Lindsey’s shoulders began to slam up and down feeling pain with each thrust mixed with sheer pleasure at the feeling of total fullness. She held on desperately with her pelvic muscles each moment of emptiness lasting only for a brief second. Ciara opened her hand as she felt the muscles spasms growing from within. Pulling it out and wiping the remains all over Lindsey’s belly. She stripped her gloves off and took a beat to catch her breath.

“Before we move on to the rectal, I have a suite of non-standard test I’d like to run, again to establish a baseline.”

Lindsey’s began to hear the whirr of the chair as she was laid flat. Her eyes grew wide as she saw in the mirror what Ciara was preparing to do.


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