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Extended Stay With Her Domme

Chapter 5 - Squeaky Clean

Ciara grabbed a speculum from the table that was larger than anything Lindsey had ever seen before.

“We’ll have to repeat this test vaginally and rectally, so we might as well do them one after the other.” She inserted the speculum into Lindsey and began to ratchet it open. “Now, I want to ensure that your skin and muscle elasticity is ideal.” Lindsey realized this was not a normal procedure and Ciara was making this up, sending a shiver of anticipation from her core, radiating out of her clit and around her opening vagina. Ciara continued to open it as Lindsey started to whimper, each second passing marked by the small scrape of metal on metal as Lindsey began to open and gape before Ciara.

“Now we test the resilience” Before Lindsey could even start to wonder what that possibly meant, Ciara quickly slid out the speculum causing Lindsey to gasp. She felt her inner recesses start to come back together and then stared at herself in the mirror as she saw Ciara’s full hand forcing its way into her.

“I was hoping to be able to utilize the full expansion from the speculum. You may feel some pressure as I finish up the test.” Her hand moved in slowly and just passed the thumb as she said this, curling her fingers into a fist and bracing herself against Lindsey’s belly. “I want to ensure that this is as far as you can go so I’ll try to utilize more natural stimulation to increase your vaginal dilation” such pretty words as she took her alternate hand and began to rub Lindsey’s clit with alternating gentleness and ferocity punctuated by wet slaps to ensure the patient stayed present and in the moment.

When Ciara felt the pulse of Lindsey around her, she pulled her hand out confident that she got what she had wanted. She brought over some soap and water and proceeded to wipe Lindsey down, cleansing her own sweat mixed with her own fluids. She gently massaged Lindsey, taking care over the deep red patches she’d created in her excitement. She grabbed a rubber bulb and filled Lindsey’s vagina with warm water, allowing the water to trickle down and into the drain on the tile floor. Lindsey closed her eyes and slowed her breathing, taking fuller breaths and appreciating each touch from Ciara.

Ciara moved back to her stool and continued massaging Lindsey’s inner thighs, tracing each crease, leaving no area untouched. She moved her hands up, massaging Lindsey’s cheeks, moving slowly, slowly inward until she quietly applies a small amount of lube to one hand. She continued massaging with one hand, dipping in and out with her alternate hand to apply the lubricant and avoid tipping Lindsey off. She quietly picked up an item from the table and used her massaging hand to open Lindsey’s cheeks up a little bit further and insert the first bulb of the large rubber enema nozzle that Lindsey was about to become intimately aware of. Her deep breaths paused as she let out a small squeak. “Play time is over now we need to get you prepped” Lindsey knew this was coming but, she had been so close to drifting off it had slipped her mind. She tried to relax as much as she could but no amount of forced relaxation would allow her to forget the rubber bulb that seemed to have no business being in such a small place. She gritted her teeth and almost screamed as the mounting pressure prevailed with a pop.

“Ok now keep breathing nice and slow, let me know when it’s too much.”

Ciara began to slowly pump the bulbs, expanding the inner and outer balloon. Lindsey whimpered.

“Too much?” She nodded. “Okay then” Ciara said as she added two quick puffs for good measure, eliciting a yelp from Lindsey.

Ciara pulled over an IV pole from the corner of the room and hung an oversized rubber enema bag from it. She connected the tubing now protruding from Lindsey and attached it to the bag, ensuring that the hose was free from air. Lindsey’s eyes darted back and forth, watching Ciara grab a pitcher from one of the cabinets that she filled with warm tap water and then poured into the waiting bag until it looked like it would burst.


Lindsey immediately felt the rush of the water into her bowels, first pouring in then snaking its way up, warming as it traveled. Ciara smiled sweetly as she began to poke and rub Lindsey’s belly, tormenting her.

“Now I’ve got some things to get ready in the other room, I’m going to give you this hose to hold onto in your mouth. If you have a cramp, you can stop the flow but If you need me, you will have to call out and relinquish your control are we understood?” Lindsey’s eyes grew but, she nodded solemnly. “You will finish the bag, whether I am here for it or not however, know that things will be much easier for you if you finish it.”

Ciara moved the stand over to Lindsey’s head and brushed Lindsey’s hair aside as she placed the tube in her mouth. Giving her a quick tap on the nose and a wink. She was practically beaming as she stepped out, taking one final look at her long awaited lover, strapped down, legs splayed wide her bottom tight and filling with nothing to look at but her beautiful self.

Lindsey tried to steady her breathing. She felt the mounting pressure growing inside her and looked up to see the bag had barely changed in size. She could feel a cramp coming on and hesitated before biting down for a quick relief from her predicament. While the break was needed, she pressed on, afraid of what the consequences would be should she not finish.

Time stood still as Lindsey tried to focus on anything other than her expanding belly. The door creaked open.

“How are we doing in here? Oh goodness! You’re getting big” Ciara smirked to herself as she looked at Lindsey’s belly growing taught, water gushing in. The bag was just over halfway emptied and Ciara took her time enjoying the relief on Lindsey’s face at seeing her turn to a grimace as Ciara started applying more and more pressure to her abdomen. They could both feel Lindsey sloshing back and forth as Ciara poked and prodded and Lindsey grimaced and the new and worse sensation.

Ciara stopped, looking at the bag. “Hmmm still more to go it seems like, well I suppose I’ll take my time then” and she clicked her heels away and pulled the door shut behind her.

Finally the time came and Lindsey heard the last of the water gurgle down the tube. It only took a brief instant after for her to feel the pain of a bit of air creeping in. She bit down hard and looked up. She was stuck like this until whenever Ciara decided she was ready. It felt like hours were passing by as she tried to calm herself through the pathetic groans and complaints of her straining insides.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. exhale. Inha- the door creaked open slowly and Ciara entered with a bucket.

“I suspect you aren’t going to get very far so this is for you” Lindsey would be mortified under any other circumstance but, she couldn’t tell whether she was more looking forward to relief in her aching jaw, her belly or her swollen rectum, expanded beyond belief.

The air hissed out of the balloons as Ciara rotated the table such that Lindsey was sitting straight up, legs in restraints and nothing beneath her cheeks. Ciara moved the bucket in between them and Lindsey realized in that moment that not only was she not going to be allowed the dignity of reliving her own bowels but also finally realized that Ciara hadn’t walked in alone. Miss Holdsworth was standing there looking at her disapprovingly as Ciara removed the tube from her mouth and replaced it with a metal dental gag, opening her mouth almost all the way.

“Now now, everything’s set up for you, you can release it now” Lindsey wouldn’t budge. She wanted it out more than anything but she held on out the deepest and created sense of embarrassment and shame that she had ever felt, eyes locked with Miss Holdsworth. They grew and Miss Holdsworth walked over and began to press down on Lindsey’s abdomen, forcing her dignity and everything else out of her and into the bucket below. She could handle being opened up and poked and all else but this was too much and she began to sob quietly. She would have called the safe word if her reddened eyes and cheeks were more flush than her engorged sex.

Ciara brushed away the tears away as Lindsey finished, kissing her forehead sweetly and holding her while stroking her shoulder. Lindsey sighed deeply and kissed Ciara back realizing that this was the first romantic moment the two had shared since she’d arrived.

Ciara smiled and caressed Lindsey’s cheek, lingering for a brief moment.

“Ready to move on?” Lindsey gulped.


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