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Extended Stay With Her Domme

Chapter 3 - The Exam Begins

Lindsey descended the second set of stairs to the basement and flared her nostrils as she detected the scent of rubber, latex, disinfectant and alcohol. She could feel herself getting wetter, trying to keep herself composed in front of the caretaker. Miss Holdsworth removed the chain holding the key from her neck and opened the door to what looked like a reception area. She stepped inside and found a clipboard with several forms. “Fill these out and you will be seen shortly. ” She briefly leafed through them. The first was a standard medical history followed by consent forms, an NDA and a list of checkboxes. “Please indicate all activities that you consent to at this time. Consent may be revoked at any time by utilizing the safe word agreed upon at the top of this sheet. Please also note that this list may be amended at any time and that as your stay progresses the Doctor may present additional options.” She looked down the list, some things she was familiar with, others less so. At the end, there were hardly any boxes left unchecked. She finished the last form as the only other door in the room opened.

The door creaked followed by the unmistakable click of stilettos on the hardwood. “Lindsey, it’s so good to see you. I hope your trip was as pleasant as can be expected?” Her warm voice lilted beautifully to and fro and Lindsey swelled seeing how much more beautiful Ciara was in person. She was slightly smaller than Lindsey but equally bursting in her professional uniform. The sleeves of her lab coat were gathered mid forearm with the classic L of her stethoscope resting gently on her breast rising and falling with each breath that escaped her pillowy lips. Her embonpoint was palpable in every aspect of her figure. Lindsey’s cheeks grew red, aware of the growing puddle she was sitting in.

After they exchanged pleasantries Lindsey walked into the exam room. Against the wall was a standard exam table topped with paper. The adjacent wall was covered in cabinets. The countertops had several trays covered in sterile cloths, hints of metal peeking out and glinting in the slivers of stolen light. She could see the various shapes hidden, and tried to guess how many she could recognize, the number being much smaller than she anticipated. She looked to the center of the room to see was the most elaborate gynecological chair she had ever laid eyes on. “Go ahead and hop on the table and I’ll get your vitals.” Lindsey jumped up, and looked straight ahead as Ciara stepped over the counter and grabbed a pair of black neoprene gloves. She snapped the gloves over her long thick fingers and began to gently palpate Lindsey’s lymph nodes. Ciara untied the gown and threw it on top of the counter, negating its purpose entirely. Her practiced hands moved along Lindsey’s body, stopping at every mark and blemish, poring over them to ensure they would bring her ward no harm.

Ciara gently brushed her hair aside as she brought the stethoscope to her ears. She began to auscultate Lindsey’s lungs, stopping briefly along various spots on her back. As she instructed Lindsey’s breath she inadvertently dictated her own. “Now your heart,” as her own thumped along in her ears. Lindsey bristled at the cool drum of the stethoscope on her warm chest, appreciating each drag across her skin. Ciara gently lifted each of Lindsey’s breasts and pressed against the warm flesh ensuring she heard the blood rushing through each ventricle.

Ciara gently pushed Lindsey’s shoulder as she laid her back. She moved to Lindsey’s belly, tapping along feeling for any firmness and looking for any discomfort in her face. While Ciara was very much in this for the kink she had a unique approach. She had been prepared from a young age to join the medical profession. She came from a long line of doctors and surgeons and had studied to become one of the most sought after ob/gyn’s in the country. Ciara was always exceptionally professional with her patients but this was obviously a different scenario. While not the type to fall quickly, her romance with Lindsey began as soon as their eyes first met and had smoldered for years at this point. Ciara enjoyed her position of dominance over Lindsey but, she took it as a paternalistic responsibility. While she intended to administer care and discipline as necessary (and unnecessary), she also intended to ensure that Lindsey’s limits would be pushed.

“Okay, now turn over and we’ll get a few things going.”

Ciara brought a tray over and set it in front of Lindsey so she could see everything, her eyes growing as Ciara lifted the cover with one hand, dipping the index finger of her other hand in a small dish filled with lube. Lindsey felt the cool air on her tight hole.Her goose bumps returned as Ciara’s cold thick finger danced around her anus, gently but firmly pushing it in. Ciara curved her finger and swept it around before pulling it out, inspecting her finger.

“There’s some feces here, I’ll be able to use this for an occult fecal test, though we will need to take care of this later.”

She picked up a thermometer that appeared thick, even for a rectal thermometer and dipped it into the dish. She popped it in noticing the grimace on Lindsey’s face as she smirked.

“Due to the size of the thermometer, it will take a while to register. I saw from the record you sent over that some of your immunizations are out of date or missing altogether so while this registers, we’ll go ahead and take care of that.”

She swapped both of Lindsey’s buttocks with alcohol and grabbed the first injection, she worked from thinnest to thickest, rotating between the left and right cheek, injecting as close to the previous site as possible. Lindsey felt the compounding effect with each injection. She teared up slightly as Ciara pulled the thermometer from Lindsey’s rectum, recording the temperature and announced it was time for a pelvic.


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