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A Neighbor's Trust

Part 2 - Trust becomes action.

After Jen had released her enema, Liz took the opportunity to compliment her. "

I am so proud of you---let me show you how to palpitate yourself to get more out----see how that works?” Liz said.

“I have never felt like that----I can’t believe it -- how far up in me was that tube?? It felt like it was going to come out my throat.” Jen was serious but joking a little.

Some chuckles ensued---“You took about 18 inches….Rick gives me about 24 and I give him the entire 30 inches.” Liz responded.

“I feel so different.” Jen said. Just then I could hear another big gush “Now that was a surprise.” Jen continued.

“I am going to leave you here alone for awhile—Holler for me if you need me. I’ll be back in about 10 minutes to get your second one ready.” Liz said.

“I can’t believe I need another one----maybe I should just wait a day or so.” Jen pleaded.

“Nonsense—you need two more---they will go faster---keep palpitating yourself to get all that you can out of you…I know it is hard for you to understand all of this----you are doing the right thing.”

After a few flushes of the toilet, I heard Liz shut the door. Soon I heard her coming down the stairs towards my office ----quick back to my desk—then I heard my office door open.

“How is it going up there???” I asked ever so innocently.

“She did great…nearly 2 quarts for the first time----she was totally unfamiliar with all the process and the fullness. I think she was OK being nude with me…I think she liked the lube part….She has a great body—she has got hair like you and I have never seen---well, I’m going to go check on her.” Liz said and moved to go upstairs.

I was glad Liz did not see my total hard on. Soon I heard more flushes and water running in the sink knowing that Liz was filling the bag for another enema. I heard two sets of footsteps and knew that Jen must be walking around. Back to my listening post.

“Jen, it’s time….I’ll just spread more A&D on you-------The tube went in much easier this time----You are doing so great…..you know there is nearly a pint in you already…….” Liz was going too fast –I just knew it.

“Oh God—you got to stop. I just want to let this out. I really....Oh no--I think I'm...Please take it out now." Jen was clearly distressed.

“OK, I’ll pull it out----there just relax and let it out—boy oh boy---more is coming out than I put in…. Maybe not all the water came out the first time…..take your time…wow …there is more coming out----this enema is small but it is really working for you.. This has happened to me sometimes when Rick gives to me—he is so patient with me—I have to restrain myself a little with you just like Rick does with me. Sometimes cramping is good--but I didn't want you to experience that today.” Liz said.

After another pause, Jen said, “I can feel more gurgle in here ---So Rick is the man when it comes to enemas---you are lucky to have him do something like this… God, here comes more….holy smokes…..let me wipe and stand up again----I think it helped when I stood up to move that stuff around.” Jen said now talking like an expert.

"I think this is a very successful enema. Too bad you had tohose big cramps--I'll go slower--I promise” Liz said.

“Would Rick be proud of me?” Jen asked."

Well—I never thought of it that way---I am certain he would be proud of you— yes, Rick would be very proud----you know he got me started with enemas years ago and I am so glad he did.” Liz reflected.

I heard washing of hands and Liz told her she was getting another enema ready. While there was some mild resistance from Jen, I listened once again as Jen took up a position, and Liz administered another enema. The third went very well because I could hear Liz tell her she took the whole thing. Liz left Jen so she could finish. I heard Jen in the shower as she must of wanted to clean up before getting dressed. Liz came back down stairs and held her hand up for me to give her a “hi-five” which I did. Liz was proud that she had done it and there were good results. Liz went back upstairs and the two of them talked for sometime.

Soon Jen left and later Liz and I shared some of the details –of course I acted like it was all new news. “Funny thing, as much as I told her how proud I was of her, she wanted to make sure you would be proud of her too---I of course told her you would be.” Liz commented with a look of question on her face.

“That’s strange—of course I am proud of her.” I said.

Liz continued, “If you find the right moment, you probably should tell her that---you’re like a big brother or Dad to her—whatever, keep her feeling good about herself…she did the right thing by letting me give her an enema…maybe she will feel OK about asking for another if she needs it someday.

We did not see Jen for several days. The next Tuesday, Liz was gone and Jen came over as usual. And as usual we talked about everything and nothing. When the right moment came along I said, “You know Jen, I am so proud of you for letting Liz help you out with your severe constipation issue (trying to avoid the word enema). It had to be difficult for you to cross that trust line to allow her to help you in that way….are you good now.?”

A big smile came over her face. “I am very good thank you. I I have always felt close to you two, but now I feel very, very close to both of you…Liz was just full of compliments about you and getting her involved with enemas. Sounds like you’re the man Rick.” She teased.

“Well good. We want to be good friends with you.” I responded with a blush.

“If you are so good, maybe I should be getting my enemas from you…Liz is good but she says you are better.” Cleary Jen was testing me.

I felt an extreme blush. “Well now, you know two people that could help you…”

We kept chatting and it was clear she had trust in both Liz and me.

Fast forward two months. A cool day in November. I was on the porch and Jen stopped by precisely at 10 AM. After some pleasant chat, Jen asked, “Where’s Liz today?

“Her sister needed her to drive her home from having her Wisdom Teeth pulled. She is going to stay and make dinner for the kids—it’s just me today.”

‘Oh, I see---I was going to also ask her for some hel.......you see, I think I need another enema session—you know like before……” Jen looked directly at me.

“I know she would want to help you---feel free to borrow our stuff— Do you want me to get everything out for you?” I asked awkwardly.

After a pause where she looked out into the yard and then back to me she asked, “Why don’t you give them to me—would she mind? I just don't want to create any issues..." Jen asked so innocently.

“I guess it would be OK—I don’t know about Liz---I guess we could just do them and not tell her---or maybe you would like to call her—I’ve got a number to reach her at.” Clearly putting the ball back into Jen’s court.

More of a pause. She stood up. “I tell you what....Let’s just do it—are you OK with that.”

As my dick filled up, I said, “Sure, I'm sure she would undertand--but being descrete is probably the way to go---lead the way.”

Could it really be?????