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A Neighbor's Trust

Part 3 - The surprise ending

Jen had on a long sleeve blouse and sleeveless sweater and nice dark blue slacks. Jen moved toward the master bath and as soon as she got there she unbuttoned her sweater to signal she knew what to do. I looked at her in the mirror and couldn’t believe I would be touching her butt soon. Without saying a word, I got the enema stuff out of the vanity closet located in the bathroom. Nervousness made my hands turn cold and my dick was ever so hard. I looked again into the full width mirror and saw her take off her sweater, then she turned away from me, kicked off her shoes and unzipped her slacks.

I turned toward her as the slacks were sliding down and asked, “What position did Liz have you get in when she gave you your first enema?”

She remained faced away from me but turned her head toward me and clearly had a question mark on her face. “Position? I was down on all fours most of the time-----are there other ways--?”

I took the opportunity to explain the Sim's, on the side, on the back and even over the lap. By now the slacks were off but she left her bikini panties on and was removing her blouse.

Now standing toward me, she said, “Gee—what do you think—what do you recommend—you guys must use what you call the knee-chest position a lot according to Liz.??

Just after completing the question the panties were slid completely off. Of course the distraction caused a pause. Now she was standing there in just her bra. “Let’s start on your left side. Do you want a T-Shirt or something to keep you warm?” I said. I put down several towels.

I now saw what Liz had seen as a very furry muff. I could not even make out her vagina. Jen said she would just keep her bra on—no T-Shirt. She sat down on the towels, kicked her legs out and then laid down—“Could I have a towel for my head—or maybe a pillow –just something.??”

“Sure. I said. Are you sure you are warm enough? She indicated everything was OK. I got her positioned and bought her knees up. She pulled her knees way up as if in the fetal position. There she was nude except for her bra.

I knelt down behind her and bent over to look directly at her ass. Not being able to see her anus because of her pubic hair, I took a warm washcloth and pressed against her anal area. “Gee—that feels really good---Liz didn’t do that to me—I can feel that in my belly button---I guess you really are the man…that feels very relaxing…” she said -- maybe to quell her nervousness.

I smiled in response, removed the washcloth and lubed her. She had so much hair I still could only barely see her anus. I lightly touched her until I made contact and then circled her sphincter.

“Relax Jen—let me slide my finger in.” I asked.

She did relax and I very slowly slipped my finger in to the max—as it entered she would tighten and then relax. I gently removed my finger and inserted the tube about three inches. I then pushed it in another three and snapped the clamp open. I kept working the tube up. I had the bag only about a foot above her ass. Soon the tube was in about 18 inches and I left it here for awhile. Soon, she started to move around.

“Cramps??---just move your hand around on your tummy.” I suggested.

“Could we try that on the back position—I would like to try that….” she requested ever so innocently.

I stopped the flow, rolled her over and put more towels under hips. I took the bag and realigned the bag and tube so the tube was between her legs. She naturally spread her knees apart and now her legs spread so I could see her very pronounced pussy mound, vagina, and labia and oh yes, she was showing her natural lubrication between her inner labia. I started the flow back up and rubbed her tummy. I also reached down and inserted the tube further—now up in her about 24 inches. "I like this position much better—maybe I’m liking it too much."

I pretended to not understand the “liking it too much” comment and told her how proud I was for being so trustful in letting me administer her enema. She started to show signs of discomfort and soon was putting her knees together and separating them repeatedly and little rolling her hips from side to side. I slowed the flow.

“Your have taken over a quart---you’re doing great---hang in there,” I was sincere in my compliment.

She looked at me getting my eye contact. “Did you ever think that someday you would be running your finger up my butt and giving me an enema? I didn’t even know what one was until a few months ago. I could never do this myself. I like the tenderness you are showing me….quiet honestly, you’re making me very horny…..would you mind if I just touch myself a little----I haven’t had any sex in a long time…..are you OK with that?” she asked.

“Sure, go ahead—I’m not trying to turn you on---but I always get turned on both giving and receiving—it’s just the nature of enemas. Liz and I usually end up doing something for each other—she gets turned on in this position too.” I related.

She moved her hand over her vagina, and with her middle finger entering in to her vagina—she then slowly took her natural juices and spread then over her labia and up to her clit. About this time, the bag was empty. She had taken the full bag.

“You’ve taken the whole thing—do you want to lay there for awhile or do you want to expel????” I asked tenderly.

She stopped the fingering and had me remove the tube. I gave her tissue to hold over her anus and helped to her feet. She stood erect, pushed out her chest a bit and looked into the mirror and gained eye contact with me. Then, she moved to the toilet and let go repeatedly. I left and waited for her voice.

Soon, as I was sitting in our bedroom, I heard, “I’m ready for the next one.” She said after about 15 minutes.

The second one was very similar. This time she wanted the knee-chest position. She gave me some gentle pleasant groans when I re-lubed her. She took less but I didn’t force it. I left her alone and then she asked me to come back in. She was standing nude looking at herself in the mirror. She made eye contact with me again in the mirror. As we looked at each other, she removed her bra. She turned to me and said, “You have got to do something for me. I need you right now. I just didn’t know that this would be this powerful. I need a man” she said very clearly.

“Oh Jen, I wasn’t trying…you know…but I have to admit it does happen---you got me turned on too…..You want something Oral? …..a Massage?...are you sure.....do you want the real thing?” I asked innocently.

She stepped toward me—my eyes sinking to her breasts---“Start with oral…..let’s see where that takes us.” She said-- as she moved further toward me she unbuckled my pants. I quickly undressed. My dick at attention, She fondled me and she went down on her knees and licked me. “Can we go into to your bedroom---I just think it would be better, fresher air, softer……” Jen said with direct eye contact.

She walked ahead of me into the bedroom, climbed onto the bed with her very fine ass facing me. I put a towel down and she moved over onto the towel and she leaned back and spread her legs. I jumped up on the bed. I kissed her neck, her breasts, the top of her nipples and eventually her thighs and soon I was licking her vagina. I was exploring her clit which was totally erect and very sensitive. I put on a condom from a nearby drawer, and teased her vagina with my penis covering it with an abundant supply of her natural lubricant. I slowly entered her and concurrently with nice deep slow strokes, I kissed her breasts. Soon her breathing changed and she produced strong bucking movements pulling me deep then shallow quick strokes. After merely a few seconds she came and then drew from me a huge load. I collapsed on her and a remained inside of her for another two minutes or so. As I withdrew, she pulled me back and we kissed.

“What have I done?” she asked. “I needed that very bad. I’m sorry I made you part of my solution. We just have to keep this a secret”

We chatted. We cleaned up the bathroom together. She left and I washed the towels and restored the house to its original condition.

Liz came home late that night and the next morning announced she needed an enema since she never had a chance to relax and have a BM the previous day. I gave her a great enema thinking all the time about Jen. While on her back receiving her back receiving her second enema, my hard on was obvious and Liz said, “Let’s take of that thing for you.” And of course we did.