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A Neighbor's Trust

Part 1

A neighbor's trust develops from sincere actions over a few years---

I am Rick. You will only want to read this story if you have the time for all three parts—say 15 minutes. As with of my stories, this is true—albeit a few embellishments along the way.

Several years ago, my wife, Liz, and I lived in a townhouse next door to a young couple with 2 daughters. Our townhouse was like a two-plex located on the far corner of a larger complex. Both of our units faced a wooded area. It was very private and quiet. Our neighbors and us enjoyed the privacy but the girl, next door, Jen, 15 years my junior, was very vivacious and friendly. Additionally, while not hugely cute, her attractive figure, a great smile and of course her open and honest personality made her someone Liz and I enjoyed being with. Over a period of two years, we got to know her very well and her husband somewhat less. However, we got to know her more so because every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM we got together on our patio/enclosed porch usually for an hour or so. In the summer her kids played out in back or joined us, in the school months, it was just the three of us or if one of us was unavailable, two of us would get together. Liz worked part time in a Lawyer’s office and was frequently home. I was doing consulting work at home most of the time and Jen was a stay at home mom.

Over time we talked about everything including sex and relationships. She shared more about what her sexual turn-ons were than we did. In retrospect, I believe she did this to gain our intimacy and trust. However, as time went on, Jen and her husband parted and of course that dominated our future discussions. Jen started to loose weight and was not eating correctly. She complained of cramps and irregularity. Liz coaxed her to eat good food and keep herself healthy for sake of having to raise her two daughters.

As time went on, Jen brought the subject of suppositories up. Liz very frankly told Jen that we used enemas as the need arose. Even I was surprised when Liz brought this up since we had only shared this with a few people. Jen had heard of enemas, generally understood the concept, but, confessed she never had been given one even for childbirth. “Let me get this straight, you give each other enemas or do you just give yourself enemas when you need one????” Jen asked.

Liz told Jen that I gave her 2 or 3 enemas a month and that she gave me at least one per month. Jen’s whole interest peaked and more questions came regarding why, how, equipment, intimacy, etc. Liz asked Jen, “Are you constipated now?J

en answered, “Why yes…it has been about 4 days…also, I am trying to get my period going and between the two, I am miserable.

Liz responded, “Poor girl…I know what I would do. I would take some nice warm enemas. Of course I have Rick to give them to me and over the years he understands both constipation and cramps

Jen responded that she didn’t even know were to start…maybe she should go to a doctor. Liz told her that a doctor is going to advise a laxative or suppositories. “Both will work,” Liz said, “But enemas are better. If you want some help, I can lend you our equipment, or, if you wish, I can get you started by giving you a coupleJen was very reluctant. She told us she had purchased some suppositories and thought she would try them. Jen left after some additional casual discussion and she came back on Thursday as usual. As our discussion went on, Liz said, “Jen, we have never talked about enemas in all the time we have known you. I hope you don’t think we were too personal with you. We are here for you. We are full of cheap advice which of course can be taken with a grain of salt. I feel that you may think we are “coming out of the closet” or trying to ….well I just don’t want you to misinterpret us.”

“I never for a moment thought you were being too forward. I have thought about it ---the suppositories only produced minor results. --Rick, I know all this talk may be uncomfortable -- I haven’t talked about poop so much since the girls were little. What does surprise me is that you give each other enemas. This level of intimacy is something I originally thought was a little weird---however knowing you to, it must be very intimate.”

I indicated that I was OK with the discussion----poop is something that is part of all of our lives—why not discuss it if we are out of sorts. I reiterated that we were here because we liked her and felt comfortable talking to her. I reminded her that a year or so ago we were talking about positions for sex and oral sex. As to the intimacy, Liz in her usual frankness said, “If you need an enema, it is the best way---of course it is intimate. I would be less than honest if I said Rick does turn me on most of the time he is giving to me and I know that he also get’s turned on. But for the most part, an enema is an enema—I look at it as the sexual implications are a fringe benefit.

Jen laughed, “We have covered all the bases—I have to do something… I am totally miserable--Liz, is your offer still open to help me with an enema?

Sure Jen. Your place or mine.” Liz responded with a devilish chuckle.

I left the two of them and went to my downstairs office which was located next to the furnace/air conditioning room. Pretty soon I could hear them talking in the Master Bath right above me. Obviously it was going to be our place for her first enema. I moved toward one of the air vents where I could hear them much better.

I heard Liz was showing Jen all the equipment and I could hear her filling the bag. Liz told her that the bathroom was the best place for her to receive her enemas and I heard her say there would be at least three. Jen asked if she should get undressed now. Liz said, “Yep, it’s that time. You can keep your top on if you care to—I always get nude but that’s because I like to turn Rick on a bit…I just need your bare butt.”

I could hear them both giggle a bit. “Now here is a towel…I want you to kneel on it facing the window. When you get on your knees, just lean forward on your elbows and I will get this enema on its way.”

After a little pause, Jen said, “I don’t want to gross you out with all my pubic hair…I just haven’t shaved much since I have been separated. I am going to just take off my shorts and panties if that is OK with you.” There was a pause…”You know what?....I am just going to take it all off if you don’t mind.”

After a few seconds—Liz said, “Well girl…you brunettes do have a lot of hair. I have a fraction of yours---you are one sexy lady standing there nude—great hips –turn around -- Wow, what a butt---He was really a fool for leaving you. All your stretch marks are gone— no cellulite---you are a totally sexy woman.”

My dick was at full alert. Just listening to them was driving me crazy. I wanted to see this—but of course I couldn’t.

As Jen kneeled, her face got closer to the air vent located on the floor under the window. I could hear Liz OK but I could hear Jen as if she were in the same room.

I could hear Liz moving around and ----probably positioning herself. “I am going to lube you up with this—you probably recognize the A&D ointment.” Liz said.

I could hear a little gasp from Jen. ”just relax hon---the entire idea is to relax---that’s better----just a little more for good measure. Oh yeah, I can feel your problem---my finger is only inside your rectum an inch or so and I can feel it.”

“Do you do this to Rick each time you give him an enema?” Jen asked.

Sure,he really loves this part—He almost always comes to attention (a chuckle or two--especially when I give his prostates a little gentle massage.” Liz responded.

“I must confess, I have never done a rectal touch to anyone.” Jen quipped.

“I love it when Rick does it to me—it helps me relax and it turns me on too.” Liz told her in confidence.

“OK now it’s time for the tube—I have burped the tube so no air will enter you. I will put it in a few inches, turn on the flow, then keep working it up in you---the higher, the better for now. You will feel both the tube go in and the warm water. Let me know if I need to slow the solution flow down…being your first ever enema, I want you to have a good experience today. Just relax now…” Liz calmly said.

“I can definitely feel it ---- weird-----how far up does the tube go,” Jen asked.

“For your first one, about 20 to 24 inches. We want the water way up high so it can push down on all that crap inside…it also helps all the stuff loosen up.” Liz responded.

I can now definitely picture in my mind the tube going up into Jen’s ass. My heart is beating so loud, I am wonder if they can hear me listening to them.

“I am getting full—how much have I taken?” Jen asked.

“Barely a pint—you have a long way to go….why don’t you get up on all fours….Rick always has me go “sway back” and then “Humpty Back” when I need help moving the water around….that’s right---now hump up your back---just relax it down to a sway back---great----does that help any?” Liz inquired.

“Just a little.” Jen responded.

I could now hear her breathing deep—almost panting

“You’ve taken about a quart---I have slowed it way down---maybe I am going too fast----I’m used to giving enemas to Rick and he takes the first quart real fast then slows down for the second one….I need to remember that this is all new for you….how are you doing now?” Liz asked.

“Oh my God, I am having a huge cramp----I’m going to have to stop….I’ve got to go right now….” Jen responded in a panic.

“Easy honey---just hang on—they will go away soon…..,” Liz encouraged.

“OK—it is relaxing----but I don’t think I can take too much more…..” Jen was pleading.

There was a very long pause. “You have taken about a quart and a half---I’m going to remove the tube….OK----I am going to hand you some Kleenex to place on your butt---just use them to help hold the water in----OK—good girl---let me help you up---you did great-----just stand here in front of the toilet for a few seconds-----don’t worry about the sounds or smells----when you sit down, let’er rip,” Liz said.

Soon there was the unmistakable sound of the expulsion. First a gush, then silence, then more and so on. Jen's trust in Liz just became a new beginning for Jen. It was clear Liz had been accepted to help her out in the most intimate of circumstances.


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