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A Family Affair

Part 4

After she and Bill's disciplinary session with his wife Linda during the holidays, Kelly became so busy with her public relations job that she forgot about nearly anything else. She still came over every other Sunday to spend the afternoon and evening with her brother and sister-in-law but even those visits became shorter because of her stress and preoccupation. Finally, in early March Linda said, "Kelly, what's going on. You're moody, short tempered and I'll bet you've gained more than five pounds in the last couple of months." Kelly finally let her emotions spill out, described her work stress, and said she was so embarrassed and unhappy about the weight gain she didn't know what to do. Linda said, well, you've got to make yourself slow down, and go on a with loss program, for at least 10 pounds to get you where you want to be. Kelly, said, I've tried but just don't seem to have the will power. Linda quickly replied, "Well, I can put you on a reward- punishment program, and have Bill and I monitor your progress and do whatever's needed to keep you on track. Kelly said, Linda, this time maybe it could be just you - I can't talk to Bill about some of my problems. Linda said, I'll do it, but it will be more than an occasional enema like we've done among the three of us. This time I'm going to give you target weights and measure every time you come on Sunday. If you're on target, I'll give you credit toward a gift certificate at the store of your choice, if you're in the no gain- no l,so mode I'l give you a good reminder enema, but if you've gained weight I'll tan your bottom with a hairbrush and give you a couple of enemas you won't forget.

Kelly, said, "Wow, Sounds fair, I guess I'll give it a try. Linda said, alright, your schedule is two pounds weight loss every other Sunday when you come until you've lost the 10, and then we'll keep you on parole for another month. Okay with you? Sure, said kelly shouldn't be too hard to meet that. And, Linda said, we'll start with a regular enema this afternoon to remind you of what kind of things I can do, so get undressed and I'll fix it now.

A few minutes later Linda returned with a bulging enema bag, and lubricant for the long black nozzle. Kelly knelt down with her bottom raised high as instructed, and Linda inserted the nozzle past the comfort limit, raise the bag around 2 feet, and released the clamp. Kelly immediately reacted to the strong flow, but was able to accept the enema until Linda said, "Now, I'm going to raise the bag higher which is what would happen in a punishment session. Almost at once Kelly began to complain and begged her to lower it, but Linda said, I just want you to understand what this is like, and then let Kelly finish and hold the enema for the normal 5 minutes.

Things proceeded well for Kelly at first and she had lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks with only one reminder enema during that time. Then disaster occurred after helping host a big company event and she had gained 3 pounds back. She pleaded with Linda to let her make it up in two weeks, but Linda was adamant and said, "Kelly, I want every stitch off, and I'll be back in a little while. Linda returned with a full enema bag, a large bulb syringe, and a large hairbrush. Alright kelly over my knees. Reluctantly kelly got over her sister in law's lap, and Linda began app[lying the brush in rapid groups of five hard smacks, until Kelly was kicking and crying by the time she had reached twenty. Five more young lady, extra hard, and count them and ask me for a a really strong enema. When the spanking finished, Linda commanded: don't touch that red bottom until the enemas are done or you'll be back over my knees. Now let's go into the bathroom, I have something special in mind.

When they got to the bathroom Linda hung the bag from the shower curtain rod and said, "Kelly, I want you to stand up, put your hand on the rod, and I'll give you the enema in that position. Understood? Kelly, said, alright Linda, I guess it will keep me from trying to rub my bottom too. " Once she was in position Linda inserted the long nozzle and started the enema with the bag 3-4 feet above Kelly's bottom. She would occasionally pinch the tube so the flow wasn't excruciatingly strong but nonetheless the pressure was extremely strong and kelly was in dire straits. Linda then said, Kelly, I'll offer to do something that may help you, because it did me when I had to give myself a really big enema. Kelly said, anything, since she was desperate. Almost immediately she felt one of Linda's hands squeezing her nipple, and the other touching her between her legs. She had no idea what to say but was in such discomfort that she just let Linda continue and at the same time could feel herself getting slightly aroused from the sensations. Finally, the enema was in, and Linda said, 10 minutes young lady and then you'll get the bulb.Kelly winced, but when Linda then asked, do you want me to help you through the 10 minutes like I did with the enema, Kelly in a husky voice said, "please".

After 10 minutes of pain-=pleasure she had the agony of having to take the bulb full, and then was allowed to finally release the enema and rub her sore bottom. When she came out of the bathroom a half hour later, she was more composed and said. Linda, I will never gain weight again, you've given me a lesson I'll never forget. And, I don't know what to say or think, but II'll need to think about how you "helped me" but I probably want to have even more help in the future. Linda smiled and said, my [pleasure Kelly, let's make this a good experience for both of us.