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A Family Affair

Part 3

After the Thanksgiving ordeal for Kelly and her brother Bill at the hands of his wife Linda, she understood the agreement she had made with them (and especially Linda). If she simply ended up uncomfortable or ill she could go to Linda (or she supposed, even Bill) and get a thorough but as comfortable as possible enema to take care of the problem. On the other hand if her situation was due to bad behavior- -like overeating and drinking at Thanksgiving-the enema would be very large and strong and essentially became a punishment as well as a medical enema. Now she hoped that Bill and she would get to turn the tables on her sister in law who was very much the dominant person in their relationship.

The opportunity came sooner than she expected when she got a call from Bill just before Christmas saying that Linda had been at her company's holiday part on Friday night and had too much to drink and to make matters worse had driven home under the influence. She had made it, but when she got home she blew Bill off with a lot of sarcastic comments, and on Saturday, when she was sober and hungover, she had calmed down and agreed she was due for a very major enema session on Sunday afternoon when Kelly normally came over for dinner. When Kelly arriver around 2 on Sunday, he announced, "Alright. Linda, now that Kelly's here I want you undressed and ready for your enema in our bedroom." After she left to get ready Bill said, "Kelly, she's really in trouble for driving home with alcohol in her, so this is going to be a pretty rough session- are you alright with that?" Kelly replied, "Absolutely, Bill, bit we don't want to go too far over the edge, just make the punishment fit the crime."

Bill then went to fix the enema and Kelly went in the bedroom to see if her sister in law was ready. Linda was completely undresses and lying curled up on her bed looking quite nervous. "Kelly, I really screwed up this time, and I know I've got a lesson coming but I'm also not sure I can really take it. " Kelly said, "Linda, last Thanksgiving you told me that if I didn't behave I would get my bottom smacked and as you know that happened. So, my advice to you is lake the enema as well as you can, or I'll remind Bill of the spanking consequence." You're right Kelly and I'll try."

Bill came in with a bulging enema bag and a long nozzle and said, Kelly do the honors, and let's have her in the knee chest position. Linda quickly knelt down with her bottom thrust high and Kelly inserted the well lubricated nozzle deep in Linda''s behind. Bill said, alright dear, here comes the soapiest, largest, and highest pressure enema you've had to take but you deserve very drop. Linda began to clench her bottom as the enema began to flow in and was clearly feeling cramps and fulness almost immediately. After about half the bag was in Bill raised it another foot and within seconds Linda said Bill poles slow down or give me a rest, to which Bill said, "fine Linda, but then you'll have to hold it longer or take extra. Linda said, "I don't care, I have to have a break and Bill clamped the tube shut. What will it be Linda, an extra pint or and extra 5 minutes of holding?" Linda gasped and said I guess an extra five minutes, and Bill quickly released the clamp and the rest of the large enema flowed into his squirming and recalcitrant wife.

Finally it was in and Bill set the timer for 10 minutes and said, "Kelly, take the tube out, let's not give her any help in holding it." Kelly pulled the tip out and Linda collapsed on her stomach with her legs drawn up.Bill began to lecture her about the drinking and driving while Linda's face was in a grimace from trying toehold the strong enema. A little after 3 minutes she leaped up and ran to the bathroom. When she returned 20 minus later she said I just couldn't do it. I know I'll have to do it over again so you all do your worst and I'll try to do better this time. Bill said, "Linda, you're a lot emptier now so you should be able to take and hold the enema, but I won't go easy on you and you know you've earned a dozen smack on your bottom." "Yes sir, she said", and and put herself over Bill's knees on the side of the bed. Bill then delivered a dozen resounding smacks across Linda's upraised bottom as Kelly watched with some pleasure as she remembered from Thanksgiving how much Bill's hand could sting. And she had a rather full bottom whereas Linda's was much thinner so the spanks must rally have an impact.

As soon as the spanking was over Bill went to the bathroom, filled the enema bag to the top again with hot soapsuds, and returned to the bedroom where Linda and kelly were trying not to talk about the emotions of the moment. Bill said, "On your back, legs drawn up, my dear, and Kelly put the nozzle in as far as you can get it. This time Bill held the bag higher than normal but not quite at the strong cramp level, and refused to stop even when Linda complained. Eventually the enema was fully in and Linda managed to hold it for ten minutes with great difficulty. When she was in the bathroom, Bill asked, "Kelly, what do you thin?" Kelly replied, "Brother, I think it did the job, and I hope I don't ever have to get that rough a session from you". When Linda returned- still with a rosy bottom from Bill's spanks, she said, "That was a lesson I don't ever want to learn again, bit I'll also guarantee that neither of you wants to get that from me." Now that all three people had experienced being giver and taker, it was clear that they had established a new level of intimacy and kelly was actually looking forward to one on one times in the future with both Linda and Bill. And she was pretty sure that Bill- whose excitement had shown throughout the afternoon with the bulge in his pants- would enjoy the evening with Linda after she had gone home.