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A Family Affair

Part 5

After the somewhat stressful but arousing end to Kelly's disciplinary session for not meeting the weight loss goal she had agreed to with her sister in law Linda, their relationship calmed down for a couple of months. Kelly went on a strict diet, and was doing well in terms of getting herself back into shape. However, the erotic ending Linda had provided to the difficult conclusion of her punishment enema continued to run through her mind, but she was busy and in any case didn't know what o do next. Then, Linda- perhaps intentionally- created the perfect opportunity. On their regular every other Sunday dinner at Linda and husband Bill's house, Linda confessed to Kelly that she also was having weight problems. Kelly replied with the observation that Linda had always been thin, so how could extra pounds ever be a problem. Linda said, right, but all my clothes have gotten tight, I can't seem to turn down snacks, and maybe I ought to be on the same program for me that we agreed upon for you. Kelly answered, well we can do that but you know it means starting this afternoon before we even begin measuring your progress. Linda looked morose and said I guess you're right but since Bill's at a game it's probably a good time to do it.

Kelly took the cue and said, alright Linda, you know the weight loss plan and consequences- same as mine, but for right now I want you to get addressed while i fix the enema you'll get for putting yourself in this situation. Linda said, yes Kelly, I'll be ready. Ten minutes later Kelley returned from the bathroom with a bulging two quart bag, a long nozzle that everybody in the family had felt, and Linda's wooden hairbrush. She said, Linda, you haven't earned a full spanking but I think 15 good licks with the brush will make you more cooperative during the enema and be a good reminder of what will happen if you don't start to lose weight. Linda began to object and kelly said, alright Linda now it's 20 licks- anymore questions? Now, bend over the edge of your bed where I've put the two pillows and get your bottom high in the air. Linda compiled and Kelly began to deliver sharp smacks against the tightly stretched bottom that was squirming and jerking with each lick.

Then Kelly took a deep breath and tentatively said, Linda , do you want me to help you through the big enema I'm about to give you? (referring to Linda's stroking between kelly's legs as she had taken and held her last punishment enema). In almost a whisper Linda said yes Kelly I'd like that very much. Kelly then reached between Linda's legs, and said, why Linda you're already wet- is that from the spanking, the enema you're going to get, or thinking about me touching you. In a muffled voice Linda said, a little of each I guess. Kelly quickly inserted the nozzle, opened the clamp, and began the large and very soapy enema. Soon Linda was twisting and turning and Kelly stopped the flow and began to stroke Linda at first gently and then with stronger motion. She also commanded- Linda , tell me when you're ready to take all the rest of the enema, you still have almost half left. Linda said that's too much, at which point Kelly opened the clamp, resumed the enema, and said Linda you'll get my hand when you thank me for giving you such a thorough enema, at which point Linda said I really do need it all kelly and please put your hand back. Finally the enema was in and kelly said, now Linda lie on your back for the full five minutes and I'll rub your stomach and help as much as I can. When Linda turned over both nipples were hard and Kelly tweaked them as well as sliding her hand back between Linda's legs. Finally, the long five minutes were up, Linda raced for the bathroom and Kelly began to furiously pleasure herself- she had never imagined these sensations from another woman, but she also wasn't quite sure how much was from hr role with the spanking and enema and how much just enjoying Linda.

When Linda returned twenty minutes later, she said well I guess we're both across a line that's a little different but it certainly adds a lot of excitement to a weight loss program. Thank you Kelly, and I don't think Bill ever needs to know anything, although he does get big erections when I give him enemas. Kelly laughed and said well let's get him in position for me to see that and treat him accordingly.


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