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A Family Affair

Part 2

After Thanksgiving. As was customary Bill and Linda hosted a large Thanksgiving feast for several couples without family in the area, and Kelly helped a lot in preparation since she was between boyfriends. As was also usual everyone ate and drank in excess, but Bill and Kelly were particularly bad offenders since they didn't have to drive home. Linda admonished them both but the food and wine were simply too good to turn down. When Kelly showed up again on Sunday for the monthly dinner with her brother and sister-in-law Linda informed her that Bill was in for a very thorough post-Thanksgiving enema, and she would be in the same situation if she wanted to stay for the afternoon. This also meant letting Bill know that she had let Linda take care of her problem with an enema a month earlier so there would be no more secrets among the three of them. Kelly agreed that she probably needed an enema and said she would let Linda tell Bill everything that had happened.

Linda returned after talking with Bill and said he had agreed to let everything be open between each of them and that he was willing to let Kelly watch his enema treatment as long as she returned the favor when it was her turn. Kelly blushed a deep red and said that she had spied on Bill getting an enema growing up,so it was probably alright for him to watch her, to which Bill acknowledged that he too had spied on her. At that point Linda said, "Enough talk, both of you undress down to your underwear, go the guest room and I'll be in shortly. Somewhat embarrassed Bill stripped down to his shorts and Kelly to her bra and panties and Linda appeared with a bulging red enema bag with a nozzle that was much longer than Kelly remembered from her first time. She then said, Bill, you're first, because Kelly needs to see me give an enema that doesn't just take care of your excess consumption but delivers a behavior lesson at the same time- since she'll be getting one like that also. Now to save your modesty you can lie on your stomach and then take your shorts off- actually I'll have Kelly take them off and put the nozzle in.

Bill quickly turned over face down and raised up as Kelly slid his shorts down and off. Linda said, "Kelly, put some vaseline on the nozzle and in Bill, and then put it all the way in. Kelly tentatively put vaseline slightly inside Bill's bottom and then slowly inserted the nozzle as deep as she could, the last inch or so causing a definite reaction of discomfort from Bill. Alright, my husband you know why you're getting this enema, so no complaints or there will be consequences, and she opened the clamp letting the flow begin. Kelly watched in fascination as Bill squeezed his bottom from the initial sensation and also uttered a soft "Oh, my". After about half the bag was in and Bill was taking it fairly well Linda raised it about another foot causing much greater pressure and cramps. Bill said, Linda, Linda not so fast. Linda simply continued with the comment, I told you this is a behavior lesson so just grit your teeth unless you want consequences. Bill began to squirm and draw his legs up until finally he said, Linda I just have to stop for a while. Linda shut the clamp and said, alright that means an extra pint or an extra three minutes of holding- your choice-tell me now or you'll get both. Bill gasped and said I'll take the extra holding, and Linda quickly restarted the enema and let the rest flow rapidly in. She then set a clock for 8 minutes and told Bill she was going to have Kelly leave the nozzle in to help him.

Kelly had been so excited watching Linda deliver the strong enema to her brother that she almost pulled the nozzle out by mistake, but she watched Bill squeeze hard as the 8 minutes went slowly by with Linda delivering comments to Bill from time to time. Finally the time was up, Kelly slowly took the nozzle out, and Bill raced for the bathroom. After he had gone Kelly said Linda I just don't think I can take such a strong, large enema. What did you put in it? Linda said, "Kelly, it was very soapy, and as much as could get into the bag and yours will be too. What did you tell me last time after you complained about the enema? Kelly thought and reluctantly said, I told you that you could smack my bottom if I complained in the future. Right, so unless you want your brother to see you get a red bottom before your enema you better think twice.

Linda went to fix Kelly's enema and Bill returned from the bathroom with a short comment, "Wow, that was some enema, I feel better, but it sure was no picnic. Good luck to you sis. Kelly then turned over on her stomach, Bill took her panties down and off, and Linda came in with the enema. Bill took his time lubricating Kelly's bottom and inserting the large nozzle, and Linda then began the flow. Almost immediately Kelly began to squirm but eventually she began to get more comfortable, that is until Linda raised the bag a foot or more creating the pressure and cramps. Linda asked her the same questions as Bill and she said, I don't think I can possibly hold it longer so I guess I'll have to take the extra pint. Finally the enema was in, Kelly began a very difficult 5 minutes of bearing down and Linda returned with a bulb holding the extra pint. When the time was up Linda walked over to give her the extra bulb and she said, please no Linda I'm so full. Linda turned to Bill and said, would you please give your sister a half dozen good smacks on that bottom of hers, and then I'll give her this bulb. With some pleasure Bill delivered six thorough spanks to Kelly's upturned bottom, after which Linda forcefully injected the extra pint. Kelly then ran for the bathroom, and after she was gone Linda said well, we'll see if she wants to part of our arrangement in the future.

When Kelly returned from the bathroom 20 minutes later, she said, "Linda, thank you, I really needed that enema and the lesson that went with it, and Bill you have a hard hand but it got my attention". I hope I can be part of this family affair because I really do need an enema from time to time, and sometimes a lesson to go with it. Linda said, welcome to our family practices and one day maybe you'll see me on the receiving end also.