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A Family Affair

Part 1

Kelly was supposed to go to her brother and his wife's house for their monthly Sunday get-togethers where she and her sister-in-law, Linda, always cooked together in the afternoon while her brother was playing golf. This week she just felt lousy. She worked as an event planner and had been constantly on the go for the last several days, being sure that everything was going as planned and grabbing snacks from all the venues all day each day. She called Linda, described her week, and said she just didn't feel like cooking or eating anything . Linda, who was in her early 30s and more than five years older than Kelly, said l understand but why don't you come over for a while anyway and we can talk and spend a little time together. Kelly reluctantly agreed and drove over to Linda's house, arriving in the early afternoon.

Linda immediately said so what's the matter Kelly, you really do look like you're really out of sorts. Kelly said, it's sort of embarrassing but I've been running around, eating junk food and haven't really gone to the bathroom for a couple of days. Linda, who was a medical receptionist, said well you can try laxatives but the way you look it's going to take a long time and it won't be much fun. Now I know you got enemas growing up because Bill (her husband and Kelly's brother) got them, and I sometimes give him one when he gets into your kind of trouble. Kelly said I really didn't like them and I hated my mother seeing me like that, and do you really give them to Bill? Linda said, "I sure do, and he's even given me a couple when I had a problem". Your choice kelly, but I think I can be a lot better than your mother and it will probably be a little uncomfortable but it won't take long and you'll feel like a new girl.

Wow, Kelly said, maybe I ought to let you do it if you don't mind, but promise me you won't tell Bill. Of course not, and why don'y you go to the guest room and get ready while I fix the enema and bring it in there. Kelly went upstairs, got undressed to her bra and panties and waited for Linda, feeling more and more nervous as she thought about what was going to happen. Linda soon appeared with a bulging red enema bag, a large towel, and a jar of vaseline. Kelly immediately said Linda I don't think I can take anywhere near that much, to which Linda said well maybe not but I want you to try to take as much as you can. Now get those panties off and lie on the towel on your left side- that's how Bill said you all always got them. Kelly quickly obliged, Linda hung the bag from a standing lamp, and spread Kelly's bottom and begin to lubricate her rectum with the vaseline. She then inserted the nozzle slowly but very deeply, and asked Kelly, "All ready?". I guess so was the soft reply and Linda said, now let me know if you get a strong cramp, but I don't want to hear anything about pressure or getting full because that's what an enema does.

Linda then released the clamp and very quickly Kelly felt the strong first sensation of the enema, squeezing her bottom and uttering a quiet 'oh my'. With strong will power she managed about half the bag before simply saying, "I can't take anymore, Linda"I'm really full. Linda closed the clamp and said, relax for a little and then we're going to get at least another pint in you. With all you've had the last few days you may not be able to finish but you need much more than you've taken so far. Ready to start again? "I'll try, and quickly the enema begin to flow more rapidly as Linda raised the bag somewhat higher. Kelly did her best but finally gasped, that's it- I can't take it. Linda said, alright Kelly, I'll give you the two choices I always give Bill. You can either finish the enema or you'll have to have another one to complete the job- and you're going to hold this enema for at least a few minutes. Understand? Yes, Linda, I know I'll probably need another one, but I just can't hold anymore. Five very long minutes later Kelly raced for the bathroom, and eventually appeared back in the bedroom a half hour later.

I'm sorry I was such a baby about it Linda, I think I can handle a full bag this time, and I'm already feeling a lot better. In a sterner voice Linda said alright, this time I want you kneeling down with your bottom in the air, and you're really going to get cleaned out. Half jokingly she said no complaints or I'll smack your behind, and kelly said, I won't say a word - and do you ever smack Bill's behind. Linda smiled and said that's for me to know and you to guess about. Kelly quickly got into position and felt Linda insert a much larger nozzle which she said was to help her keep the enema in, and immediately she felt the rush of the enema. Even though the pressure was strong and she got a few cramps she was very proud of not saying a word until the bag was empty, although she couldn't help squirming and moving a lot. the five minute holding time was nearly impossible but she made it.

After expelling the large enema, showering and getting dressed she went down to see Linda in the kitchen and said, "I feel so much better I'll help you cook". I also appreciate your giving the enemas, I really needed them, and I never could have done it on my own. hey were a lot more uncomfortable than my mothers, but somehow I didn't mind getting them from you. If I ever need this again I' 😁 really appreciate your help and you can even smack my bottom if I act like a baby. Linda said you were a real trooper, those were big enemas and you were really full, but I have to be pretty from because you needed all the enema I could get into you. And Bill is sometimes an even bigger baby. Kelly then said, how often do you give him one and what is he like? I once accidentally saw him getting one when he was around 12 and he was complaining the entire time. Well, sometimes I help him a little by doing husband and wife things, and sometimes I make him take a little extra or hold it longer if he talks back too much. And he kind of does the same thing to me, although I don't get nearly as many as he does.

Later that evening when she was home Kelly though through all the events of the strange day. She wondered if she could talk to Bill about it without embarrassing them both and she would really like to see him get an enema from Linda. Come to think about it she wouldn't mind seeing Bill turn the tables on Linda. And even the thought of a little discipline from Linda was somewhat exciting although she quickly put the thought away. Two big enemas from her sister in law were quite enough for today.


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