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Baby Chris

Chapter 4

The next morning all 4 babies were sitting up in there cribs. Tammy asked Chris if he was very wet. Chris felt the front of his diaper and said it feel pretty wet. Tammy then replied I guess the tapes are working for you then and now your diapered trained.

About 15 min later 2 girls came in to get the babies changed and fed. They changed the 2 oldest babies first, and then told them that the abdl mom was here to start there paperwork. They told them that since they were 18 and 20 yr old that it's not like an adoption and they will be leaving in a day or 2. Then another girl came in and took the older babies to see there new mommy.

Then the 2 girls came over to Tammy and Chris's cribs, both rails were lowered. Both babies were really soaked this morning. Tammy was changed into a pampers baby dry, and Chris was changed into a huggies snug and dry. Both babies were told that instead of formula today, they were going to be breastfed. Since your mommies will be doing this we brought in a couple of wet nurses to help.

The 2 nurses came in and both Tammy and Chris were still in there cribs with dry diapers on, and t-shirts. Both nurses went to each crib, and asked if they were ready. Both Tammy and Chris responded yes. Both nurses were 23 yrs old, and knew how old Tammy and Chris were actually, and knew there stories. As both babies were lifted out of there cribs, and the nurses sat down craddeling both babies in there arms. As both nurses undid there shirts, and both babies seen the nipples on each nurse they began to get excited.

As both babies latched on to the nipples and began sucking the nurses were surprised how both babies were doing considering there real ages. As both babies were fed for 30 min and they were done both were burped. Both nurses sat there holding both babies on there laps and saying how cute they were. Both nurses said they would have never guessed there real ages. Both nurses told Tammy and Chris they were going to be there nurses til there new mommies toke them home. Both babies were told these nurses will be taking over all there feedings, diapering, and bath time.

As the one nurse that was holding Chris she said to him I have been a wet nurse for 3 yrs now, and this is the first time I have fed a 23 yr old. Plus I give your new mommy 2 thumbs up for taking you in as a baby. Plus I see they have different brands of diapers next to your crib. With my experience the pampers diapers work the best. I have a 5 yr old niece who still in diapers 24/7, and she wears pampers baby dry during the day, and pampers cruisers at night, so that's what I'm going to keep you in from here on out.

Plus I know they have taken you to the zoo and a couple other places, but from here on out you will get a taste of your new life with me. Breastfeeding in public, and your diaper exposed as well. You will be changed in front of others in public, cause sometimes there are not baby changing stations available. Chris said I understand everything you told me.

Moving forward it has been 1 month since the nurse took over. Chris now was use to being breastfed, having his diaper changed in front of others in public. Chris now was in the pampers baby dry diapers during the day, and pampers cruisers at night. The nurse that took care of Chris told him that she enjoyed caring for him, and he makes a cute baby. Plus I know your going to have a good life with your new mommy. As Chris was laid in his crib for the night they told him he was going home tomorrow. Chris laid there with a juice bottle, and said to Tammy. Thanks for everything and helping me adjust to this new life. Tammy said your welcome, plus I'm going home in 2 days myself. Chris said I'm going to be in pampers diapers all the time now. Tammy said she will continue wearing huggies overnites at bed, and the snug and dry during the day. Chris said he was going to sleep now cause tomorrow was a big day.