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Baby Chris

Chapter 5

The next morning Carrie was there to pick up Chris. Carrie was wearing a pair of white shorts spandex and a tank top. The young girl gave Carrie up to date progress on Chris. He is now unpotty trained, his breastfeeding went well. He is now in pampers baby dry during the day and pampers cruiser at night. Plus the judge told me to tell you that all diapers, baby supplies, clothing will be taken care of by the state since your doing this. Here is a credit card to use at the stores. Carrie said thanks, we will stop by the store on the way home.

Carrie then went to the nursery to get Chris. When Carrie walked in and Chris seen his new mommy he got all excited. She lowered his rail on his cribed and picked him up. She held him tight and said she missed him, and was glad she was glad to be taking him home. Chris told his new mom that Tammy helped him while he was here. Carrie said to Tammy Thanks for everything.

Carrie said to Chris she needed to change him. As she laid Chris back down in his crib, she grabbed a new diaper. She untapped his wet diaper, lifted his legs and pulled off his wet diaper. She then slid the new diaper under him, and powdered him. She then pulled up the diaper between his legs and taped it on. She then lifted him out of his crib and took him over and sat down. She told Chris that she was fully lactating and now she could breastfeed him. Chris said to his new mommy I'm going to love my new life. Carrie said to Chris I have waited for this day for a long time. I know that I have known you for a long time, and I thought it would be weird, but the more I thought about it I'm happy.

As Carrie lifted her top she put her nipple in Chris's mouth. Chris began sucking and milk stated coming out. Chris was fed for 30 min, and when he was done she burped him a couple of times. Carrie told Chris he would be breastfed once in the morning, and once before bed. During the day at daycare she would pump milk in bottles so he can be fed there. She then put a Bob the builder shirt on him, and told him it was time to leave.

As Carrie walked out and Chris walking next to his mom holding her hand in just a shirt and diaper. She picked up Chris and put him in a car seat, and said they were going to Wal-Mart to get diapers and supplies. When they got to the store she lifted Chris out of his car seat and put him in the seat of a shopping cart. She placed a pacifier in his mouth.

As they got into the store she went to the diaper isle and got Chris's diapers, then over to the clothing department and got all baby cloths for Chris. While walking around Carrie ran into a couple of women from her firm. Both women said I see you have your baby now, and Carrie replied yes I do. Both women were very attractive and said if you need a babysitter we will be happy to watch him for you. Carrie then replied I will take you up on that.

Chris said to his mommy, wow you have some hot looking friends. Carrie replied yes I do, and smiled as she pushed him thru the store. Once they got home Carrie said to Chris here it is your new home now. As Carrie brought in all of Chris baby supplies she showed Chris around. He had a high chair, playpen, jars of baby food. And then she showed him his nursery. A crib, changing table, a dresser for all his cloths, diaper stacker, and toys. As Chris sat there on the floor playing with some toys while his mommy put things away she said to Chris it was time for a nap. She picked up Chris and took him to the changing table and changed his diaper. She left Chris in nothing but a diaper. Carrie heard a knock on the door. She went to the door and it was one of the women from the store. She said are you busy, Carrie said nope I was getting ready to feed Chris, then put him down for a nap.

As both women sat down Carrie lifted her shirt and Chris latched on and started sucking. Both women sat there and talked. When Chris was done feeding his eyes were almost closed. The women asked if she could put Chris to bed. As she picked up Chris from Carrie she took him in and laid him in his crib, and raised his rail. When the women came back from putting Chris to bed she said to Carrie does Chris have any idea about us, or what is going on and Carrie replied not yet but soon he will find out.

Jill said how do you think he will react that were lesibians, and were lovers. Carrie said I bet he will love it being changed and cared for by 2 women. Jill said to Carrie I guess we will tell him when he wakes up, and Carrie replied that will be fine. Plus he will see that you also wear diapers, Jill said he is gonna find out soon enough. Carrie said I got the super dry kid diapers the other day, there a lot better than the ones you wear now.

Jill said I don't like the cloth outer cover diapers Carrie told Jill these are plastic outer cover and should work great. As the 2 moved into the bedroom, Carrie took off Jill's cloths exposing just her diaper. As Carrie took off Jill's diaper they began making out. After about an hour they heard Chris waking up. Both Carrie and Jill got up and Carrie thru on some shorts. As the 2 walked in to get chris he noticed Jill had no shorts on. Carrie told Chris that her and Jill were lovers. Chris got the biggest smile on his face as he was lifted from his crib onto the changing table to be changed. Carrie said to Chris that Jill also wore diapers too. Carrie then brought Chris out into the living room. Carrie told Jill to lay on the floor, and she came back with a diaper. As Chris watched Carrie put Jill into a diaper he thought even more how great his life was. Carrie said to Jill that she could go around in just a diaper like Chris. Jill told Carrie she liked the diapers she was put into. Carrie also told Jill she had training pants and plastic pants for her to wear at work. Carrie said to Jill since I'm lactating there will be enough milk for her. As Jill got on the couch Carrie began breastfeeding her. When she was done Chris began feeding.

After Chris was fed, Carrie told them they were going to the mall. Carrie told Jill that she had booster pads to put inside of her diapers. She said she didn't want to bring attention changing her in public. Jill told Carrie she understood 100% and was ok with it. She concealed Jill's diaper and no one knew she had on a diaper while they were out in public.

Moving forward as Carrie, Jill, and Chris became a family everything was good. Jill was able to wear the training pants at work with know one knew she had them on. At home and all weekends she was kepted in diapers. Plus Carrie had a cabin on a private lake. When they went to the cabin it was a 3 hour trip, Jill was put into a diaper for the trip. When they got there since it was private and no one else around Chris and Jill would play in the water in there diaper vs a swim diaper. Jill would be diapered in front of Chris and the same for Chris. Plus Carrie was a happy mommy to both Jill and Chris.