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Baby Chris

Chapter 3

The next morning 2 girls came in the check on the babies. Chris, and the small 19 yr old ( Tammy) were sitting up in there cribs, and talking. Both were wearing sleeper PJ's. The 18 and 20 yr olds were wearing night gowns. Then 2 more girls came in to help with diaper changes and get ready for there feedings. The 18 yr old had messed her diaper along with Tammy. All 4 babies had there rails of there cribs lowered so they could be changed. The one girl said to Chris lets see how wet you are, plus you have not pooped since you been here. She laid Chris down, and unzipped his PJ's then she took his legs out and laid there with nothing but a pretty wet diaper. She picked up Chris from his crib and took him over to a couch and sat down. She told Chris she was going to give him a suppository. She laid Chris over her lap, pulled down his diaper and put some KY jelly around his butt. She inseterd a suppository pulled his diaper back up and said he would be changed after he pooped.

After Tammy was changed they put her in a huggies snug and dry. She was then put on the floor and her and Chris watch some tv. Chris said I hope I poop soon I need to be changed cause I'm soaked. Tammy replied I know I don't like being wet also. When the 2 older girls were getting changed, they were told they would be wearing the super dry kids diapers from now on. After both older girls were changed they were help out of there cribs. All were put in high chairs and fed baby cereal. Then all 4 were fed 8 oz of formula, while Chris was being bottle fed the suppository kicked in. Chris had filled his diaper with relief. After his bottle she took Chris and laid him in his crib. He started sucking his thumb which was replaced with a pacifier. As he laid there the girl got all the diapering supplies. As the girl untapped his diaper and lifted his legs up she wiped his bottom with some of the diaper. She then grabbed some wipes and finished cleaning him up, and he laid there naked. Chris looked over as she unfolded his diaper, the girl said he would wear a luvs diaper. She lifted his legs and slid the diaper under him. Put desitine and powder on him. The she pulled the diaper up between his legs, and taped it on.

All 4 were told they were going to the zoo today. One of the girls told the 18 and 20 yr old they were going to meet someone at the zoo, cause there was an abdl mommy that wanted to see about taking them for good. The 2 girls were excited, and that they might have someone soon to be with. Diaper bags were packed, and strollers put in the van. Since it was so hot out the babies were told all's they would wear at the zoo is a diaper and t-shirt, this way it was easier to check there diapers. All 4 were put in the van, and Chris and Tammy in car seats. When they arrived at the zoo Chris and Tammy had there diapers check and put in there stroller. The 2 older girls stood there as they had there diapers check, and all was good all the babies were dry. As they got into the zoo they meet the abdl mommy.

As they talked the abdl mommy said to them would you like to come live with me. I would have to go thru everything like paper work. Plus the abdl mommy told them they would be kepted like this all the time. Both girls agreed to her wishes, plus she said the diapers you have on will be your every day diaper, you will have cribs, and a nursery to play in. The girl from the home said come by tomorrow to fill all the paper work out.

Chris said to one of the girls that he does not feel embarrassed being out in public in just a diaper. He said I have noticed other kids bigger than me in diapers and drinking from a bottle. The girl said to Chris well it's your size, people don't know your 23 yrs old. As the babies were pushed around in strollers they stopped over by the baby center. The young girl working the center said you all have your hands full with 4 babies.

All 4 needed to be changed and fed. All diapers were changed and all had some baby food and 8 oz of formula. Tammy and Chris were changed into a pampers swaddlers. As the 18 yr old was being changed and the 20 yr old in a stroller a young mother said you 2 make cute babies.

As they finished at the zoo all were pushed in there strollers back to the van, and put in car seats. As they drove off the 18 and 20 yr old told the girls from the home they wanted to thank them for everything they have done for them while living there. Not being potty trained is embarrassing, and being fed formula and just being a baby. The girls told them they were welcome, and it was no problem at all. As they got home all 4 were taken out of car seats. The 2 older girls stood there and hugged the workers to express there thanks. There were 2 kiddie pools, and all 4 babies got into the pools. As they played for a bit, Tammy and Chris were taken in and changed. As the 2 older ones stayed in the pool playing the 2 workers came back out. They had towels to help them dry off. Once they were dried off, and there diapers were soaked. The 2 workers sat down, and called the babies over to them to sit on there laps. As the babies sat on there laps the magic started. Kissing and touching started between them. The 18 and 20 yr old said I have always wanted to have sex with a women. Both of the workers said us too. As they made there way into another part of the home they went into a bedroom. They started making out, and the workers said diaper sex is awesome. One of the workers grabbed a few toys, but left the babies still in there diapers. The 18 yr old was getting so hot and bothered, cause the one girl had her hand in her diaper and figuring her. The other took a vibrated to the front of the 20 yr olds diaper. Then the one got a strap on and pulled down the back of the 18 yr olds diaper and used it on her. Then the 20 yr old was next, and she was in heaven. As there diapers were removed, they had a foursome. When they were done the one worker said I need to go and get a couple of diapers, both girls peed while laying on the bed. When the girl returned with 2 diapers she noticed they peed, and said don't worry about it. Both girls were diapered, and walked to the nursery. The one girl made 2 juice bottles for the babies. Both babies climbed up in there cribs, and given juice bottles for the night. There rails were raised on there cribs, given a kiss on the forehead and told to sleep tight.