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Baby Chris

Chapter 2

As Carrie and Amanda left when they got home Carrie got a phone call. The lady on the other end told Carrie that the judge wanted Chris to stay about 1 month now.

Carrie replied why, the lady said the judge wants us to regress Chris to a baby before he leaves here. Carrie asked how are you going to do this. The lady says we will play tapes while he sleeps, and this will unpotty train him. He will also be bottle dependant and will love formula, and baby food. Plus it will help him interact with other babies. Plus he will be moved to a nursery with others in diapers, and babies. Currently in the nursery now we have another baby 19 yr old baby girl and she is the same size as Chris she stopped growing at 4 yrs old. We also have 2 girls who are 18, and 20 yrs old, and regular size. They both are kepted in diapers all the time also. Carrie said that would be ok with her.

When the young girl came in to chris's room she lowered the rail on his crib. She checked Chris to see if he was wet, and she said she needed to change his diaper. As Chris got his first diaper change he loved it, and smiled. As she picked up Chris from his crib, and carried him to the nursery where he was going to be til he left.

As she walked in with Chris in her arms and nothing but a diaper on. He seen 3 girls laying on the floor all had juice bottles, and all 3 were in diapers and watching the cartoon channel. Plus he noticed 6 cribs, and diapers next to there beds. Chris was introduced to all 3 and they welcomed Chris. The 2 older girls were wearing tranquility ATN diapers, and the girl that was the same size as Chris was wearing a pampers baby dry size 4. She told Chris she was really 19 yrs old, Chris said I'm 23 yrs old. She told Chris her story and she has been back as a baby for 9 months now, and soon was going to leave cause she has a new mommy now. Chris told her his story, and he was getting use to being in diapers.

The girl said I love being in diapers I'm unpotty trained, I'm on formula, and baby food. Plus I have worn pampers, huggies, and luvs. I'm mostly in the pampers baby dry during the day, but at night I'm put in the huggies overnites. It is weird peeing and pooping and not knowing I have gone til I'm told I need a diaper change. Plus I see next to your crib you have the same diapers as me.

The 2 other girls came over and sat with Chris and the young girl. As the 4 sat and talked, the 1 girl said to Chris your lucky to be able to wear baby diapers, I'm in these and the crinkle when I walk. About 30 min later a girl walked in, and she was 21 yrs old. She told the 3 girls it was time to have there diapers check. All 3 were wet, and need to be changed. The 2 older girls were able to climb up into there cribs, but the younger girl had to be lifted up and laid in her crib. All 3 girls were changed, and she told Chris since he was changed a bit ago he should be all set.

Soon it was time to eat, all were put in high chairs. They were fed baby food and all 3 girls ate everything. Since it was Chris's first time eating baby food the girl feeding him was very patient. Chris finally finished. After eating all 4 played on the floor.

At 8:15 pm all 4 were bottle fed formula, given a bath. By 9:00 pm all were put in there cribs, and put into there night diaper. All were given a juice bottle to help them fall asleep.