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Baby Chris

Chapter 1

Chris was 23 yrs old and being raised by his 30 yr old sister. There mom passed away when Chris was 18 yrs old. Now why would a 23 yr old still have his sister raising him? Her name is Megan. Chris stopped growing at the age of 3 yrs old, so he has no choice in the matter to have someone care for him. Chris wore regular underwear at all times, but being his size he did wear the ones with cartoon characters on them. Some of his cloths has childish prints on them, but some didn't. At dinner time Chris sat in a booster chair so he could be even with the table. At bath time Megan still had to help Chris. He slepted in toddler bed, and his room was a regular room nothing childish in it at all.

One day Megan was going thru some of her bills. She was so far behind on alot, she had gone thru all the money her mom left them when she died. The next morning Megan's friend Carrie stop by, she was a defense attorney for the state of Florida. Megan told Carrie her problems, and Carrie said if I can help let me know, Megan replied no I have to do this on my own. Carrie said that's fine, you have to do what you have to do.

Chris got up come walking in, and Carrie said there is my little man. She picked up Chris and gave him a hug and a kiss. Chris loved it so much he held his arms around her neck. She put Chris in his booster seat so he could eat. After Chris ate and Carrie left, Megan said to Chris we have to talk.

Chris: what's the matter sis. Megan: our money is gone, I have come up with a plan, but I have to use you as a 3 yr old baby. chris said a baby like being in diapers. Megan: no diapers, but you will have to go to a daycare, and while were out you will be pushed in a stroller. Chris: I don't like it I'm 23 yrs old and now I'm going to be treated as a baby. Megan: not a baby your not going to be in diapers, just play the age of a 3 yr old. Chris: ok sis, but I'm not going to like it.

That afternoon Megan contacted a daycare, and they had an appointment to come in. Megan dressed Chris in printed childish cloths and they meet with the owner of the daycare. The young lady in her 20's had them come in and sat down. My name is Amber I'm the owner, I'm Megan and this is my son Chris. Amber: nice to meet the both of you. Megan: same here, but Chris just sat there not saying anything, and wondering why his sister was doing this to him. Amber: started getting all the info to enroll Chris into the daycare. She explained everything, the cost, different things They do with the kids, and then she asked if Chris was still in Pull ups or diapers. Megan: I keep him in training pants, he has a little drippling after going pee. Amber: we can deal with that. She took them on a tour, there were cribs, toddler beds, toys and anything else you could imagine. After the tour Megan said we will see you in the morning. When they got out to the car Megan put Chris in his booster seat. Chris said to his sister why did you tell her I wore training pants? Megan said I need you to play the part, plus your the size of a baby still, I could go with diapers if you want. Chris: no I will wear the training pants.

Megan said we need to stop at the store. When they got there she put Chris in the seat of the shopping cart. She went over and got 12 pairs of training pants, and some more childish cloths. Plus she bought a new stroller. As they were walking thru the store they seen Carrie, she said why do you have a stroller and training pants. Megan without hesitation said the stroller is for a friend, and Chris had a couple of wetting accidents, so I thought these would be better than Pull ups or diapers. Carrie said I can see your point. When they got home Megan had Chris start wearing the training pants. Chris: I guess there not to bad. Megan: they do look cute on you. Here is what is going to happen. While were out in public you will be pushed in a stroller, you will be drinking from a bottle. You will pee in your training pants, plus I will have plastic pants over them. When were in the bathroom getting you into dry pants you will help steel wallets from other moms, plus help me shoplift in stores so I can sell the things for money. I'm also doing drugs so if they see me with a baby this will help. Chris: sis that's not right, but I love you and I will help you as much as I can. Megan: thanks so much, and I love you so much. Plus I'm going to be taking money from work to help out also.

In the meantime Carrie knew something was going on with Megan. They had a lot of new things, money was not an issue anymore. Chris was in training pants all the time, there were baby bottles, Chris had a pacifier at times. He was going to day care instead of having the same sitter come over. Then about 1 month later Megan called Carrie on the phone. Megan: I need you to come over. Carrie: ok, be right over. Megan: Carrie I have done some bad things the last year or so. I have been embezzling from my job, drugs, shoplifting and I have put Chris in the middle of all this. I want to turn myself in I'm over my head. Carrie: hon, why didn't you say anything. Me being in the position I'm in I can't over look this. We have to go turn you in. Megan: please make sure Chris is taken care of for me.

As they went to turn Megan in to the police, Chris wanted to know what was going to happen to him. Carrie went to the judge and explain to her what was going on. The judge had Chris taken to a boys home, he was not able to go to jail due to hithe s size,but would have to pay for what he did. Carrie did go to the boys home and explained why he was in training pants, but needed regular underwear not diapers, and he would sleep in a toddler bed. Chris then was changed into regular underwear, and had a regular bed to sleep in. Chris asked Carrie how long he was going to have to be in this place. Carrie said I'm hope not for long, she said you did some bad things, and the judge will have to figure out your punishment. But I'm going to see if you can come live with me. Chris then hugged Carries neck and said ok.

3 days later the judge meet with Carrie, and Megan. The judge told Megan what she did was no excuse. You put your bother thru a lot to help you with your pettiful life. Megan said I know judge I'm guilty of everything, and I want to pay for what I have done. The judge sentenced Megan to 15 yrs, which was steep. She would not be able to see her bother once she got out. Plus I know I should not do this, but since this is a friend I'm going to reward you Chris into your custody. He took part into crimes and being the size he is I can't send him to jail, but I can order him to a life of being a baby.

Carrie asked the judge do you mean like diapers and everything. The judge replied yes, he acted like a baby and this will be his punishment. Carrie said ok your honor I will make preparation for my new addition. As court was done Megan was led off sobbing. Carrie then called a friend of hers and told her what was going on and she was getting a 23 yr old baby. Carrie had her friend meet her at the home so she could meet Chris. When Carrie and her friend got to the home they took Chris into a separate room. Chris this is my friend Amanda, Chris replied nice to meet you, and Amanda said same here. Carrie told Chris the out come that he will be with her from her on out, but there is one thing you need to know. Chris said what's that. Carrie said you took part in some illegal things, and you have to pay for your actions. You enjoyed using your size as a baby, and now you will stay a baby. You will now be in diapers full time, be on a bottle, you will sleep in a crib and this is final. Chris began to cry, and Carrie picked him up and said this is the only way, or you can stay here and get adopted by a stranger. Chris said I have no choice, and I understand. Carrie said you will have to stay here for a couple more days. Chris said ok, and he thought no diapers until then. Carrie then said you will have a new bed now while here. She took Chris to another room and there was a crib and diapers. Chris then said I have to go in diaper now, Carrie said yes

As she laid Chris on a changing table the girl at the home said here are the pampers size 4 they should fit him. Chris looked up at Carrie and said this is embarrasing, Carrie said no need to be embarrased honey. Chris asked Carrie are you going to diaper me, yes she said. As she took off his cloths she stuck a pacifier in his mouth. As he laid there naked with a little hair around his penis. Carrie said we need to get rid of that hair. His penis was somewhat erected as he laid there. Carrie then got one of the diapers unfolded it, and lifted his legs up and slid the diaper under his butt. She powdered him with baby powder, and Pull up up the diaper between his legs and taped it on. Chris then looked down and seen he now had on a size 4 pampers baby dry. Carrie then told Chris depending on which diapers she would use would depend on which were more absorbancy at night and during the daytime. Amanda told Carrie she use huggies overnights for her 8 month old. Amanda told Chris he looks cute as a baby.

Carrie told Chris that she would be a good mommy to him, and I will breast feed you, that's why Amanda is here with me I want to see if breast milk is what you want. As Amanda picked up Chris from the changing table in nothing but a diaper she took him over and sat down. She undid her shirt and pulled out her breast. She told Chris just to relax and she stuck her nipple in his mouth. She told Chris to start sucking. As Chris was held in Amanda's arms and sucking in nothing but his diaper Carrie knew that she was going to enjoy having Chris as her baby. After about 15 min of feeding Amanda then started to pat Chris on his back and he burped. Amanda said very good Chris.

Carrie told Chris that her and Amanda had to go and they would have him out of here in a couple days. Carrie then took Chris from Amanda, and Amanda said Chris I will look forward to babysit you sometime. Carrie asked Chris if he liked the breastfeeding and he said yes. Carrie said now I'm going to put you in your crib, and she laid him in his crib and raised the rail Chris knew this was his new life. As he looked down and seen he was in baby diapers, and diapers in his room he thought not a bad life.

More to come.


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