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A dream came true

Part 5

A lot has been changed during the last time Cathy, Lauren and myself had fun together. We decided since we enjoyed it so much being together, that we moved out of the apartments and started to move into a new house. We found one very quickly with a nice spacious living room, 3 bedrooms and a 2 car garage. It also had a fairly big garden at the back with a shed and even a jacuzzi was installed outside by the previous owners. Neither Cathy or Lauren was having any problems with the open relationship we all had. Cathy and Lauren ordered some new toys we could play with.

One day in the weekend Cathy and Lauren decided to try out a new toy that arrived yesterday. It was an enema nozzle for the showerhose. We all went to the bathroom and I decided to bring the handcuffs with me that also were ordered and delivered. I undressed both Cathy and Lauren and handcuffed them with their hands on their back. I unscrewed the showerhead from the hose and screwed the enema nozzle back on the hose. They were both jumping to get started. I decided to flip a coin to see who could started first. Lauren won the toss. “I let you test the temperature first.” I said to Lauren. After we adjusted the temperature to her liking, I shut off the water. I inserted the nozzle in her ass and slowly started the water flowing. “Is it on?” Lauren asked. “I haven’t got all day.” she said. “Yeah. I want to enjoy to.” Cathy added. I turned on the knob to about half open to increase the speed of the water. “That’s better.” Lauren said. After a couple of seconds I already could see that her belly was starting to grow. A minute or so later Lauren said: “That’s enough for now. It’s going a little too fast, but maybe I can take some more when this settles.” I agreed with her and shut off the water. After I had cleaned the nozzle, Cathy and Lauren changed places since the hose isn’t that long. “Temperature testing.” I said to Cathy. “Don’t have to. I’ll take the same temperature as Lauren did.” Cathy replied. I inserted the nozzle into Cathy’s perfectly shaped rear and turned on the water about half open. Cathy jumped a little when the water entered. “Too fast?” I asked. “No. Just surprised by the sudden burst of water.” Cathy said. While Cathy was filling up, I rubbed the swollen belly from Lauren. “Think I also need a timeout.” Cathy said after some time. I stopped rubbing the belly from Lauren and was amazed at how big Cathy had gotten in that short amount of time. “Timeout or stop?” I asked. “I can take some more later.” Cathy replied. “You ready for round 2?” I asked Lauren. She nodded and after I shut off the water and removed the nozzle from Cathy’s ass, they changed position. I cleaned the nozzle and inserted it again in Lauren’s ass. “Turn on the water, I am ready for round 2.” Lauren said. So I turned on the water, but this time I gave it a quarter turn. I turned around to Cathy and started rubbing her belly. “Don’t forget my swelling belly.” Lauren said. As I rubbed both bellies, I could feel Laurens belly swelling under my hand. After some time Lauren had enough. “Plug me up. I am full.” she said. I reached under the sink and got out the buttplug. I turned off the water and quickly changed the hose with the buttplug. “I can take more.” Cathy said. “I want you to keep the water at the same speed as before.” she said. I inserted the nozzle back into Cathy and opened the water again half way as she asked me to do. In the time Cathy was filling up, I unlocked the handcuffs from Lauren and helped her into her bikini which was laying ready for her. Both of the girls decided before to enjoy their water filled bellies in the jacuzzi. I helped her in her bikini since this wasn’t easy with a swollen belly that made her look like a full term pregnant lady. Even her belly button was completely flattened out now. “I feel full to.” Cathy said. We both looked towards Cathy and she looked like she was about to give birth to twins. Even her belly button had turned from an innie to an outie. I shut off the water and like I did with Lauren, I plugged her up, unlocked the handcuffs and helped her in her bikini.

I enjoyed watching the girls walk to the jacuzzi. Even from walking behind them, I could clearly see that they were both filled. When I helped Cathy and Lauren in the jacuzzi, I joined them in the jacuzzi. Within seconds both girls bikini bottoms were off and we started to have sex in the jacuzzi. After about 15 minutes both girls felt like they had to go and release the water. Since they were so full, they decided to empty outdoors. We had no problems from the neighbours, because the fences were high enough to prevent any sneaky peeking from one of the neighbours on both sides. Both bikini bottoms were still on the floor of the jacuzzi and I helped both girls get out of the jacuzzi. They squatted in front of each other, both holding on to each other and expelled on the grass. After both had emptied they walked back in to the jacuzzi where I was starting to doze off, they said: “Ready for round 2?” “Sure.” I said. With that they both removed their bikini tops and giggled when they jumped back into the jacuzzi. We continued where we had stopped and had a lot of fun until it was starting to get dark. We decided to get out of the jacuzzi and go for round 3 together in the bedroom. I really loved the new place where we moved in to.