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A dream came true

Part 6

We had decided that there were some small changes that had to be done to our new house. The master bathroom was a little on the small side and next to it was a small room that we didn’t used. We knocked out the wall splitting the bathroom and small room and installed a hot tub. We also thought that the shower wasn’t big enough for us all three at the same time. We added one more shower in the bathroom and connected this one to the older one that was already installed there.

One day when I arrived home from work, the frontdoor was locked. This was rather strange since both Cathy and Lauren had a day off that day. I unlocked the door and went inside. I heard some noise above in the master bedroom and decided to check out what it was. The closer I got, the more giggles I heard coming out of the bedroom. I already had an idea what I would see when I opened the door. I slowly and quietly opened the door to check out what was happening and wasn’t mistaken of what I thought was happening. Lauren and Cathy laid on the bed in 69-position with swollen water filled bellies. “Mind if I join you two?” I asked. Surprised they turned and looked towards me. “You are earlier than expected.” Lauren said. “Is there a problem with that?” I asked. “Absolutely not. Please join us.” Lauren said and they both made space so that I could join them. I undressed myself as quickly as I could and lied down on the bed. Cathy was sitting on her knees next to my head so my tongue could reach her pussy. In the meantime Lauren was starting to give me a blowjob. When I was erect, she slowly guided herself on my dick. While I was playing with Cathy’s pussy, Lauren started riding my dick. When I felt I was about to cum I warned Lauren. “No problem, you can cum inside. I’m on birth control. What could happen?” she said. When I cummed inside Lauren, Cathy orgasmed next to my head. Afterwards Lauren guided herself back of my dick and walked towards the bathroom to expel. Cathy then went with her head to my dick and started sucking and licking all the cum that was still dripping down my shaft. After Lauren was completely emptied out, Cathy went to the bathroom and expelled. When Cathy almost got rid of all her enema water, I entered the bathroom to take a nice shower after a long day at work. Lauren was already taking a shower and since we had another shower installed there I joined her. “Wait for me.” Cathy said as she got up from the toilet and entered the shower. All three of us washed every part of each other’s body.

“What’s the plan now?” I asked to the girls when we were all clean. “Let’s get full of water again.” they both said and reached under the sink to get their enema bags. We had installed two hooks on the wall for the enema bags. Both girls hooked up their bags to the hooks and adjusted the temperature from both showers to their likings. When they both agreed with their temperatures, I took the showerheads from the hooks and put them in both bags so they would fill up continuous. While both girls were filling up, I rubbed both bellies in circles and felt how they both slowly filled. As I made the circles bigger I reached their pussies and started rubbing and fingering both pussies. “That’s the spot.” Cathy said. Lauren agreed and said to Cathy: “Lets help him too.” They both went with their hands to my dick and changed turns when they gave me a handjob. After a couple of minutes they decided they had enough. I turned off the water and removed the showerheads from the bags. I plugged up both Cathy and Lauren and we all went into the new hot tub. We all started making out again in the hot tub and played with each other. After about 15 minutes both girls started to get uncomfortable as their insides gave the signal to release the water. They went out of the hot tub and when I removed the buttplugs, Lauren sat on the toilet and Cathy went in to the shower to expel. After both girls emptied out completely, I started getting out of the hot tub. We dried off each other and then walked completely naked towards the bed to get some sleep. The bed now was a little modified to make it big enough for all three to sleep in. Although it wasn’t used for sleep a lot, if you know what I mean.


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