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A dream came true

Part 4

Cathy and I were seeing each other more and more. We even started dating. One day we were having a nice dinner date at a restaurant just around the corner of our apartment. When we finished, we walked back hand in hand to her apartment. On our way we were whispering to each other what sort of enema we were going to do when we got back. When we got out of the elevator we noticed that there was a girl knocking on the door of Cathy’s apartment. “She is almost home.” Cathy said. When the girl turned around she said: “CATHY!” “OMG Lauren. Is that you?” Cathy replied. Lauren nodded and they flew in each other’s arms. “Lauren and I grew up together. We went to the same school and sat in the same class for 4 years.” Cathy explained as she saw my surprised look. “Come on in, join us.” Cathy said to Lauren. “I’m not interrupting anything.” Lauren asked. “No.” Cathy quickly replied.

As we were enjoying the drinks, Cathy and Lauren were chit chatting about the things that had happened since they each went their own ways. Cathy looked towards me and saw that I was looking a little disappointed, she bent over towards Lauren and whispered something in her ear. Lauren then looked at me and nodded. “Can I join the plan you and Cathy discussed on your way back from the diner?” Lauren asked. “Absolutely. The more people, the more pleasure.” I said. “We could try for a sort of competition if you’re up to it Lauren.” Cathy said. “Still competitive as always?” Lauren asked. Cathy nodded and started walking towards the bathroom. “Could you go and pick up your bag?” she asked to me. “Don’t have to, I have got mine with me. I always take it with me when I travel.” Lauren said. She reached for her bag and took out a rolled up enema bag similar to the one Cathy bought at the shop the other day. I followed them into the bathroom and helped them undress. Cathy said: “Alright, the competition is a double competition: who can take the most and who can get the biggest belly.” “Sure, I am ready for it.” Lauren said.

When they both got into the shower, they hooked up the water filled bags on the hook in the wall. “Your turn to do something.” Cathy said to me. I got my hands towards both clamps and opened them. While waiting for the bags to empty, Lauren turned on the shower. They soaped up every part of each other. “Please join us, there is enough room for three.” Lauren said. I quickly undressed and got in the shower with them. They washed me, the area between my legs better than the rest of my body. When the bags were empty, I used the showerhead to refill since both girls said they could take more. I started rubbing their slowly filling water bellies in circles and stop several times to play with their pussies. When the second bags were empty, both girls said they still could take more. So I refilled the bags for round 3. While continuing to rub their bellies, I noticed that Lauren’s belly was slightly bigger than Cathy’s belly. As the third bag was close to being empty, I heard Lauren starting to struggle. “Do I need to close the clamp?” I asked. “No.” Lauren said. “But this will be my last bag.” When it emptied out completely I looked in the mirror across the shower. It looked like I was in the shower with 2 ‘about to pop’ pregnant girls. I asked Cathy: “Do you have a tape measure here somewhere?” “Yes, it’s in the cabinet under the sink in the kitchen.” Cathy said. I got out of the shower and went for the tape measure. When I got back, I measured both bellies and found out that Lauren’s belly indeed was bigger than Cathy’s. “I won.” Lauren said. “Who said I was finished?” Cathy asked. “Fill the bag again.” she commanded me. I took the showerhead a third time to fill Cathy’s bag for round four. As she was taking the fourth bag, I helped Lauren plug up and dry of. When doing so I noticed that the bellybutton from Lauren was shallower then before. I played a little with it and noticed that it was more sensitive than before. I looked over to Cathy’s bellybutton and saw that it was almost completely flattened out. I got in the shower and played with it. She started breathing heavier as I did so. After she had drained the fourth bag, I measured her belly again. This time she was bigger than Lauren. “Ok. You win.” Lauren said. I helped Cathy dry of and plugged her up.

We were walking towards the bedroom and lay down on the bed, rubbing the swollen bellies of Cathy and Lauren. My head was between the legs from Cathy, Cathy’s head was between the legs from Lauren and Lauren was with her head between my legs. Just like a big love triangle. We pleasured each other that way while rubbing the big water filled bellies of Cathy and Lauren. “I’m getting too uncomfortable. I have to release the water.” Lauren said after a couple of minutes. Still not used to the water weight she gained, she needed a hand to get back up from the bed. As I helped her back up from the bed, I helped her ‘waddle’ to the bathroom. Once we arrived there, she turned around towards the toilet while I removed the plug holding the water. I was happy she turned around, because as soon as I removed the plug the water came straight out of her. “If I didn’t had that plug it wouldn’t be such fun.” Lauren said. I couldn’t agree more on that. As I walked back to Cathy in the bedroom, she was trying her best to reach her pussy and masturbate. “Let me help you with that.” I said. She grinned to me and moved a little on the bed. As I was laying down next to her in 69, we pleasured each other again. As Lauren was finished on the bathroom, she came back in the bedroom and asked: “Mind if we change positions Cathy?” “No.” Cathy said and got up from the bed. “Need a hand?” I asked. “You can pull the plug out here. I can hold it until I have reached the bathroom.” she replied and turned around. I reached for the plug, pulled it out and gave a playful slap on her perfect ass. She jumped a bit when I did that and walked towards the bathroom. Lauren lay down next to me in the position Cathy was in when Lauren was expelling and we continued where Cathy and I had stopped. Once Cathy had expelled her water to, she joined us back in bed and we had some more fun. It was the best night I had ever had so far. Didn’t sleep a lot though that night.


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