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A dream came true

Part 3

One day when I was closing my door to go to the grocery store the door from Cathy opened. “Good morning, can I ask you something?” she asked. “Sure.” I said. “My car is at the repair shop, but I need to go to buy some things. Could I get a ride to the shopping centre?” she asked. “No problem. I have to get some groceries.” I replied. We took the elevator down and got in my car. As we were driving towards the shopping centre, I started noticing that every time I looked to Cathy she gave me a nice flirty smile like she has done before. I thought to myself: ‘This is going to be a great day.’

We arrived at the shopping centre and got out of the car. “Could you get some groceries for me too?” Cathy asked and gave me a list. “I have to go to another shop.” “Sure.” I said. With that she gave me a kiss and walked to the shop she needed to go to. As I almost had gotten all groceries from the lists, I got a text: Waiting for you at your car XX Cathy. I got the rest of the groceries and quickly paid at the counter. Once I got back to my car, she was leaning against my car waiting for me just as she said. As I gave her list back from the groceries she needed, she asked me: “Did you ask for the ticket?” I forgot to ask, but said to her: “Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that much.” She smiled and got in to the car. When I got the groceries on the backseat of the car, I got in and drove of back to the apartment. “Did you got what you needed?” I asked. “You will see when we get back to my apartment.” Cathy said while winking at me.

Once we got back to her apartment, Cathy opened the door and said to me: “I keep it open. Just come in when you’re ready.” I quickly opened my door and didn’t even empty the new groceries that were in the bag. I just put them on the kitchen table and closed the door. “That’s fast.” Cathy said as I entered her apartment. I nodded and helped her with her groceries. “Get yourself something to drink.” Cathy said as she walked to the bathroom with another bag. As I poured in the drinks, I heard the bathroom door open again. I turned around and was amazed at what I was looking at: Cathy had taped red X’s over each nipple and was wearing nice black laced see through underwear with fishnet stockings. This girl surprised me every single time when I saw her. “And I bought this.” she said as she reached back in to the bathroom. As she did so I noticed that she forgot to take the price tag of her underwear. Once she got out of the bathroom again she had an open top enema bag in her hands. “Now I have one for shows at my place and you have one for shows at your place.” she said. I nodded and said: “You forgot your price tag.” as I pointed to her underwear. “You can take the price tag of.” she said. “But don’t use your hands.” I went down on my knees towards her and used my teeth to remove the price tag. “I think we should try out the new enema bag.” I said. “I was thinking the same.” Cathy said.

As she walked in front of me towards her bathroom, she said: “Just sit right there. I will do this show myself.” she said. I sat on the toilet and saw her prepare the bag. She filled it up all the way and hooked it on a hook on the wall. “Installed it specially for enema shows like this.” she said. She inserted the nozzle and opened the clamp. Cathy playfully wiggled with her ass as she was taken the water in. When the bag emptied she got out of the shower and refilled the bag at the sink. “Let’s get some more.” she said. Once refilled, she hooked the bag back on the hook and reopened the clamp. After a couple of minutes I noticed in the mirror that her belly was starting to swell. She saw that I was looking and turned around towards me. “Go ahead, rub it.” she said. As I rubbed her belly I was starting to play with her pussy as well. After a couple of minutes, she turned around to check on the enema bag and saw that this one was empty too. She closed the clamp, took the bag from the hook and started refilling it. “Let’s see if I can take 3 full bags.” she said. As she was refilling the bag, I noticed that her belly was so swollen it was touching the sink. I couldn’t imagine what it looked like with another full bag inside her. Once again she hooked up the bag and opened the clamp for the third time. She walked towards me again, so I continued rubbing her belly and playing with her pussy. I could almost feel her belly swell under my hands. Halfway through the bag, she started struggling. She closed the clamp and told me to get up. I thought she was going to expel, but instead of that she sat down on her knees in front of me and opened up the zipper from my pants. Cathy took out my dick and started sucking it. While she did so she looked me in my eyes and nodded. I guess she meant to open the clamp again, because I did so and she didn’t protest. Once the third bag was empty to I came in her mouth. She swallowed again and while she was still giving me a handjob she asked: “Did I do it? Did I take all 3 full bags?” “Yes.” I said. She got up from her knees and reached for another thing that was in her shopping bag. It was a buttplug which she gave to me. Cathy removed the nozzle and I inserted the buttplug inside her. “Now I don’t have to worry.” she said. She took down the bag and lay it in the sink. She undressed, started the shower and told me I could join her. I undressed in seconds and was joining her in the shower. I made sure that her belly was rubbed every part and soaped her up. Her belly felt as hard as a rock. It was the most amazing thing I ever felt. After the shower we dried of. I had to help her with drying of under her belly. Cathy couldn’t reach that since it was so swollen. Once dried she started walking towards the toilet. “Could you give me a hand? I can’t remove the buttplug myself.” she said. As I removed her buttplug I gathered my clothes and let her expel all alone.

10 minutes later she was all emptied out again. She was in her normal clothes again as she got out of the bathroom. “My car is ready.” Cathy said. “Would you mind giving me a ride there?” I nodded and got up from the couch. Once her car was picked up again we took the elevator up to our apartments. “Thanks again.” Cathy said as we were standing at our doors. “I would do anything for you.” I replied. Cathy walked towards me and we gave each other a nice long kiss. “See you next time.” Cathy said. I couldn’t wait for her to knock on my door again.


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