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A dream came true

Part 2

A couple of weeks since Cathy introduced herself to me, it was my birthday. About halfway through the party I had with my friends in the evening, I heard someone knocking on my door. I opened the door and saw Cathy standing there looking amazing as always. “Noise complaints?” I asked. “No silly, I was hoping I could join the party.” she said. I continued opening the door and saw from the corner of my eye that all friends looked with their mouths opened towards Cathy. She gave me a nice kiss and congratulated me with my birthday. She then walked to the kitchen to get herself a drink, just like she was making herself at home. When I was back to the friends I was talking to, Cathy finished making herself a drink and I introduced her to my friends.

As all my friends left, she stayed and helped me with cleaning up. “Did you enjoy your birthday?” she asked. I nodded: “Yes. It’s nice you showed up and are helping me with cleaning up.” “I forgot to give you your birthday present.” Cathy said. I looked puzzled to her, since I didn’t see that she had brought a present with her when she was entering my apartment. “Are you ready to open your present?” she asked with a flirty smile. “Sure.” I said. With that she walked towards me and stood right in front of me. “Go ahead.” she said. “Open it.” I was starting to understand what my birthday present was. “Are you my birthday present?” I asked. She nodded. This was going to be the best birthday present I have ever had. I started to unzip her skirt and when it fell to the ground it was like the first time we met. Still no panties on. “Let me help you.” she said when she raised her arms. I pulled up her shirt over her head. This time she was wearing a nice black laced bra. “You are almost there.” she said. I quickly went to her back with my hands and opened her bra and let it fell to the floor. “Happy birthday.” she said when we started kissing again. “Do you still have my stuff here?” Cathy asked. I nodded and guided her to the bathroom. I opened the cabinet under the sink and took out her equipment. “What is your plan this time?” she asked. “Follow me.” I said as I walked towards my bedroom.

On my way there I took some other rope I had purchased and took that with me in the bedroom. Once inside, I let her lay down on her back and tied her wrists and ankles on all 4 corners of the bed. If you would look from the ceiling, Cathy would look like a target from a sort of treasure map. I went to the bathroom to fill the bag. “Don’t let the water get too hot.” she said from the bedroom. I tested the water with my hands and when I thought it was the right temperature, I filled the bag. Once back in the bedroom, I removed a picture above the bed and let the bag hang on one of the hooks that was used to hang the picture on. I guided the tube down towards her and tried to insert the nozzle into her. This wasn’t very easy since she was laying on her back, but she noticed me struggling. She put her butt a little bit from the bed and said: “Let me help you.” Within second I had the nozzle inside her now and opened the clamp. “You are the best birthday present I have ever had.” I said as I was watching her laying there taking all the water in with ease. She smiled and looked up towards the bag. “Are you sure you put water in there? Its already empty.” Cathy said. I turned around and also noticed that the bag was indeed empty already. I closed the clamp, took out the nozzle and walked towards the bathroom to refill the bag. When I got back to her I noticed she was squirming a little on the bed. “Do you need help?” I asked. “Between my legs.” Cathy said. I quickly hung the bag back on the hook and inserted the nozzle again with a little help from Cathy. I opened the clamp and started fingering her with one hand and rub her slowly swelling belly with the other hand. Within seconds she was having multiple orgasms. “Thanks for that.” she said. A couple of minutes later she was starting to breathe a little heavier. “The water is going in too fast.” I closed the clamp a little to slow the flow of the water. “Better?” I asked. Cathy only nodded. After she took the second bag she said she had enough. “Next time don’t open the clamp all the way. The height difference is too much now compared to the one you gave to me in the shower.” I untied her wrists and let her untie her ankles herself. This was a real struggle since her swollen belly was sitting in her way. Once untied I helped her off the bed and walked with her towards the bathroom. “Nice and full.” she said while she was admiring and rubbing her swollen belly. I totally agreed with her. She opened my zipper and undid my belt while she was sitting down on the toilet. This time she was giving a better blowjob then last time since both hands were free now. When I felt I was about to cum, I pulled out and blew my load all over her face and boobs.

When Cathy expelled the water she stepped in the shower to wash away the cum from her body. I undid my clothes and joined her in the shower. We had some amazing sex in the shower. Afterwards we dried each other and I helped her back in her clothes. “See you next time.” she said as she was about to walk out of the door. This was the best birthday I have ever had.


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