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A dream came true

Part 1

And there she was at my door: 23 years young and an amazing body in the summer dress. And best of all, she was my new neighbour. “Hi.” she said. “I'm Cathy and I just moved in here and thought I would introduce myself to you so we don’t have any awkward moments when we walk past each other.” “No problem.” I said as I opened the door. “Can I get you something to drink?” I asked.

As we were sitting there enjoying our drinks and talking about all sort of things, I started to notice that Cathy was giving me more flirty looks. But I decided not to give too much attention to this. “Could I use your bathroom?” she asked. “Sure, it’s the first door on your right.” I said. While Cathy was using the bathroom I went to the kitchen to refill our glasses. I heard the door open behind me and turned around. Still amazed by her beauty, only thing I could do was smile. Just like that she went to her back with her hands and unzipped her summer dress. It fell to the floor and she was standing there: completely naked. She didn’t had a bra or panties on. My mouth fell open. “Do you like what you see?” Cathy asked with a huge smile from ear to ear. “Y-y-yes.” was all I could say. “Can you help me with something?” she asked. “Sure. What do you want me to do?” She walked through the living room to her handbag and got her keys out. “Could you get my enema bag from my apartment?” she asked. After she told me where I could find it, I went to get it. When I found it, I also noticed some rope laying there. I took that back to my apartment too.

Once I got back in my apartment, Cathy was sitting completely naked on the couch, enjoying her drink. “You have found my other equipment too?” she asked pointing to the rope. “Where do you want your enema?” I asked. “In the bathroom.” she answered as she got up from the couch. I followed her in the bathroom and let her adjust the temperature of the water. “Ok. Now it’s your show.” Cathy said. I tied her wrists together over the showerhead. I filled the bag and hooked it up on the rod for the shower curtain. I guided the nozzle down and started to insert it in her rectum. Once inside I looked at her and noticed that she gave me a nod. “Go ahead. I am ready for it.” she said. I opened the clamp and let the water do the rest. After a couple of minutes I started to see the bag close to being empty. “I have a small problem." Cathy said. “What is that small problem?” I asked. “I can’t reach my pussy now.” she responded. I understood the hint and started rubbing and fingering her pussy. Cathy turned around to look at the bag and saw that it was empty. “I should have taken that bigger bag.” she said. I was surprised because her belly was already starting to swell because of the water. “Do you need more?” I asked. “I’m not full yet. Could you refill it please?” I took the nozzle back out and started refilling the bag. Once done I hooked it back up, inserted the nozzle and opened the clamp again. After a few minutes she started moaning. “Too much?” I asked. “No.” she said. “Could you close the clamp please. I need to take a break now.” So I closed the clamp and started to rub her belly in circles. “Does this help?” I asked. She only nodded. I started to make the circles bigger, until I got to her pussy. Cathy started to moan even more. When I stopped the belly rub and continued rubbing and fingering her pussy, I reopened the clamp with my other hand as quiet as I could. She was starting to breath heavier now and was moving her hips more towards my hand playing with her pussy. Once she had reached her orgasm, her whole body shivered. I looked up towards the bag and noticed that it was empty. That were 2 full bags! I then looked with an open mouth towards her belly. Cathy looked a couple of months pregnant now with all the water. She noticed that I was looking at the bag and also saw that the second bag was empty. “I thought you closed the clamp.” she said a little frustrated.

Once I untied her from the showerhead, I kept her wrists tied together. She started to rub her belly and said: “Almost at my record.” I was shocked when she said that. Could she take more? “Have you taken more?” I asked. “Yes. My old record is 2,5 bags full. But that’s when I am completely empty and haven’t been eating for the last few hours. Maybe next time we can try to beat that.” she said. I helped her to the toilet and was about to turn around to exit the bathroom when Cathy said to me: “Where do you think you’re going? You helped me, now I’m going to help you.” She pointed at the bulge in my pants. Within seconds she opened the button and zipper and my pants were laying on my ankles. I was amazed how fast she could do that with tied wrists. She started to expel the enema and at the same time started to give me a blowjob. That’s what I call multitasking. Once I blew my load, she swallowed every drop. “Now you can go.” she said. I got my pants back up and walked out of the bathroom.

10 minutes later I heard the toilet flush and saw her coming out of the bathroom. I untied her wrists and helped her get back in her summer dress. She walked through the living room to get her handbag. Once she got that she walked towards the door. I followed her to the door and opened it for her. Cathy quickly closed it with her hips and started to give me a long passionate kiss on my lips. “Thanks for your help.” she whispered in my ear. “If you need anymore help you know where to find me.” “What about your equipment?” I asked. “Keep it, it may be come handy next time when I need your help.” With that she walked towards her apartment. This was really a dream that came true.


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