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Candy's Need

Candy's Need - Part 2

Candy’s Need (Making the Best of It) Part II

Original by Gee

Candy was on her third iced tea when she heard the door chime. “Who could that be at this time of morning?” She glanced at her soggy diaper windowed through the dew of her clear plastic panties. “I can’t answer the door.” She pulled her tee shirt down over her crotch and raised her voice. “Who is it?”

The closed door muffled the sound of a girl’s voice. “Service collector.”

“The diaper pail! I forgot to set it out in the hall.” She padded her way

through the kitchen.

“I’m not decent. Could you come back in a few minutes and catch me later?”

“Sorry, I’ll have to skip you and come back next week.”

Candy knew her pail was full and wouldn’t last another day, let alone, a week.

“OK, I’ll hand it to you.”

She opened the door a crack and spied a very pretty lady wearing bulky work coveralls. Her blond hair was tucked up under a baseball

cap with the diaper service’s logo of a happy baby in a large diaper.

“It’s in the bathroom.”

The lady smiled and pushed the door open. She stepped inside. Seeing Candy in her tee shirt and diaper she blushed.

“Sorry, I thought you meant for me to come in.”

Candy reddened and pulled her tee shirt to cover her diaper. Her bra-less

nipples tented against the thin tee shirt material making her more revealed than covered.

“I have to put this one in the pail. I’ve been lazy this morning and

haven’t changed yet.”

“Can I? I mean, can I help.”

“It’s a little personal, don’t you think?” Candy backed towards the bedroom. “We haven’t even met.”

“Oh, that’s OK. I’m Ann. Besides, I’m a user too.”

“Hi, Ann. What do you mean, a user too?”

“Diapers.” Ann zipped the coveralls down the side exposing a shiny white panty.

“See. What you’ve got on is nothing I haven’t seen every day on myself.”

“But Ann, diapers are very sexual for me. I would be too embarrassed.”

With a gleam in her eye she said, “You do me first, then I’ll do you.” Ann

pulled off her hat and shook her long blond hair out in a golden cascade. She slipped the straps of her coveralls over her shoulders and let the coveralls drop to the floor.

Candy saw a very shapely girl about 5 feet 4 inches tall with long flowing hair. There was a noticeably used diaper hugging her hips. Above that there was a tee shirt torn off under her ample breasts doing little to hide her erecting nipples. Candy’s lips were dry and her voice was coarse with her sudden arousal.

“You will have to come in to my bedroom. That’s where my stuff is.”

Ann stepped out of the clothes bunched at her feet. “Lead the way.”

Candy gathered diapers and plastic pants from the closet and turned to find Ann pulling her tee over her head. Ann smiled on seeing Candy’s hesitation.

“I like to be naked when I’m changed.” Ann lay back on Candy’s rumpled bed while cupping her breasts. She absently rolled her nipples as she watched Candy stare at her.

“How wet are you? Should I use a changing pad?”

“You better get a pad. I have to finish a job I was starting a little earlier.”

Ann winked at Candy and proceeded to tense her stomach muscles. Her eyes

fluttered and rolled back under her half masted lids. A polite fart was followed by a massive crackling sound as the bottom of Ann’s diaper ballooned out. The leg openings darkened around her thighs as the front of her diaper bulged upwards. Ann was writhing on the bed as a familiar hissing issued from her.

“That feels so good. Come touch me.”

Candy slipped the changing pad under Ann’s buttocks just in time to catch the first drips of her overflow. She palmed the pillowed mass careful not to squeeze it out onto the pad. Ann had other ideas. She pulled Candy’s hand tight against her cunt causing the brown load to ooze out the drip guards around her thighs.

Candy was surprised to feel her diaper warm in response to her unconscious

wetting. Her cunt lips were fairly swimming in her own urine from a night

soaking, a leisurely wake up wetting, and finally an apparent pavlovian response to someone else’s wetting.

Candy slowly extracted her hand from Ann’s. “I’m the mommy for the moment. Let me clean you up.” She carefully separated the plastic panties from Ann’s waist and folded them over the diapers. The steam of hot urine tickled Candy’s nose.

She pulled the panties up Ann’s upraised legs spreading as little as she could of the copious dump. “Hold these. I need two hands for this mess, my naughty little girl. You should tell Mommy you have to go poop.”

Candy undid the pins first from one side and then the other. She exposed Ann’s puffy nubile lips to the open air. Ann reached for her cunt which Candy quickly caught. “No, no. Dirty. Mommy’s job.”

Candy wiped Ann’s crack with the wet diapers. She wiped up each leg until most of the brown lumps were removed. Baby wipes followed as Candy scrubbed the white skin of Ann’s bottom. She took a fresh wipe and

slathered it up Ann’s naked cunt opening the pouting lips for a concentrated cleaning. Ann’s stomach muscles jumped each time Candy passed the wipe over her clit.

“Oh, Mommy.” Ann arched her head back into the pillows. She rocked her hips forward and back in time to the wiping motion. Candy placed her finger in Ann’s puckered opening and slid her thumb into her vagina. Ann pressed her pelvic bone down on the busy digits as Candy touched her tongue to Ann’s clit.

Candy flattened her tongue and sucked the clit between her lips. Ann strained against Candy’s mouth leaking a salty stream down over the probing hand. The forgotten plastic panties dropped with a wet smack onto the floor at the side of the bed.

Ann caressed Candy’s head by running her fingers through her dark hair. Ann grabbed Candy’s tee shirt and pulled it up and over her head.

Ann cried out as she felt her release. “Oh, yes, Mommy.” She pulled Candy up her body with her hands cupping Candy’s face. She licked Candy’s mouth to taste herself then probed her lips for her slippery tongue. Candy teased Ann with a sloppy wet lick herself then gently trapped Ann’s tongue with her teeth.

Ann massaged Candy’s diapered bottom while Candy mashed Ann’s bouncing breasts. Dark hair tangled with blond as the two rolled over one another. Ann stopped and reached into the front of Candy’s diapers. She was bathed in the slippery wetness of Candy’s arousal as she split the soft lips of her cunt. Ann went down the crack passed her vaginal opening and delved a finger into her anus. She stretched the opening to the length of her finger, retreated, and then placed two in, retreated, then placed three in her bottom.

Candy cocked her head and looked at the dreamy expression on Ann’s face. With Candy’s sphincter stretched open, very little straining was necessary to fill Ann’s hand with the sought after prize. Ann smiled and squeezed her hand against Candy’s cunt pressing the load up her crack into the vagina and over her clit.

Candy grunted again against her bowels and pillowed Ann’s hand deep in her used diapers. Ann felt for and found Candy’s clit under the sloppy mess. Candy humped her hand in time to the electric strokes. Candy shook through her cum as Ann kissed and laved her breast with her tongue.

Candy shuddered as Ann placed her relaxed and sated diapered bottom on the

changing pad. Ann caressed the flattened titties with one hand as she felt the bulk of her diapers over Candy’s bottom with the other. “Catch your breath. I’ll change you. Then you can do me.”

Ann pulled the entire bundle down Candy’s legs. Luckily most of the poop stayed in the diaper. She wiped her tight bottom and long legs. “How tall are you, Candy? These legs go on forever.”

“I’m 5’ 9” with 36-inch inseams. Sometimes I think I’m all legs. My breasts aren’t that big either. I’m a 34 C cup.”

“You are perfectly proportioned in my eyes. What is your hip size? I take you for a 36.”

“Maybe a little bigger in my diapers.”

“Do you have to wear them?” Ann carefully wiped the crease between Candy’s labia and legs. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“Ann, after today, I want us to be close friends.” She sucked in her breath as Ann held her nether lips open to clean them thoroughly.

Ann smoothed Candy’s hair along her pretty cheek.

“You’ve got me, honey. Friends it is.” She smiled. “No attachments on my side. I’ve got a husband, but he doesn’t know that I like to play diapers.”

“How’d you get into them, anyway?”

“I have a lot of adults on my service. I got to thinking that there had to be some kind of an attraction. I didn’t realize that it would be an addiction.”

Candy smiled a lopsided smile. “Me too. I’m hooked.” She lifted her bottom to let Ann explore her cheeks. “Why not introduce your husband to your game? I can’t think of a better way to get to know someone.”

“I’m chicken. He’s such a straight guy. He likes fucking the old fashioned way, with him in charge.”

“Change the rules. Have an accident. In your pants I mean. Or in bed. Let nature take its course.”

“He might freak.”

“So? What have you lost? I’m here if you want a friendly ear. See what happens.”

Ann placed two folded diapers under Candy as she lifted her hips to accommodate her. She pulled them through her crotch cushioning her cunt against the fabric.

She tugged each side tight and pinned them around her pelvis. Plastic pants rustled up her legs to finish the packaging. “Your supplies are out in the hall. I’ll make sure you have some extra to handle a visit or two from me.”

She bent over and kissed her belly button. Her hand lingered over her erotically diapered bottom. She said, “Now me.”

Candy returned the favor of carefully bundling Ann in a fresh diaper and plastic panties. While Ann climbed into her coveralls and torn tee, Candy dipped her fingers under her banded waist to her leaking cunt.

“Ann, I can’t stop this and I don’t want to. I am totally hot all the time with my diapers on. Why would I want to stop?”

“You got my vote. I’m the same way.”

“Ann, how would your husband go for a couple of hot diapered babes?”

“Let me break him in with a couple of accidents; then we’ll see.”