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Candy's Need

Candy's Need - Part 3

Candy’s Need Part III

Original by Gee

Candy woke to a hot dampness around her sex. She smiled to herself as she dipped her hand down the front of her diaper feeling the slippery wetness of a used diaper. She parted her nether lips and squirmed her finger to the bottom of her vagina. Hooking her pelvic bone she was able to spray her urine into the palm of her hand. God, that feels good, she thought. I am so soaked.

A hot leg startled her. It rubbed over her thigh and compressed her hot plastic pants to her pelvis. A pair of lips nibbled at her ear. “Morning.”

“Ann, you gave me a fright. I forgot you spent the night.” Candy stretched and ran her hand over Ann’s diapered bottom, touched her slim stomach, and cupped a pliant breast. She teased the nipple to a turgid point.

Ann arched her back and grunted as a hiss of urine bathed the inside of her diaper. “I tried your idea of having an accident in front of Bill. At first he yelled at me for getting his car seat wet. Then when we got home, he helped me clean up but almost gagged when he saw my panties full of poop.”

Candy licked first one nipple then the other. Flinging a leg over Ann’s middle, Candy pressed her plastic covered wet diaper against her pelvic mound. Her urethra buzzed with her release. The flood heated her diaper to an erotic squishiness. Candy’s clit throbbed as she mashed against Ann’s bottom. “Did you warn him that you were going to have an accident?”

Ann shook out her tangled blond tresses and propped the pillow under her head.

“Here’s what happened.

“After dinner I suggested that we catch a movie. I hadn’t peed all afternoon and was fairly bursting to go when we got there. I held it as best I could. I only let a couple of gushes go to relieve the pressure at the show. Since I was wearing dark blue jeans, I didn’t think anybody could see what I had done.

“Anyway, on the way home I did the pee dance. He hurried as much as he could. When we got caught in traffic, I let go. I cried and said I was sorry I was wetting my pants. He was appalled.

“It felt so good, I maybe went a little far. I pooped a log while I was coming. I was in heaven. The clean-up was messy. I smeared the poop down my legs on purpose. That’s when he gagged. I said that I was little sick to my stomach to explain the dump. Then I did it again in my panties in my sleep.” Ann winked.

“Both number one and number two.

“He said he woke up to the smell and made me clean it up by myself. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. I made sure he saw my shitty and saggy panties as I went to the bathroom. When I was in there, I could hear him masturbating. I peeked through the crack and could see him humping my wet side of the bed. I made a bunch of noise with the water for a couple of minutes then came back to bed, clean but naked. He had pulled off the sheets. His face was flushed and he was hiding his cock in the wet sheets.”

“I went up to him and took the sheets away from him. It was sticking straight up and bouncing. I knelt down right there and put it in my mouth. I could taste my pee on it. It was delicious. He came in about two strokes. I said that I was really ashamed of myself and that I was going to use some protection at night until my accidents cleared up. While I was telling him that I would just get supplies from my diaper company and use them for myself, his penis got hard again.

He pulled me down on top of him and jammed it right in. He filled me up

with cum. While I was lying on top of him, I let a little dribble run between us. I had to diaper myself after he left for work so that I could cum.

“He left on a business trip yesterday which brings me to how I was able to spend last night with you.”

Candy combed Ann’s blond cascade away from her face. “I’m glad you did. I needed someone to lick my clit.” She grinned as she slid the bundle of diapers and plastic pants down her legs. Ann spun around in bed straddling Candy between her thighs. She brought her head down to Candy’s cunt and kissed her lips. Then she tongued the slit to a slimy juiciness that ran down the crack of her ass. Candy added to the wetness with a trickle of urine.

Ann lapped it up. Ann reached under her to find her puckered ass hole. She reamed the bud with her lube and pee, then dipped into her bowels.

Gasping through her come, Candy inhaled Ann’s diapered scent while working the wet diaper over Ann’s urine-glazed buttocks. She massaged the cheeks running her fingers into the crack of her ass. Ann strained and poked a hot turd into the palm of Candy’s hand. Candy felt the sticky hardness of it as it slipped back into her puckered hole. Candy tugged the diaper up to cover her bottom.

Ann pushed again tenting them up in front of Candy’s face. Ann pinched her sphincter cutting off her first effort. She pushed again and slid another log beside the first. Candy touched the bulge and lovingly mashed it into Ann’s crack.

Ann reached into the front of her diaper and parted her cunt lips exposing her clit to her anxious fingers. She humped and grunted through her orgasm filling her diaper with wave after wave of shit. Ann rolled to her back panting for breath. Candy traced the curves of her breast while she calmed her breathing.

Ann covered Candy’s bare hairless pussy with her hand and smiled as Candy jetted a hot jolt of urine through her fingers. It found its way to Candy’s bottom making a puddle of acrid cozy warmth between her cheeks.